Obama wins!???

Mark Levin “Unvarnished truth” about not accepting tyranny.  We will not accept tyranny in the name of bi-partisanship.  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/11/07/mark_levin_gives_unvarnished_truth_on_romney_loss.html  Levin contends that more moderates lost last night, than did TEA Party candidates.  We won big.

Shame on any of you who did not vote!!! Romney received 2.5 million fewer votes than McCain/Palin in 2008.  No one was excited about McCain.  And honestly, no one was excited about Romney either.  Both McCain and Romney are very moderate.  Where are the Reagan conservatives?  Let me give you one theory – they were character assassinated and totally undermined by the RNC early in the Primary.

Rush Limbaugh “I went to bed last night thinking we lost the country.”  I heard Rush today.  He was bewildered with the election’s outcome.  He just doesn’t know what went wrong. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/11/07/in_a_nation_of_children_santa_claus_wins 

I can offer one theory – the RNC and Romney ran a terrible campaign.  They didn’t push and push and push Obama’s failed economy, Benghazi, and Obama’s spending that has doubled the deficit and national debt.  Why?  Was it just not Romney’s turn to be president yet?  What this a deal already carved in stone last year?

And why did Romney concede soooooo quickly last night?  Everyone expected a drawn out result season.  Everyone, expected to Romney win.  Everyone was shocked by an Obama win.  Fraud??  Ohio, Chicago, Miami-Dade, and all the trouble in NY and NJ in the path of Hurricane Sandy had significant “irregularities”.  Why not count all the absentee and overseas’s military ballots before a concession?  Why not wait a little while until the dust settles on the fraud claims around the country?

Hannity: ‘Allure And Appeal Of Socialism And Redistribution Of Wealth Has Taken Hold’ ‘America Is Changing…’  http://cnsnews.com/blog/gregory-gwyn-williams-jr/hannity-allure-and-appeal-socialism-and-redistribution-wealth-has  Our public education system bares the full blame here.  As part of every school curriculum, these ideas about socialism are unquestioned ideas.

Statewide results here.


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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7 Responses to Obama wins!???

  1. Christian says:

    The simple truth is this. We are a nation founded on Christian ideals who has turned away from God. Romney is NOT a Christian. He is a Mormon and although we humans thought that he would be better than the President, God did NOT see a real difference. God made it clear to us that we are on the wrong path and if the USA is to survive, we MUST return to our Christian roots.

  2. Edward Lineback says:

    Romney was NOT my choice, just like McCain. We followed another moderate down the road to destruction, nevermore! Republican Party, are you listening to us?

  3. Gordon Ipock says:

    Independents saw Romney as EXTREMELY conservative because he tacked so hard and far to the right during the primaries. Then he began backing off those positions late in the general election. Add this to his previous liberal positions when he was governor of Massachusetts and during his runs for the US Senate and previous run for the White House in 2008 and people saw a man with questionable character: a huge flip-flopper. Romney was an enigma to everyone: conservatives, independents and liberals. He was not the kind of many to inspire trust or confidence as a national leader.

    This Romney debacle is the result of the intense hatred of Obama coming from the right and the desperation this hatred created. Desperate people make errors in judgement.

    • Christine says:

      I mostly agree with you here. Romney IS a moderate to liberal candidate according to how he governed Massachusetts. He didn’t gain more respect go conservative, because we all know he’s not. I even had a very hard time defending his political record.

  4. Gordon Ipock says:

    Also, there was general distrust of Romney. Not releasing more of his tax returns confirmed the worst suspicions of Romney. Too many people agreed with the Democratic characterization of Romney as a super rich guy out of touch with common people. And the majority of people simply did not buy Romney’s economic plans, which were vague and sketchy at best, lacking any details. It all looked like a plan to make the rich richer at the expense of working people. Too many white people just didn’t buy what Romney was selling… granted, not the majority, but enough sided with the organized racial minorities to turn the Obama coalition into a winning one. In the future the conservative movement needs to disassociate itself from the wealthy elites and adopt an economic program that will benefit working people more than big corporations and the super rich. I don’t like illegal immigration and the way the US is becoming a third-world country, but why should I have to give up programs like Social Security and Medicare just as I am approaching retirement age?

