Know the truth; Know thy enemy

Dr. Bill Warner, Theoretical Physicist, who began studying Islam in the 1980’s.  He is a scientist gathering data (truth), assembling the data, and presenting the truth.  You have never heard these facts.  I thought I knew a great deal about Islam, but the real history has not been taught or even talked about.  Please get informed.  In the Islamic sacred texts, we are the enemy (Infidels, Kafirs and Dhemmis) and can be lied to, subjugated, and killed.  The interesting part of the Islamic world-view, is that Jews and Christians are bad, but so are atheists, pagans, and apologists.  Only adherers of Islam are safe, unless you’re not seen as “Muslim enough”.

  • Political Islam  This has nothing to do with the religion of Islam, except that the religion and politics, or law, are tied together and inseparable.
  • Video of his presentation “Why We Are Afraid?“-  Those who don’t learn history… are doomed to repeat it. This video shows slides with the historical progression of Islam through Christian countries for 1400-years.  Counter to Obama’s claims, the remarkable Muslim scientific advancements came from Christian Arabs in Syria and Turkey.  Find out who was intolerant.  Understand how hundreds of thousands of Christian churches were destroyed, hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim’s were killed, libraries destroyed, trade destroyed, and the slavery of white Europeans began.  Necessary rape of women is written into the texts of Islam.  People had two options: Islamic conversion or death.  Women committed suicide to avoid sex slavery. This is no picnic, people!  Know thy enemy.
  • A Warning to America“, May 2011 –
  • How does Islam treat their women? Read the “Bulletin of the Oppression of Women” –
  • The 5 principles of Islam

See more info here.

And don’t bother calling me a racist or a bigot.  I don’t want to hear it!  Listen the words of the leaders of Islam!  Listen to the intolerant words of Iran’s Amedinajad, Hamas, Al Qeada, etc…  Iran repeatedly calls for the destruction of the Little Satan (Israel) and would destroy the Big Satan (USA) if they could.  We can also throw Louis Farrakhan into this category of haters of Western Civilization. 


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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14 Responses to Know the truth; Know thy enemy

  1. Jeremy says:

    Do you people ever post anything worth reading? Obama is for everything Muslims hate!

    • Jeremy says:

      All the same horrible things could be said about Christianity!

    • Christine says:

      Obama is walking a fine line.

      • It’s true, Christine, that Christians don’t behead, stone or enslave themselves because they don’t have to. Their government kills far more effectively with drone strikes, cruise missiles and smart bombs. And Christians cheer and cheer and demand more!

        When it comes to stoning and the other harsh punishments meted out by Israel’s tribal god in the Old Testament, I believe there probably are Christians today who would go along with stoning if they had total political power. Their reactionary views on abortion and women’s rights in general are indicative of the general direction they want to go: backwards. The only question is, how far?

        And the Christian conservatives are some of the stingiest and most mean-spirited people around, demanding things like drug tests for food stamp recipients and just being against any kind of public assistance for anyone, regardless of their circumstances. They want the poorest people to pay more taxes; they want to do away with minimum-wage laws and unemployment insurance; they have no problems at all with forcing people into low-paid part-time jobs with no benefits. The “associates” who work at Wal-Mart may not be slaves in the strictest sense, but they are caught in a situation that is not far from it. And the fact that Christian conservatives have no compassion at all for these hard-working people struggling to survive says a lot about them and also explains why the Democrats won this election and why Democrats will continue to win elections even more decisively in the future.

        Christian conservatives have hard hearts and are on the wrong sides of all these issues. To the majority of people in America, Christian conservatives appear to be fellow travelers with the beheading, stoning and enslaving fanatics of Islam. Women especially see and understand the Christian conservative agenda for them. Women should be forced to have babies, love Jesus, and shut up. And that pretty well sums it up.

    • Well said, Jeremy. I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim for a second. He’s probably an atheist or agnostic the way most intelligent and educated people are. He believes the US government should be totally secular, just as the Founding Fathers created it. Religious zealots don’t like Obama, and it hardly matters whether they are Muslim fundamentalists or Christian fundamentalists.

  2. Christine says:

    Jeremy, I hope we can have a great dialog. I hope you will keep your comments clean and constructive, in the past I have never approved your comments because they have been abusive. Keep it civil.

  3. Gordon Ipock says:

    That’s the problem with the Tea Party right. Anybody who doesn’t agree with them on every issue is regarded as an enemy and is black listed or expelled. I’m a classic example. You are closed minded. This seems to be working here in North Carolina (for awhile, at least) and other regional areas where conservatives have gained local political power, but it’s clearly not a winning formula for national political power. You have to be willing to allow your positions to be critiqued. It’s the only way you will learn and advance.

    • Christine says:

      Gordon, I would like to allow you to comment, but you’ve been abusive in the past too. I allowed people to post who disagree with us. I’m just not going to allow you to call me or the organization a bunch of ridiculous names. I’ll allow your posts again. Criticize all you want in a productive manner.

    • Christine says:

      Black listed? No. I spent 2008 and 2009 trying to reason with people on the Left on their websites and facebook pages. I really wanted to teach people the truth. I tried to share facts and philosophies with them to no avail. I know you have your views and I have mine. When you use facts (even if I don’t believe your meme), I allow the comments. But here’s where it gets tricky. When I believe your facts are all wrong – like Christians cheering about drone strike deaths – I feel obligated to set the record straight. Then when I’ve spent time collecting evidenciary links to support my facts, I have wasted time with my family or time working on TEA Party causes. Therefore, I usually don’t allow your comments. It just saves me time and prevents confusion and frustration by readers. Please don’t take it personally. We have a very different world view.

    • Christine says:

      A prime example of the wide gulf of difference of opinion:
      Gordon Ipock said above, “Christian conservatives have hard hearts and are on the wrong sides of all these issues. To the majority of people in America, Christian conservatives appear to be fellow travelers with the beheading, stoning and enslaving fanatics of Islam. Women especially see and understand the Christian conservative agenda for them. Women should be forced to have babies, love Jesus, and shut up. And that pretty well sums it up.”

      I could waste hours disputing that garbage. I’ll let your ignorance stand.

  4. Edward Lineback says:

    Just read the column in the Lenoir Liar by John Josey. Thank all you dim-rat libtards for your advise on how conservatives should think and act. Gee, that’s what I want to be, a zombie democrat groveling for handouts and a free phone from my government.

    • We get a bit combative, Christine, because comments like these from Edward Lineback are the norm on Tea Party websites. And they are never admonished, much less deleted by moderators.

      I’d like to keep posts tied strictly to policy, issues and ideas, but almost all Tea Party forum supporters spout this kind of rhetoric. They always engage in personal attacks and name calling. If we give as well as we get, we are flushed down the memory hole.

      BTW, I think the basis for traditional American conservatism is race. Not religion or tax policy. And history backs me up.

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