TEA Party 2.0

How can the TEA Party best go forward to advance the ideas of limited government and less spending? I need your comments below. READ THIS ARTICLE:  http://www.redstate.com/2013/02/05/tea-party-2-0-focus-on-the-four-rs-fight-back/ Read the whole article, and then comment.

TEA Party 2.0 = re-brand, re-tool, recruit, re-engage

Do you agree?  Do you have any ideas?  Do you have any opinions?  Could you do anything better??? 🙂

Caldwell TEA Party has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 2/20 at 7pm at the library.  Come share your ideas there as well.  I think we’ll do a round table.  I need to share some statewide plans with you all.  Elected officials and their representatives are welcome.  Other grassroots groups are welcome.


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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2 Responses to TEA Party 2.0

  1. stevegolfdog says:

    Well, I read the article and it is sooooo right on the mark, IMO. Y’all think and ponder over this article and come to the meeting on the 20th, (Wed.). Try and bring some new folks and don’t say it’s a teaparty meeting. The left, like this article says, has done it’s unsubstantiated negative bashing, to a real grass roots endeavor to get the truth out and wake up people to what is actually going on and it worked. I think we need to make this next four years the four years of educating our citizenry on subjects like our Constitution and Liberty and understanding serfdom and self reliance. We need to educate the differences between the free markets and Government intervention and the over all affects of Socialism/Communism and what is at stake. See you on the 20th. Steve Bogdan.
    Maybe we need to show the documentary called Agenda: Grinding America down once again and give us a kick start.

  2. Jon Holland says:

    The article was very good, and informative. The one thing it did not cover was retention of members or followers. Once we recruit them to our cause, how do we keep them? How do we get someone to stand up and take action? We need to find as many like minded people as we can to fight the cause, these people need to commit to alist of Priorities. he list does not need to be extreme, something simple as 1-God, 2-Country, 3-Family. Our counterparts do this but unfortunately self is the first priority, so they then retian by programs, gifts or money. So we must recruit action people by first getting them to give up their freebies and stand on their own.We are facing the same situation that was faced by our forefathers with change and how it affects our nation. We have lost the battle in the past because we were tolerant and compromised to slow things down. We are to the point now we can compromise no longer and drag the change out. We must do to our counterparts what they did to us, that is (1) get the power back to the states and away from the Federal Government, and (2) get into the lives of our children and teach them the real facts, we have lost the school system, our children are not being taught the real truth, they are being taught to be selfish, take care of themselves first and get all they can get for free. We must rebuild from the ground up, work through our schools, repeal the ammendments that take the power from the states and bring morality or god back in the decision making process. We must remember unity is the key, or we will find ourselves breaking off into smaller goups as the churches have done over the years, Each group will change or add priorties to suit there group and unity is destroyed. I do not agree with the idea to change the name, we need to bring back the strength it once had and not let it be destroyed. Look forward to the 20th, see you then. jon Hollsnd

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