    • Christine says:

      I don’t agree with any of that. Sorry. Romney did release his 2010 returns showing he paid $2.8 million dollars. How much would have been fair, Gordon? So what if he’s “super rich”? Would you rather have an ignorant welfare queen run the country??? I wouldn’t. Romney released some part of his 2011 returns, but they weren’t complete yet. Tax return extensions are common, but they still pay the expected amount on April 15th.

      I will begin advocating for the Flat Tax 10 to 12% of everyone’s income. Everyone pays. No deductions. No loopholes. If everyone has some skin in the game, then maybe they will be less likely to take from each other. I don’t “owe” anything to anyone, especially not at the force of the government. If I want to give and be charitable, then that’s my prerogative. It’s not for others to say.

      We can agree entirely on illegal immigration, because we have a problem. I don’t want to see Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits going to illegals either. You would probably agree that both of those entitlements should be reformed, right? The discussion of where we reform would be interesting. I think we would agree on a great deal.

      I forgot to comment on the “intense hatred of Obama” remark. I hate Obama’s politics, nothing more.

  5. George Romney, Mitt’s father, released 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in 1968. George Romney also pointed out that releasing returns for a single year proved nothing. Knowledgeable voters judged Mitt by the high standard his father set. By refusing to reveal earlier tax returns Mitt himself put enough doubt into the minds of enough independent white voters for them to believe the attacks Obama made against Mitt’s character and his shady operation at Bain Capital. Obama’s attacks stuck because Mitt did nothing to challenge or disprove them.

    Mitt was obviously a candidate of the Establishment. There was no way to sell him as populist and a man of the working people.

    The Tea Party will have to quit supporting tax and economic policies that favor men like Mitt Romney and hurt the working and middle classes if you want to win over enough support to ever become a factor in national politics. You can count on the continued support of white Evangelical Christians simply because their leaders have sold them out and cut a political deal with the GOP establishment, and the Evangelicals are too blind or shallow to see it. That will be good enough to win local and state elections in regions like the South… perhaps for one or two more election cycles. And then you will begin losing in places like North Carolina.

    It’s also becoming obvious to most voters that Tea Party Republicans are fiscally irresponsible. Their pledge to never raise taxes and to try to cut taxes even more will quickly bankrupt the country. Many people now openly call Grover Norquist a traitor who should be charged with extortion of public officials. Granted, what Norquist is doing is legal, but the public is quickly turning against him. Most people have decided Democrats are better at handling foreign relations, the military, the war on terror — and now taxes, the economy and managing the debt, too. These are all issues that people trusted Republicans to manage more than Democrats for decades. And now public opinion has shifted because you guys are trapped by an ideology that makes no sense to voters, and its becoming ever more obvious that Norquist and the GOP leadership are what’s wrong with government.

    It seems the inevitable path forward will be a struggle between the GOP Establishment, which represents big business and the wealthy, and the voting base which is made up mostly of white Evangelical Christians. The former have the money and the latter have the votes. Should be an interesting struggle. The religious base will win (unless their leaders are all bought off); but it won’t take long for most of the people to rebel against living under theocrats. People don’t like having other people’s ideas about religion shoved down their throats in Iran, and they won’t like it here, either. That’s not what American freedom is about.

    My advise is to dump the fake history peddled by the religious right about the founding of this country and get back to what men like Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Adams really believed and intended for the country. The version of history the religious right is pushing is just as false as creationism and their other versions of science are. I greatly admire the founders and what they tried to create, and I think most Americans do, too. But this election proved the majority aren’t going to hand the government over to morons and yahoos pretending to be patriots.

    Clean up your act. Get rid of the kooks. Get rid of the wealthy business class. Act like you care about common people. That’s the only way for the Tea Party to pull out of its steep dive before it crashes and burns.

    Heck, Christine. I’m kidding myself and you, too. There’s no way to salvage this. You guys have no future.

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