Rising Prices (and Gas Prices) are 0bama’s inflation and from a harmful Energy policy

Video on Keystone pipeline vote

In light of the Federal Reserve printing money to feed bad spending policies of the 0bama Admin being the main problem of rising prices, the oil/gas prices energy problem still remains that President 0bama could act to remedy rather than contrarily punish oil/gas production. Again, 0bama won’t practice what he preaches. On nearly every important issue of decision for America 0bama’s mode of operation is to first give a public speech about what he professes to understand for the American people and what is best and offers some legitimate action, BUT then goes back behind the curtain, behind the scenes in private in the White House where his actual action is to NOT do what he just said to the American People. So if 0bama wants to talk about trust, who you can trust in this election….then 0bama’s record shows a disgrace in trust. Saying one thing then doing another has occurred on multiple issues: healthcare (0bamacare) – said mandate was a penalty, then it was a tax, said your costs will go down, you can keep your current insurance plan – NO – taxes/fees/cost go up and you are forced into a mandate health plan; immigration – he says border is secure and enforcing is higher. NO, reality is Border guard get pulled off border, he sues Arizona and stops deporting, fast & furious gun Border scandal to blame the U.S. And the list is plenty more of this Presidency. Again, as usual, the rhetoric does not match his actions or his record.

The President said, “we are to pursue an ‘all of the above’ strategy where we will continue to pursue all forms — OIL, GAS, nuclear, solar, wind, green-tech, etc.. But in true practice every time the chance comes to pursue ANY oil drilling and some natural gas action 0bama’s answer is NO or complete block. Though 0bama has revoked oil leases, instituted a drilling moratorium, put much federal land off-limits to oil drilling, blocked the beneficial XL Keystone trans-Canada pipeline, and slow-walking oil drilling permits he wants to claim innocence, that he has done nothing as to why gas prices are high. In fact in light of these actions, it could be more termed that the President has acted to destroy U.S. oil industry and kill U.S. oil jobs for the economy. Yet 0bama considers releasing our Strategic Oil Reserve supply and the EPA is being used as punishing political tool to stifle business?

To see what bad policy the EPA has been up to go here: http://www.alec.org/publications/epas-regulatory-train-wreck-2/

Per FreedomWorks:

‘The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), continuously promulgates unilateral rules and regulations that ultimately threaten entire industries in the United States and push consumer prices constantly higher. Most notably, the EPA’s recent regulatory onslaught is targeting energy by way of new restrictions on fossil fuels, which will increase prices, reduce the reliability of the nation’s electricity grid, and destroy jobs. One especially dangerous EPA regulation is the Utility Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) rule, which has the potential to cripple the American coal industry and deal a critical blow to the fragile American economy by way of higher energy costs. The Utility MACT would tie the hands of energy providers and force them into investments in excess of $350 billion industry wide just to reach 90 percent compliance with the rule. These costs will drive energy costs higher for many Americans, but will have an especially harsh impact on the Midwest and lower income households. Households making less than $50,000 a year already pay roughly 21 percent of their after-tax incomes on energy costs.’

“0il is in the past“…was recent remark by 0bama and coupled with liberal ’fat cat’ payoffs and an extreme environmental agenda, 0bama uses such agenda as a vehicle to install further government expansion. Yet then 0bama’s turns around and has immense audacity to then have other foreign businesses drill the oil and say “America will be Brazil’s best customer”… Recall that not long ago after the BP oil spill (where the President was laizadazical to act so that a “good crisis could not be a wasted opportunity” so that the Gulf coast oil industry could be shutdown) Obama gave oil drilling preference to Brazil and Mexico while blaming down the U.S. Obama recently promised 10 billion of our tax dollars to Brazil, in order to give them a leg-up in expanding their offshore oil fields. Obama’s largesse towards Brazil came shortly after his political financial backer, George Soros, invested heavily in Brazilian oil (Petrobras). The Petrobras loan may be a windfall for Soros and Brazil, but it is a bad deal for the U. S. The American Petroleum Institute estimates that oil exploration in the U S could create 160,000 new, well-paying jobs, as well as $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state, and local governments, all while fostering greater energy security and independence. Beyond George Soros there is 0bama’s wealthy buddy Warren Buffett that garners profit from NOT having the Keystone pipeline but by rather having his own railroad company be used to ship transport the oil instead. Not to be outdone, AFL-CIO Union head Richard Trumpka and Union head James Hoffa benefit from 0bama’s stimulus binge to pump up Union coffers into kickbacks back to the DNC and lavish salaries at expense of fellow American Taxpayers.

