Republicans will gain little by doing Immigration Reform amnesty in order to woo Hispanic voters (and sellout, harm the Nation in the process)

illegal Aliens 2Those of you who know me know where I stand on Immigration and I’m not saying that Immigration reform is not possible in some way BUT Border Security is first and foremost above all else in this issue. With a plan and a marked stance at the Border there can be a solution over time. We should not accept an amnesty action “pathway to citizenship” for mere future promises of Border Security and internal enforcement like the 1986 amnesty that duped America. There will be more to come on this and I do welcome others input on this issue.

Hispanics in general did not vote for Mitt Romney for the same reason they haven’t supported Republican Presidential candidates in the last 30 years (see more proof in my comments down below). Because of mass legal immigration, which has been tilted to Hispanics (and of late to Asians) without respect to education and skill, most Hispanic immigration has resulted in low-skilled and poorly educated immigrants who favor free government services. Republicans will not be able to out-welfare program the Democrats in handing out ‘goodies’ to get votes. As noted in numerous polls over the years, Hispanics listed immigration between number eight and eleven as their most important issue. Voters generally vote for their top three reasons and what’s in their best interest. And of course if immigration were their top issue, it would not be listed so low in the polling data.

The poorest of Mexico and the third world have been flooding into the USA for over 30 years. The Center for Immigration Studies, they use data from our own government and appear before Congress more than any other organization, reports the children of all immigrants account for one-third of all children in poverty. Newer immigrants and their US-born children account for two-thirds of the increase in the uninsured from 2000-2010. In 2010, 36% of all legal immigrant-headed households used at least one major welfare program. Among the top sending countries, welfare is the highest for households headed by immigrants from Mexico (57%), Guatemala (55%), and the Dominican Republic (54%); and lowest for those from Canada (13%), Germany (10%), and United Kingdom (6%). Of course current legal immigration policy has been tilted away from European countries since the early 1970’s.

Would an amnesty help? Whether the number be 11 or 20 million, the vast majority of those amnestied would become Democrat voters for one simple reason; they would be low income voters.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan won 35% of the Hispanic vote. In 1984 he won 37%. In 1986 Reagan signed the IRCA Amnesty that put over 3 million illegal aliens, the majority Hispanic, on the pathway to citizenship.

In the 1988 election, George H.W. Bush (was Reagan’s Vice-President) won 30% of the Hispanic vote, a drop of 7 percentage points. Why was that? If an amnesty will produce so much good will for the Republicans, then why didn’t Bush get an even higher percentage than Reagan? Michael Dukakis got 69% of the Hispanic vote that year and didn’t have anything to do with the amnesty.

In 1992 Bush’s percentage of the Hispanic vote declined further to 25% in his failed reelection bid with Bill Clinton getting 61%.

However in 1996, President Bill Clinton signed IIRIRA into the law, the

Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. It was an anti-illegal immigration bill amending the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and IIRIRA covered everything from border control to penalties on immigrants and employers who violate the immigration laws (employer piece never enforced but it was voted into law). Many immigrants were affected by new three- and ten-year bars to admissibility for having been “unlawfully present” in the United States (having entered without any inspection or overstayed a nonimmigrant visa). Five weeks after Bill Clinton signed the IIRIRA on September 30, 1996, Hispanic voters rewarded him with 72% of the vote for a 51 point margin over Bob Dole. “Repeat after me, Low income voters, when they vote, do not vote for Republicans.”

Added this article here —

Five Reasons Republicans Will Self-Destruct if They Support Amnesty

November 29, 2012 By Bob Dane

Henry Louis Mencken once observed that for, “every problem there is a solution which is simple, clean and wrong.” In the aftermath of their election shellacking, Republicans are coalescing around the notion that illegal alien amnesty legislation is a necessary step that solves their problems. In fact, such action would only erode the GOP base, and empower Democrats.

Party will Split
. Polls show most Republican voters favor enforcement over amnesty. Core conservatives will reject any amnesty agenda fueled by the business wing of the GOP and lose faith in a party that is compromising their rule-of-law values. Given that 17 percent of self-identified conservatives voted for Obama in the recent election the lesson is – win back your party faithful first before you begin pandering to immigrant voters.

American Workers will Rebel.

Bush-McCain-Kennedy couldn’t get amnesty passed in 2007 when the unemployment was 4.5 percent. Now that the unemployment rate has grown to 7.9 percent, it will be nearly impossible to convince Americans that amnesty offers them anything except more competition for jobs and a tougher scramble for limited community resources. Workers will wonder whose interests Republicans really have at heart.

Republicans will get no Credit.

No matter how well intentioned the GOP might be heading into a bi-partisan negotiating session to enact amnesty legislation, past politics dictate that Democrats will take credit and accuse Republicans of being obstructionists. Republicans lose even if a bill wins.

Democrats will get 12 Million New Voters.   Since this is one critical area that seems to elude Republicans the most, we’ll lay it out in the simplest possible terms:

Fact One: Most low income people don’t vote for Republicans.
Fact Two: Most illegal aliens are low income because they’re poorly skilled.
Fact Three: An amnesty would not change that but it would make 12 million illegal aliens legally eligible for needed government benefits and thus, predisposed to vote for the party of big government.
Fact Four: Republicans go the way of Kodak and Twinkies.

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2 Responses to Republicans will gain little by doing Immigration Reform amnesty in order to woo Hispanic voters (and sellout, harm the Nation in the process)

  1. Edward Lineback says:

    Marco Rubio looks mighty stupid standing with mccain and graham, not to mention a POS like shumer! I agree with Glen Beck, it’s third party time now, republicans and demowits are siamese twins, joined at the hip. These are sad times indeed.

  2. The only path for the Republican Party to remain a viable major political party is to become the de-facto party of white Americans. I did not say Christian Americans. I did not say affluent or wealthy Americans. I did not say the party of big business or even small business. I said the party of white Americans. All of those other things can naturally be a part of the party of white America — provided they don’t push an agenda that is at odds with such an approach.

    The standard formula for the Republican Party has been the party of wealth and oligarchy using one con after another to appeal to working and middle-class white voters. The appeals have been subtle appeals to race and overt appeals to religion and religious values, while never substantially delivering the goods on any of these issues — but always delivering the goods to the wealthy business class. And there has always been the appeal to selfishness: meaning lower taxes. But whites are losing their majority status and are too divided on all these issues to form a majority voting block with a shotgun approach on issues any longer.

    Only an open, direct and intelligent appeal to the common racial interests of white Americans will work over the long haul in the coming decades of this century.

    And if the Republican Party, or some other political party, does not successfully make such a political movement happen, then whites will probably make up no more than 30 percent of the US population by the year 2100 — just 87 years from now. And you can kiss the nation built from the posterity of Washington and Jefferson good-bye forever.

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