Cyprus is EU government failure — Federal Reserve bailout?

NAU flag 3EU_Flag 4

Another EU Country goes bankrupt and the remedy put forth is to seize (take, tax) the People’s assets or private money for a so-called (new word mangling) “bail-in“! So when is a government so corrupt that it crosses the criminal threshold against its People?! Syria, Iran governments are called criminal how about the EU in Cyprus? What WE the People and all of America needs to know IMMEDIATELY is the talks that have taken place between our Fed Reserve (Ben Bernanke) and the EU Central Bank — Did our U.S. Fed Reserve just wire the EU and Cyprus $$Billions in the dark of night in a bailout?! Ben Bernanke and other Officials owe the American People a public news conference and be called to answer questions! As there is a European Union of all the Europe Nations, it has been proposed that the U.S. enter into a North American Union structure with Canada and Mexico.

Why of course Washington DC is awash in a flood of money dollars that directly relates to an entity that is known as, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ started in 1913. The ‘Creature’ is a monstrosity commonly face masked and named the ‘Federal Reserve‘. It can be said that the Federal Reserve has its place and functions in the banking industry such as information resources or the national check clearing process and as such should be reigned in to a tight leash to carry out these functions. The worse problem of the Fed — Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Paul Volker, John McCain, many others in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) knows what WE are talking about. Sure, who doesn’t want to come and be employed in Washington DC where the ‘magic money fountain’, ‘the magic money tree’ flows evermore by way of the Federal Reserve money printing press also known as QE 1,2,3,4… So run, hurry, gather round close, stay close to the ‘magic money fountain’ so you can get some “free” money. Oh, but the Creature known as the Federal Reserve is one of ugly slime that wallows in destruction against American households and honest hard-working Citizens. So what is going on with the Fed Creature??

The slimy Fed creature’s underbelly and the 0bama Administration’s underneath betrayal is that the United States and the American middle class is being used as a global slush fund. That’s right, a corrupt global slush fund. The perception of comfort and ignorant bliss being foisted on the People is a utopian global “redistribution of wealth” (socialism) not for their well-being but for government control. Government indulgence — it can be tried or “experimented” with like George Soros said he likes to experiment with societies like they are play things (Soros – who should be put on a U.S. Terrorist watch list and not allowed to set foot in the U.S. lest he be arrested) BUT this has been tried before in the former Soviet Union, Poland, etc.. The President’s speech months back in Oswahatchie, Kansas full of Marxist re-distribution and wishful lies when he made clear that he thinks America’s capitalism, U.S. Constitution “has never worked” which goes along with his “you didn’t build that” comment. Clearly seen by all is that America is most successful that has provided technology and advancement worldwide that the world likes. This is like the President saying the sky is green when Americans can clearly see the sky is blue. America as a global slush fund is seeing the Fed Reserve printing U.S. dollars to simply be given/distributed worldwide all over, whether it’s the EU Central Bank bailout prop up (which is getting money to CFR Execs) via the IMF, funding the UN, funding the IMF, foreign aid to Egypt, Pakistan, or pork barrel giveaways in budget legislation like $27 million going to Morroco for “pottery classes”!! The socialist desires of decline also fits in well with another CFR member, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg , the nanny socialist/communist who is a $$Billionaire that as any Marxist wants, is about forcing government controls on People and ‘forcing people’ for his selfish wants while not having to live under those rules.

There are those among us that hide under the Democrat title that want the U.S. to collapse and they are salivating about it. Progressive/socialist/communists oppose capitalism are enablers to bleeding the system into decline and eventual failure. That’s right the Fed Reserve under irresponsible Democrat handling is shipping U.S. money, wealth, jobs and National well-being out of the U.S. all because of selfish wants. UN Treaties (all of them) are anti-U.S. designed to throw out the U.S. Constitution and should be rejected. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is nothing other than the exact action of global redistribution of America’s resources, hence wealth, via a corrupt UN. For those haters of America that say the U.S. is to blame for global environmental destruction — look around and see the success of technology and advancement that you and the whole world enjoys. Funding the UN is also finding U.S. dollars going to foreign Terrorists that then use those very U.S. dollars in Terrorist activity against the U.S. and Americans. The UN’s Arms Trade Treaty is another faulty anti-U.S. Treaty that will only find its terms hindering against America in its design, for foreign Nations ignore such treaties and depend on seeing America being restricted and an INFRINGED against the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. The UN being a harboring broker for Terrorist States and drug Cartels rightly finds itself rejected by Americans.

