Greater good is served with armed Citizens with guns

If there is to be any action on Gun control, the action needs to be taken to secure against the misuse of firearms due to human negligence, rather than the guns themselves. Guns are NOT to blame as a gun is not a bad or evil entity with intent and indeed they are utilized in the role to serve the good. The Newtown Conn. Shooting massacre is a heinous horrific unconscionable senseless act of violence and is an understandable response to want to help or to do something to say that something was done “to never let it happen again”. Yet the bigger picture of having an existing reality of guns should not call for a knee-jerk reaction of emotion or unreal wishes that is harmful for the better good or a reaction that blindly promotes a wanted agenda but rather sensible rational thinking. We all wish that guns will not be used for malign actions by criminals in the future, that “it will never happen again” but just as there are tsunamis, tornadoes, car accidents, plane crashes that we would like to stop so too will criminals always be able to commit heinous atrocious acts – with all kinds of weapons. A parent’s worst fear is realized when their child is suddenly lost and/or killed and hearts and prayers go out to those affected by this criminal violence. The 2nd Amendment is there for several critical reasons and those are not reasons that are antiquated or irrelevant to today or that are just to do with hunting or sportsmanship. The greater good is served with an armed citizenry and the free ability of an individual to have an equal force of self-defense (equal playing field) for the good such that tyranny and a civilization based on dark times is held in check.

Thomas Jefferson offered this quote on the 2nd Amendment – “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” This statement has been proven time and again with crime stats in the U.S. as well as other Nations, (Australia and England particularly who suffer high crime rates due to gun bans/restrictions) who have seen crime rates go up and governments emboldened to oppress the People with more laws when law-abiding Citizens are disarmed and/or restricted by gun control laws.

More gun control laws will do little if any good as law-abiding Citizens are truly the only persons WRONGLY penalized here because criminals are all about breaking laws anyway, and for some out there that may have an agenda that doesn‘t matter. Connecticut, New York and along with several other U.S. States already have strict gun laws that do or did little effect as per this latest case in Newtown. If anything is to occur, mental health of the mentally ill should be further scrutinized along with the wrongful parenting aspects of having a mentally ill child. What was a Mother doing having unsecured guns in the house with a mentally ill child that was then trained to shoot by her??!! — again this illustrates that all situations are different and cannot be conceived for future events and the term “never happen again“ is a useless futile emotional response. Is it not be claimed by the media that all of Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Jared Loughner are deemed mentally ill or insane? Is it not the case that the 3 above shooters will plead mental insanity in court?? Clearly the focus is more to mental health institutions than guns as the problem. Also the better security of schools would be quite reasonable and beneficial to have 1-3 security guards at all schools in the U.S. – yes, that is a public job position that would be a cost to local/State government – hence the Taxpayers that would be well spent. I don’t think that arming Teachers with guns in each classroom is a necessarily good idea, however it should be considered that allowing those Teachers who do want concealed carry that comes with gun safety training should be allowed to do so. We would do well to look at gun violence, gun misuse or glorifying in video games and movies with a new warning rating or say age restriction on Mature rated games, movies ( an ID being shown to merchant required) of say age 21.

The President says he wants “sensible, common sense action that comports with the 2nd Amendment and removes the politics on the issue”. We can look at the Executive Orders and any that seeks new or a “taking impact” to infringe the 2nd Amendment are to be discarded and those that might stiffen current laws such as background checks may be acceptable. If the President goes to extreme of saying “we will make laws that will help save a single life” then he is looking to extreme gun control and seizing firearms away from the People that violates the 2nd Amendment. From what the NRA President heard from VP Biden, the 0bama Administration has little interest in doing what the President said (as usual its two different things) and so the President needs to get out of an agenda outlook and remove his politics to do sensible actions. Limiting or controlling ammunition for guns will be considered an attack on gun ownership as well and the 2nd Amendment as well.

