This Got Me Banned from “NC 11th District GOP” Facebook Group

Listen to Hour-1 about how the future of MY party, the GOP.  I shared this link all over facebook, including on the NC-11 group.  Here’s the comment and link that got me banned:

Romney did worse at turning out his base than McCain. Romney lost in a presidential race against the despicable likes of Obama!?? The future of the GOP is in Steve Deace’s analysis!!! GOP = Whiggs? Everyone must listen to his show. The GOP’s problem is that is forgets its own platform all the time! Take note GOP…, before it’s too late.

Within about 15-minutes after posting it, I got a fb notification that three people liked my comment and link.  When I went to look at the comments, I had been removed from the group. :/ What??

Really, does that comment make me such a pariah with in MY own party?  I really don’t want to go through all the trouble of creating a whole new national political party. It’s sooo much work.  Why are they so dead-set on self-destruction?  The country needs conservative values and principled politicians.

fb banned from nc11

You might be asking, “So what? You got kicked out of the stupid fb group.”

I see a country in shambles with unbearable debt and unconstitutional government mandates.  We are being assaulted with policies and taxes like we’ve never seen.  The hardworking, taxpayers are supporting more people on the dole than ever before in our history.

Our country is in trouble.  I am engaged in the political process.  I am determined to defeat Democrats and their Marxist agenda.  I will work hard for those causes.  I am 100% aligned with the GOP’s Platform.  I have been a Republican since I registered to vote in 1984.  The GOP is currently the only viable vehicle to save the nation.  The Democrats seem to want to destroy our America and create a new Amerika.  I’m not going to sit idly by while this happens.

I’ve worked hard in the NCGOP to elect Republicans, not RINO’s, but good, decent Republicans who will uphold the GOP Platform.  My dissatisfaction comes from the GOP not championing the issues regarding Repealing or defunding Obamacare, cutting real spending not just the rate of insane growth, shrinking the size of government, illegal immigration, protecting the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights, upholding Pro-Life values, and defending marriage.  When my GOP officials can’t even articulate the needs for the basic reforms, we have a problem at the top.  And I’m the political piriah???

They distrust me because of my TEA Party ties?  But they did this.  I’m only TEA Party since 2009, when the GOP ran McCain (and allowed the liberal media to assassinate Palin).    The GOP ran McCain, a distinguished war hero, who was nonetheless an uncharismatic RINO. (Forget for now the six month Primary schedule is absurd.)  Barack Hussein Obama was a known Marxist, dope smoker, who couldn’t produce a birth certificate, who wouldn’t share medical records, passport info, or college transcripts, who had radical mentors and political ties.  I’ll have to give the American people a pass on knowing the evils of Marxism, since most of the population has no idea if it’s animal, vegetable or a mineral.  How could they know to vote against candidates with Marxist mentors, parents, or ideals?

Hell, even the GOP controlled House even impeached Bill Clinton in the 90’s – when I still had faith in the political system.

Because MY PARTY (the GOP) held me at arm’s length and told me to sit down and pay my dues for 10 years, I got engaged and started a little TEA Party group in Caldwell County.  Shoot, somebody had to do something political in this county. I was going to fill an informational void in Caldwell County politics.  I was going to educate voters.  Engage them on the issues and get them to vote.  At the same time, Caldwell TEA Party was going to find the best Primary candidates we could and get them in front of the voters.  We paraded Democrats and Republicans before the voters in 2010.  We let the people decide. We were so strong in educating voters and asking questions, that not one Democrat filed to run for office in Caldwell County in 2012.  Like I have told many GOP Party officials, all of the energy I have put into the TEA Party, I would have gladly put into the GOP.

Now I’m asking – does the GOP want to survive or not?  If so, listen to the base first.  Build from the base up.  The base didn’t turn out for Romney.  Since Romney’s record was so similar to Obama’s, where was the choice?

This is meant to be constructive criticism.  We all need to reflect on the last 4 years, and ask ourselves “Why is Obama still in office and we’re buried beneath $16.7 trillion in debt?”


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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2 Responses to This Got Me Banned from “NC 11th District GOP” Facebook Group

  1. Dal Benfield says:

    Christine, YOU keep it up. YOU are right on target. You are not alone in questioning the GOP at this
    point. I and others are thinking of becoming independent.

  2. Eugenie Fein says:

    They did say it was for positive comments about the 11th district. That pretty much narrows it down. It’s not a page for dynamic discussion and information sharing to the purpose of empowering the party members to effect change.

    Sadly what many organizations don’t realize is, you have to analyze the negatives—just saying happy things doesn’t make the negatives go away–it just ensures that they will repeat them.

    You can quote me on this.

    Cheers, Eugenie

    *Eugenie B. Fein *(828)-443-0067

    *The Fein Art Shop** * (828)-443-0067

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