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NC GOP announced Karl Rove will be guest speaker at state convention

NC State Convention Delegates just received an email that KARL ROVE is the NCGOP CONVENTION guest speaker for Saturday night. Seriously? Rove? Has the NCGOP lost their minds? The losing “architect” who couldn’t defeat Obama is being “honored” with as a big fundraising draw?? Please. The NCGOP proves they are out of touch with likes of KARL ROVE. Let me count the ways this is awful: Rove devised the LOSING STRATEGY against Obama! …. and more Continue reading

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NC’s RNC Committeewoman Throws Grassroots Under the Bus

New video outlining NC-GOP corruption from the spring meeting of the RNC – corruption from NC committeewoman, Ada Fisher, & RNC legal counsel member – lying about the RNC records to cover for NC’s committeewoman:

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NCGOP Chair and Vice Chair Candidate Forum

Here are the video clips from last Thursday night’s NC GOP Candidate Forum conducted in Statesville, NC by the Iredell County Republican Women’s Club. There are 6 video parts posted. Find out who is running for GOP state chair. Continue reading

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NCGOP 11th District Convention 2013

A summary of the convention complete with keynote speech notes, resolutions details, and delegate info. The resolutions are really good. Continue reading

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Voter ID and my discussion with Speaker Thom Tillis

I told him I was glad they passed something, but asked why not pass a really strict bill to protect voter integrity? Why not ONLY allow valid NCDL’s and military ID as valid ID to register to vote? His response surprised me. He said they have watched states around the country pass strong Voter ID bill only to have them held up in court and then be overturned. Therefore, Continue reading

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Did Senator Burr Blow It Again?

This bloodsport we call politics is full of landmines and pitfalls for everyone involved. I wouldn’t want to walk one-yard in their shoes. They’re damned if they do; they’re damned if they don’t. Is it a problem that Burr and Hagan voted the same? Maybe not,… Continue reading

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Red Alert: Stop NC driver licenses (or driver permits – same thing) for illegal Aliens

North Carolina House Bill 786 should be a state immigration enforcement bill only, but provisions are included in the bill to give almost all illegal immigrants in North Carolina a legal driving permit (aka a driver’s license). Section 9 is a giant magnet to illegal aliens all over the country and our state will be over run with illegal aliens because of it. Continue reading

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