The gun is with us and here to stay and it should stay with good People. The gun is a defender of self-defense and it is a deterrent and ward against even worse events and even darker things that can exist in human conscience that can arrive out of human nature for power and control. The gun IS civilization and it is the great equalizer — because an elderly 100 lb. woman can stop a 300 lb. Man from assaulting her and roving bandits cannot prevent civilization and prosperity. Guns do not just kill, they deter, defend and maintain the Peace and maintain civilization.

The 2nd Amendment stands first and foremost by its Creators (the Founding Fathers) with truth for today’s societies, Nations and governments – that it serves the greater good and bigger picture that an armed Citizenry insures against government oppression, government overreach to enslave its People by its edicts where such edicts are carried out by force at the end of a gun – hence a even the possibility or door opening for Dictatorship. Dictatorship is equivalent to dark times while a free Citizenry with a government by this Citizenry yields the better good and prosperity for society. Time and again shown in history is that as soon as a government outlaws Citizen gun ownership or disarms its Citizens such that only government officials have guns then oppression, abuse and slaughter by that government later follows — example, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Stalin in Russia and Hitler in Germany slaughtering millions. Sorry, have to bring up those names and faces but it is these very historic dictator leaders who are the limit that some want to go to and it is the false narrative ruse of saying, “don‘t worry that can‘t happen in the U.S.” that is used to in fact go down the road of gun control to violate the Constitution. Now we see the new Egyptian President, Morsi unable to resist the temptation of government power over his People. And this is where practicing government by socialism and communism has failed so miserably. By the way the United Nations (UN) stands as potential threat of world tyranny with its quest to have more authority as its stance is and always has been to disarm all Peoples of guns (per a 1961 document) where only governments have guns and thereby the UN should be rejected by the U.S. as having bearing on the 2nd Amendment (per the Small Arms Treaty). Those who comment that the 2nd Amendment is outdated, and was only meant for when “the British are coming” are grossly misguided and don’t have an understanding of guns and such thoughts should be discarded as irresponsible.

Thomas Jefferson also stated —

When Government Fear The People There is Liberty.

When People Fear the Government There is Tyranny.

( I would suggest to you that the word “fear” in Jefferson’s statement is in regard to a healthy relationship that benefits well-being that puts the People first rather than actual fear)

“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry” — Thomas Jefferson — Limiting clip size falls into this statement. The 2nd Amendment is what protects the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to assemble and petition the government and as such the Founding Fathers knew that guns were never going to go away and had to be dealt with in fair broad public usage of said guns so as not to cause inequality.

So NO, there is not to be confiscation, registration, finger printing, public knowledge on who owns guns because these actions WILL lead to dark times of government overreach, criminal activity, abuse and it is not to be taken lightly as fearful nonsense that just can’t happen in the U.S.   NO to banning clip sizes or restricting semi-automatic guns because if only the police and government officials own them then it is of FAIR and equal understanding for the better good that the Citizens own them as well. Semi-automatic guns may very well be advantageous against a criminal who has a semi-automatic weapon and a situation may very well call for a need of more than 10 bullets. If the government wants names, address or fingerprint information then likewise WE the People want name, address information on armed government personnel such as the FBI, ATF, DHS, etc. and that is to be personal information on such Agents not just their offices. If the Federal Government wants to know who owns guns and where People live then the Citizens should have likewise info on government Agents as insurance. NO. Citizen gun ownership goes far beyond the trivial aspects of hunting or sportsmanship and the Founding Fathers knew it and so the 2nd Amendment stands of great importance and principle of self-defense and a moral check.

As it stands now, fully automatic weapons and military weapons such as mortars, bazookas, bombs, etc. are reasonably and understandably for military use are banned from public use or require special permits but the semi-automatic gun and/or expanded clip sizes is necessary for Citizens to have the upper reaction time that may be needed in criminal situations, along with multiple shots and it is the understanding that the People have such force at their disposal that causes proper deterrence from other abusive actions.