Heads up for the economic bubbles created by the Fed Reserve ‘Creature’. Just as prior bubbles have been the Housing/real estate mortgage Market or the Dot Com market, etc. Two new bubbles are being shifted to or going on now are the U.S. stock market and the College/University system. Bubbles are being created to make the Party in power look good — whether its to “cook” the unemployment numbers to look good or to say, show that “all is good” with stocks/401k’s. The ’magic money fountain’ is not a private entity being run as a business, it is now a government manipulated entity to act in concert with its own ends that are NOT for the People. The U.S. College/University system is now an economic bubble being inflated due to Democrats takeover of Student Loans in the Obamacare legislation. You now have Universities seeing that they can socialize their profits and increase them by just “putting it on the government debt/taxpayer’s dime”, the Fed‘s printing press. Hence the student loan federalization is also driving the national debt clock. You see it clearly by going to any college campus in the U.S. and looking to find construction of new buildings/projects that runs $100-600 Million a building– look on any campus and you will see construction constantly going on. You also see the price gouging/ profit gouging in textbooks — obscene prices $200-500 per book. Why of course, tuition increases are non-stop so as well then liberal Professor salaries are non-stop bloated increases. Recently spotted on TV is an ad with a young male that gave out a 1-800 phone number saying that the Dept. of Education was just given handout money that could be tapped into to ease the staggering stifling debt costs that students are facing in monthly bills from their Obama handout student loans! “Universal education for all” is what was preached in the utopia fair rhetoric of this President. Why surely then illegal Aliens should get in-state tuition (as if they should get anything at all) at the cost to American taxpayers and U.S. debt. Of course this fits in well with the communist Professors at our campus’s teaching kids to hate America, that America is to blame for the ills of the world.

Sure, at some points the Fed Reserve has acted to stabilize wellness in its designed modern system of stealth taxation in order to keep the peace, but the inflation of the dollar/prices continues and, it is becoming increasingly clear that its criminal threshold like the EU in Cyprus is imminent. And Cyprus calls for an answering session NOW on what talks Bernanke and the Obama Administration had with EU Officials!! The Founding Fathers warned of putting trust in government and it has been a slow drip to lure the wants of the People for entitlements (because Federal government control was never meant to be and did not have to be inserted into education, healthcare, farming, banking, etc.) But the Federal Government’s deliberate plowing of U.S. dollars into the dirt by way of nonsense such Robo-squirrels, scandals, green energy boondoggles, sending money all over the world, wasting time/bullets/bombs/money resources in worthless prolonged wars, etc, etc. shows a government blasting a monetary system into oblivion.

The world’s cash reserves are in U.S. dollars that can also be called petro dollars because it based on exchanges in oil. When will it be, how soon for China, Russia other debt lending Nations to the U.S. to reject the U.S. dollar?? But China, Russia, EU and others are also dependent on the U.S. economy they won’t want to see collapse of the dollar and so what is the end game motive?? A new system to be popped out by a World government. So when the U.S. dollar tanks into hyperinflation, dark times will follow. The European Union and the UN are failed structures that should be abolished. So when is a government and the State insolvent? Shouldn’t it be said that the Founding Fathers were amazingly intelligent brilliant men with insight and fore thought that established the longest living Constitution and most prosperous Nation/governing system in human history? It thereby goes to say the insight in the Declaration of Independence rings true –

“endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — That to secure these Rights , Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. …..But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future security.” It should be strongly noted here in the above quote — “Governments…DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED” — that means LISTENING to the People — and by these terms the People of Cyprus should be allowed a National vote on whether to stay in the EU or to break away and to reject the EU.

The People of Cyprus should not listen to bogus excuses such as “Russian mob money” (which unto itself shows EU govt corruption of money laundering), or its some “miscalculation within the Banks“, etc. NO, the U.S. government should not assist the EU in its corruption and failed big government failed dictates on the People, and just as the U.S. encourages the Syrian People to overthrow its government so should the U.S. encourage Cyprus to kick out its officials and institute its National domain of prosperity.
The People of Cyprus have every Right to rise up and abolish the EU government decrees and turn its back on following any EU laws, derive its own economic system and to ignore EU laws/decrees, not take part in any function by the EU.