0bama wants to act like any drilling at all is a monstrous environmental overkill that because of the time (it’s the 21st century you know), oil drilling is a pathetic old past-time hurrahh to be put to sleep. Acting like “drill, baby drill” is a connotation that means a no-holds barred sloppy tearing apart of the earth – when in fact “drill baby drill” means that the U.S. needs to be aware and move urgently on opportunity to wisely get abundant oil when possible. 21st century oil drilling is done in environmental conscious. The President’s plan makes the U.S. more unstable and dependent on foreign oil. While the President says, ”he has followed a path for the past 3 years of “green energy investment” he plans to ‘double-down’ on green-clean energy which of course has seen extraordinary lapses of political cronyism and loss of your stimulus money – creating a paltry number of jobs at huge expense ($250K -$700K per job). Some may say that “green energy” is actually the front ruse to get money to go — to govt’ takeover mechanisms or Groups of less American identity (Socialist Societies, Eco-radicals (Anthony Van Jones)) for an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with energy and is about CONTROL. Double down is an asinine concept when on the first downer the experiment failed and to keep doing the same thing in the name of failure is called insanity. And yet again, the President had the chance to change course, listen to American People and understand common sense.
In political outlay here again was the chance for the Democrat Party to denigrate America. Of 0bama’s speech, the finger pointing of blame came in the scolding of America itself. Blame Wall Street speculators, blame oil companies, blame the rich – blame the SUV – and Americans behavior, blame America —- yet no responsibility, no blemish of problem or weight is to fall on the innocent 0bama‘s backhanded Energy policy, backhanded job destruction in oil and coal industry. An Energy policy that then saw corruption flourish under the guise of “green energy investment”. As is typical of the Democrat Party of recent, it is America that is to blame for the ills of the world and need to pay its “justice” for being an oppressor while at the same time practicing corruption and political assault for their own socialist ends. The President’s disgraceful nearly criminal condescending speeches are filled with falsehoods and distorted stories, but if it sounds to remove blame (by blaming anything) or make a joke or excuse his irresponsible actions to do sobbing and shame then this fit’s the President’s agenda. The pathetic main stream media, in its unprofessional disservice to the nation and melodramatic affair with the current President has the President being as irresponsible and untruthful as he wants.

So why, the fixation, and insistence to the President’s vision of bigger government in the name of “green energy”? By mandate of American energy improvement thru “green energy” by intrusion into all sectors of your American life per seen thru the lens of global environmental “sustainability” and schemes of “climate change global health“ which is an extremist perversion of reasonable legitimate environmental protection — hence Cap and Trade and govt control of your life so that you have less freedom and liberty, less private property, less mobility — hence socialism. So in this respect as candidate 0bama said in 2008 and confirmed as him staying on this course by refusing the XL oil pipeline, 0bama doesn’t mind seeing “energy prices necessarily skyrocket” as he stated wishfully before. 0bama as President the next four years will mean higher gas prices. As well re-electing 0bama will mean loss of substantial jobs, loss of economical energy sources at wrong time, more stifling regulation on business.

Mitt Romney has stated that his Energy policy will actually be an all-of the above energy policy. Romney will remove unneeded EPA regulation off energy producers, will approve the Keystone oil pipeline and responsibly drill for oil, while seeking paths for new energy sources.

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