Debunking the myths/misconceptions by some about Guns, Gun-owners —

There are persons in this debate who want ALL Guns abolished, eviscerated, to be non-existent, to be done away and it is many of these persons who have never handled or used a gun and don’t know anything about guns and don’t want anything to do with them and with such lack of understanding of the guns’ importance really don’t know what they are talking about and have no bonafide message or grounds to dealing with gun control or the 2nd Amendment. Those persons calling for banning all guns …via confiscation or otherwise do so in belief for some unrealistic societal vision (that which ignores criminals using guns), or a desire to practice totalitarian govt (socialism/communism) because they think that the American identity of freedom should be dismissed as “the past“ or “unfair“ or “relative“, or merely as political punishment against the political affiliation of groups who want guns per the 2nd Amendment. Those who claim the 2nd Amendment is an outdated relic simply want guns done away with. As soon as any person or pundit calls a 2nd Amendment Supporter, who does not want to be ‘infringed upon’ by government , as “kooky, nuts or outdated from the past” then you know they are on a political agenda that is unreasonable, misinformed, looking to exploit, overbear and remove true principles of America. ‘Moving forward’ should not mean ’moving stupid’ with blinders to ignore the bigger picture of history and lessons learned from man’s past that includes the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Gun-owners are not just “a bunch of dumb hicks or redneck rebels or as some wish to spout as Neo-Nazis” who just want to ignorantly shoot stuff or just like to hunt. The overwhelming majority of gun owners inherently wisely understand self-defense, use gun safety and understand the purpose of deterrent with guns and its assistance in doing law enforcement against criminals. Guns are also about responding to threats.

The Journal News’s action is inexcusable and wrongly trying to take action into its own hands at the detriment of other People and society — the Journal News Action are grossly in the name of political revenge and was done out of emotional selfish uniformed desire. The Journal News action is the attempt to make gun owners look bad, that gun owners are at fault and criminally negligent for wanting to own guns. The Journal News shows that there are persons who don’t understand guns and are misinformed. The Journal News is a hideous pox on the media as media that has gone wrong.   Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Eric Holder (such a nice guy that he said he wants to “brainwash Americans to not use guns“ in 1994 speech) —are players in wanting to carry out an extreme agenda that will make matters worse — surely they think they should be allowed to have guards and guns but Americans should be defenseless against criminals with guns. States and local governments may want to pursue gun laws that fits their environment because a urban environment is different from a rural environment and that is understandable but pursuing a Totalitarian government is bad for the United States and the world.

An executive order unilaterally taken by the President on the second amendment will be considered illegal, unconstitutional and mute and ALL Citizens should reject, ignore and disobey any such executive order made by the President. Just as all illegal Aliens cannot be deported so too all firearms cannot be done away with. If you cannot go door to door to deport illegal Aliens then confiscating guns is an unworkable action. Laws that try to instill disarming the People by penalty will also be ignored and or disobeyed. Why?! Because of freedom — and guns are innate in self-defense and are a part of the American family and American families are what is trying to be helped in this case and the greater good.

Oh, but the government always says….’that it can be TRUSTED to do the right thing’ (the government is generally about taking and once it takes, it doesn’t give back and once it does it thinks it can do more of the same)

The government does this for your own good, that they know what is good for us. Thanks, but no thanks. The pending investigation against Eric Holder’s cover-up of the (Fast and Furious project involving the ATF being used) even has e-mails that reveals using Fast and Furious and U.S. guns in a scandal to then blame America’s guns on Mexico’s violence in an attack on the 2nd Amendment. — and this is an international scandal that should see Holder fired!! A desired agenda path for some preaching at the UN is a gun seizure that some want for the Constitutional U.S. and it goes hand in foot with Officials and persons wanting the United States to join and ratify and come under the UN’s Small Arms Treaty that seeks to undermine and override the 2nd Amendment. So it is quite clear that governments can and do use subterfuge. Double Agents and rogue Agents exist because of money and bad things can be made to happen if a willing victim can be found. How is it that in the Newtown shooting we get a full investigation with info on the Mother, Lanza’s video gaming etc. but in the Holmes CO Theatre shooting its all hush-hush about the parents, Holmes’ background, connections to University of Colorado, a gag order on the case, law Officers questioning and if Holmes had help with carrying out the attack?? The Nidal Hassan case also raises severe questions of internal cover-up ignoring terrorism in a government’s political agenda, going hush and calling it “workplace violence” and Pentagon Officials not held accountable to make Hassan appear friendly. Other ATF’s nefarious debacles in handling gun rights besides ‘Fast & Furious’, was the 1992 Ruby Ridge Idaho incident and the 1993 Waco Texas incident where somehow a questionable ATF sacrificial decision was made and persons killed and burned was the outcome.