So when is a government so corrupt that it crosses the criminal threshold against its People? When is a government deserving to be abolished? So we see that the U.S. urges and encourages the overthrowing of governments by the People say of Syria, Iran, China (quietly so), Iraq — is it not the case that Cyprus should be shown the same encouragement. Of course you know the problem… If the U.S. government turns from government for the People based on Liberty into a government of socialism/communism control violating the Bill of Rights is it then not worthy of abolishment? Recall what was the French Revolution??

Bill O’ Reilly March 26th Factor show with Charles Krauthammer spoke volumes. Mr. Krauthammer said that “seizing private money over 100,000 Euros was a wise decision, the only wise decision, as like FDIC insurance under that amount is protected but over 100,000 is ’fair game’”!!! NO SIR – Never is it OK to seize the People’s money. The EU government in Cyprus is insolvent and criminal that is fair game for removal. Peace under tyranny is NOT OK or wise!! And then to go on and say, well — EU Officials may just do more seizure of private money in other EU Countries. Mr. Krauthammer also carries affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that goes along with the Ben Bernanke money printing cabal. Mr. Krauthammer better check and ask himself whether he likes the U.S. or he likes the CFR. Then the excuse comes that the banks again are to be used as a scapegoat that they were hoarding money and ’gambling’ with it on Greek bonds — bull — the EU Officials in Brussels are the problem and that problem is scene across Europe in high unemployment and declining economies.

A seizure of bank deposits, private money by the government is a taking and violation against the People — it is not to save the People’s Nation — it is only meant to save a the criminal despotic government own asses and power position that which need to leave or be thrown out. It is the EU Officials who have lowered themselves to criminals against the People. Cyprus’s EU governmental seizure of assets, Citizen’s money should be considered an attack on the People by the government, that is equivalent to the Syrian government’s attacks on its own People with bombs — financial terrorism. Even if the criminal seizure of deposits is for Cyprus persons making over $130,000, this is only the first attack and ordinary persons and all Cyprus Citizens should rise up against the criminal action. It is now clear the better move is for Cyprus to reject the EU and declare its independence from a criminal organization. The seizure of Citizen’s money/assets over $130,000 is the same as ‘taxing the Rich’ in order to “save the Nation” (“save the Nation” here is being termed to really mean installing criminal enslavement and decline of capitalism into socialism/communism”). Taxing is the same as seizure or taking — just as 0bama administration did in its 2% tax increase on all U.S. paychecks in January of 2013 (be mindful that this taxation is in direct opposite to what he falsely promised in his 2012 campaign – that taxes would not go up on those making under $250,000) — because it was frankly just taken, stripped right out of the Peoples pockets — oh and the ’train of abuses’ grows longer… There exists a constant drip of accusations, suggestions or wants by Progressives/Socialists/Communists/Democrats (PSCD) that the same Cyprus criminal seizure of assets be done against individual Rights of the People and Private Sector in order to “get at and access ALL of the money out there” — that indeed all of the money should be thrown in a commune for “the good of the People” in sharing and fairness –no private property allowed, and in actuality that is a direct LIE and Big Lie of communism — because the money will then only be used to serve the Government and its desire to grow and control. These drips of accusations/ suggestions have come from individuals like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that minimum wage be raised to $22 per hour, like Fox News persona Kirsten Powers remarking that “ companies have all this money they are sitting on”, or more clear is communist Michael Moore saying to companies in the Wisconsin Union fight, “ its not your money”!!!

American Taxpayers ARE the Fed Reserves bailout money for Europe. The Fed Reserve, Presidential Admin. persons including ‘Czars’ and certain Banking bodies seek to put a sinking anchor on the U.S. by linking the U.S. into the EU’s debt crisis by way of the Obama suggested Trans-Atlantic pacts or as such “free trade” decline. NAFTA is also an example of failure that crashed the peso in 1997 and has led to lost jobs and illegal immigration. Bailing out the EU whether directly or thru the IMF or per “free trade“, will have just TAXED the American People again by printing money that will show up in higher food and gas prices that declines standard of living and the U.S. What is shown now in this episode is the failure of socialism, and certainly on a regional, global scale. The EU, that the media is now trying to hide by calling it the ’Eurozone’ is a failure and should be dismantled.

