Day of National Rally to Defend Gun Rights

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The People of America will be protesting across the Nation speaking for support of the Right to Bear Arms per the 2nd Amendment this Saturday February 23rd.

As VP Biden wrongly displayed, the problem here is not about ‘just keeping the 2nd Amendment around’ (which per VP Biden, the President and his Co. want to make the 2nd Amendment a useless vintage has been) but it is about infringing the 2nd Amendment — which is government force to remove the People’s liberty. VP Biden spoke ignorantly on purpose trying to act like he is in some movie, make the issue just about home defense saying, “just go buy a shotgun, go buy a shot gun — to go blow someone away, you don’t need a semi-automatic rifle/gun”. VP Biden on a trail of tyranny this week in Virginia is trying to appeal a message to under informed gun-owners that it is OK that his federal government infringe and piece by piece dismantle, gut the 2nd Amendment. Make no mistake what VP Biden, Feinstein and others portray as just ‘common sense’, harmless “safety” measures means draconian gun control measures in the details that includes fingerprinting you, and having a gun registry database on you to monitor you like a criminal that could include then violating the 4th Amendment to search your home (to check or maybe confiscate your guns). Private property is just that. VP “mr. Mouth” Biden can take his false message and poor acting elsewhere, like out of the Country. VP Biden knows its about having the govt overlord, control its Citizens for the government to monopolize guns and power and VP Biden needs to address Thomas Jefferson and Founding statements of intent for the 2nd Amendment as a check against government overreach (tyranny).

Another important aspect of the 2nd Amendment to allow freedom of an armed Citizenry is that of wide national gun ownership as a bulwark (defense protection) against National invasion. The 2nd Amendment is National defense. Every other Nation on earth knows that with America’s 2nd Amendment and the Right of Citizens to have firearms (which more so includes the capabilities of Semi-automatic guns (SAR’s)to not be banned without limits on clips or ammunition) that an attempted soil attack on the U.S. would be stupidly futile and met with severe resistance U.S. State by U.S. State. VP Biden, and anti-gun proponents also need to address this point (oh, but you won’t hear anti-gun Liberals acknowledge or talk about such an important point –instead it is a false message of hysteria drone of fear, fear, drama, drama.)

By the way speaking to this National invasion issue it has been now made known that the Nation of Mexico is lobbying the U.S. Senate for a gun registry on gun owners in the Border States (CA,AZ,NM,TX) in the “IMMIGRATION REFORM“ legislation!! (that‘s right a foreign Nation is telling America to restrict its laws and downgrade its defense in the 2nd Amendment– and there is the point of this matter – NO! The Border States more so should embrace the 2nd Amendment allowing Border Citizens and Ranchers proper defense and ability to patrol their property with detainment. Border States should allow for Deputizing willing American citizens to patrol the Border that will improve Border Security. NO,Illegal entry of the U.S. should be deterred, not encouraged and should be made so as the deterrent to get at the rotten intent of illegal Alien intruders entering to steal and bring the negative financial detriment of illegal immigration. This calls forth the nefarious nature and intent of the ‘Fast and Furious Operation’ scandal by DOJ AG Eric Holder to have the ATF set up a firearms walking scandal to then blame the U.S. 2nd Amendment for Mexico‘s problems (to violate the 2nd Amendment, gun dealers, infringe Citizens with gun control and registry in the Border States). AG Eric Holder should have been FIRED for this un-American scandal against America instead of given a measily censure and a misuse of Executive privilege by President 0bama that really further indicates the President’s actions and shows the need for an independent external investigation (much like the Independent Counsel with kenneth Starr that oversaw the Bill Clinton-Lewinsky scandal)– not the President’s obvious cover-up internal investigation that says, ‘oh yeah, it’s confidential, we are doing are own investigation’!!!

Current “gun control” proposals such as the Feinstein bill, the CA and CO anti-gun laws that restrict and harass Americans away from owning or wanting to own firearms, misses the point and new gun laws solves nothing regarding the Newtown, CT massacre or any other prior mass shootings. It’s not about “guns this, guns that”. This is a wrong unworkable path that makes no sense, intruding the People’s privacy with “universal background checks“ that means registration database, going to absurd lengths (just put 7 bullets or is it 10 or is it 13, how about 8 in your gun now). “Universal or expanded background checks” are a false premise to have continual harassment against the 2nd Amendment. This is a political charade and exploit. This is a blatant attempt to take away the American Peoples Rights!

NO Feinstein Bill
NO new gun control laws
NO government overreach

2nd Amendment supporters “to not be infringed” also strongly support responsible gun ownership that includes gun safety, proper storage, proper gun handling and the ability to have concealed carry. The NRA is a responsible organization that puts on public programs of teaching kids and adults about guns and advocates gun safety nationwide.

Locations and contacts in North Carolina (put on by free Citizens with freedom of speech that in America have dissent for grievance)—Contact for details on event.

North Carolina:

Asheville, NC Day of Resistance
Location: Pack Square
Time: 12p
Sponsoring Organization: Mountain Area Citizens’ Political Action Committee
Organizer Contact: Andrea or Cody Boyer,, 828-423-3105
Facebook Page:

Burke County, NC Day of Resistance
Location: Old Burke County Courthouse Lawn
Time: 1pm
Sponsoring Organization:
Organizer Contact: Jonathan Baird
Facebook Page:

Charlotte, NC Day of Resistance
Location: The Great Outdoors, 112 N Cherry St, Cherryville NC
Time: 12p-3p
Sponsoring Organization:
Organizer Contact: Ashley,
Facebook Page:

Lenoir, NC Day of Resistance
Location: Downtown Pavilion Stage, Lenoir, NC
(nearby 248 Main Street, NW)
Time: 2p-4p
Sponsoring Organization:
Organizer Contact: Kevin Long,
Facebook Page:!/LenoirNcDayOfResistance

Marion, NC Day of Resistance Rally
Location: Marion County Courthouse Lawn, Main Street and East Court Street
Time: 12pm
Sponsoring Organization:
Contact: Donny Loftis, 828-674-1404,

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