Yet this is not about casting blame on government or necessarily on President 0bama’s proposals but more about a healthy relationship being upheld in actions that can be looked into without infringing on the 2nd Amendment and more so there are other factors involved here such as mental health. In seeing the 2nd Amendment the Forefathers foresaw the healthy relationship of freedom that has to be maintained in maintaining the 1st Amendment and that which is stated in the 2nd Amendment — that Rights are “NOT BE INFRINGRED”!!!

What is acceptable or can be done in terms of guns, gun industry?? — stricter background checks that does not include registration and/or fingerprinting (treating legal Citizens as criminals is an inaccurate and undue burden of political attempt to demonize gun owners as bad persons). But doing an assault weapons ban or limit on clip size will be ineffective to stopping criminals, be harmful to balanced defense against crime and will not stop criminals from getting these items and will only injure legal gun owners as well as infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

‘Infringe’ as defined in dictionary : to break (law or pact), to encroach on — synonyms are: violate, trespass

The Gun is not the problem and blind reaction to “do something” is unwise.

NO CONFISCATION (Registration is confiscation)

NO REGISTRATION (as Registration is the prelude to confiscation and considered a threat to government bullying by the government and secret confiscation)

NO FINGERPRINTING (gun-owners are not criminals and are not to be treated as such)

NO to Public printing info on Gun owners (gun-owners are not criminals and are not to be treated as such)

NO to semi-automatic bans

NO to ammo clip limits or bans

NO to ammo restrictions, or bans

P.S. – Here is a (sarcastic) point — A better way to do gun control is to just not report the shooting incidents. So Sandy Hook, the Colorado shooting should’ve never been reported, just like say….’Fast and Furious’ isn’t reported, just like the Benghazi scandal isn’t reported, just like awful crimes by illegal Aliens are not reported. Call it 0bamamedia. Also the problem here is that NOT reported or dramatized by the media is all the beneficial, good acts of saving lives and property that occur by having armed citizens with guns.

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3 Responses to Greater good is served with armed Citizens with guns

  1. For years the NRA based their arguments on defending the rights of hunters and sportsmen. That led to the first assault weapons ban. Now they’ve gotten openly radical and NRA spokesmen are actually saying the previously unthinkable: that we will need these kinds of para-military firearms to fight the government.

    I don’t think this is an effective argument… mostly because it’s a ludicrous proposition. Any individual or even an organization of hundreds of armed people has no chance in rebelling against the government using armed force. The only way to rebel against the federal government would be to put in the political work to radicalize and take over a whole region of the country and then try to rebel… and that’s already been tried once and failed. But the important point is this: If you can organize a region of a state or an even larger area, you will get all the weapons you need automatically. You will have all the weapons of the police forces and national guard units and perhaps even military installations within the area you control at your disposal. You won’t need personal weapons to fight this kind of rebellion.

    The only plausible argument for an individual to own para-military style firearms would be to protect yourself and your family if the government collapses. And this could very well happen. More and more local municipalities are declaring bankruptcy and laying off all their police. We could have an economic collapse which could trigger the collapse of city and county governments — and even most of the functions of state governments — all across the country. This is when you will need a good semi-automatic rifle with large-capacity detachable clips. You will never need such weapons to fight big government. But you very well could need such weapons when government fails and you suddenly find yourself in anarchy.

    This is the argument the NRA should be making. Checkmate!

  2. Based on Wayne LaPierre’s most recent public comments, it looks like somebody picked up my message and sent it to him. The argument that people will most need semi-automatic weapons during times of government COLLAPSE is exactly what Wayne put forward in his rebuttal to Barak Obama’s recent State of the Union address.

    Smart move, Wayne.

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