Since we are in an “international community” per the UN, why don’t we get China or Russia to put up the money to bail someone out. China should be flush with U.S. dollars about now, right? Oh, that’s right, China and Russia are communist nations (that vote against the U.S. at every instance in the worthless corrupt UN) that really counts the U.S. as an enemy and won’t really help the UN since they would prefer to see America bankrupt and flounder in death. Why not get Pakistan or our buddy India with all our jobs or our buddy Mexico with all our illegal Alien stolen money to ante up to help Europe?? Well as We the People know the UN and certain global Officials really prefer also to see the U.S. flounder in economic death. Europeans have been rejecting the EU ‘Constitution’ since it was attempted to be ratified 2002-2005. The ratification actually failed in 2005 when the People of France and the Netherlands voted down the EU Constitution and did not want to join the mammoth overriding EU government. But the EU Elite fabricaters were not going to be told no, and so just having a do over created a bogus Treaty rammed the EU structure just calling it ‘good to go’ by corrupt Brussels Officials. Great Britain has wisely kept its distance in all but rejecting the EU and has wisely rightly refused the Euro currency and keeping the British pound. Shown here is where the People of the UK reject the EU —

EU flag 3

The Headquarters in Brussles, Belgium should be disassembled and shut down and all the officials and bureaucrats can go find something better and more productive to do with their lives, time and hands rather than trying to control people and enslave peoples freedom for their own twisted greed ends. An international structure known as a Union is a clear failure and should be rejected by all Peoples of the earth. A Union structure in this case (per the EU) is a blocking of Nations together to dissolve their National culture, politics, history, heritage and Borders that calls for terms of “integration/harmonization“ of all facets of a Nation’s foundations — politcally, economically, ‘environmentally’, not for the People but for government control — so as to no longer exist as sovereign competitive entities. Just as there is the European Union, it was proposed that the U.S. enter into a merging deal with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union (NAU) and this anti-U.S. concept originated and was put forward by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in a report by Robert Pastor called ‘Building a North American Community’. The NAU was first proposed in 2005 and disguised as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). This NAU, though derailed by vigilant Americans is still on the minds of Elites of world government and is a crux point of our U.S. Border with Mexico.   The notion of the SPP was to create a “security perimeter” (again using concocted fear about safety/security for the People) around the 3 Nations when WE merge together such that Officials in the U.S. government were to be concerned about Border security of the Mexico-Guatemala Border NOT the U.S.-Mexico Border and this was confirmed in recent statements by the false so-called “border Czar” Alan Bersin.  And yet this concept is lodged in the minds of some U.S. Senators like CFR John McCain, Lindsey Graham –that the U.S. Border is not really to be secured but the focus be put on the Mexico/Guatemala Border so as to treat Mexico as some kind of nice, like structured adjunct ally to simply be joined as part of U.S. soil, and we all know that Mexico is FAR from compatible to U.S. dynamics and/or culture that is ONLY very harmful certainly to say as compared to Canada.  I.e – The U.S. is not to be downgraded to become more like Mexico but it is Mexico that has the burden of righting its corrupt ‘ship’ to strive to be more like the U.S.   Evidenced here is another reason to see that “immigration reform” amnesty can be made into a betrayal against the U.S. Border (call it the U.S. Border Destruction Act) in seeking an EU like structure — that which calls forth the decline and termination of being a Nation. Think of the mass Muslim immigration that has taken place in Europe and under the EU this was encouraged.

‘Applicable’ photo of Alan Bersin —

Border Czar

It is now clear that competition between States where government is kept closer to the People, local is more productive, just as competition in free markets is healthy. Likewise it is also true that mankind is not working robots, or caged animatrons toiling for their masters — it is the case that the People hold a National identity of their own language, culture, traditions, heritage and history and it is for the better.

The People of Cyprus should hold a National vote on staying in the EU and they should reject the EU!! AUDIT THE FED RESERVE NOW!! NO to bogus criminal actions called Bail-IN’S. Sure the world is a global economy and legitimate Trade between Nations is good and necessary and relations between Nations is positive but corrupt manipulation to achieve ends of tyranny are unacceptable. Unions such as the EU or a NAU are designs for bigger government which means bigger corruption. The U.S. has done more than enough worldwide but for the greater good of the whole world and why the U.S. is envied as THE place to immigrate to it does not and should not tolerate its demise due to corrupt flighty anti-U.S. “utopian” Marxist theory. The U.S. should be doing all it can to protect itself now and keep its money frugal and HOME, because its National Security as even Hillary Clinton once stated –at a CFR meeting no less. America would do well to listen and adhere to its Foundations — one of which can be found in a quote by George Washington — “Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world…” and also Thomas Jefferson, “I deem one of the essential principles of our government to be peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none….”

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