2nd Amendment stands for Right to defense of the People –“gun-control” seeks to misplace criminal acts ,“universal” infringes by ‘trojan horse’

Tea Party 15In a front add-on to this article:  “Gun-control” laws as desired by their gun misunderstanding advocates (anti-gun/gun takers) seeks to misplace the responsibility of crime or criminal acts onto law-abiding Gun-owners.  A crime is a crime committed by the act of the criminal.  Killing is a crime. Stealing is a crime. Illegal immigration is a crime.  Drunk driving is a crime.  In this last case it would seem that per gun-control advocates you would place blame on the Bartender or liquor store and take away their Right to sell liquor.   Killing with a gun is a crime, if not in self defense.  Mass shooting like Newtown is a crime.  You can also kill with a knife, baseball bat, hammers, etc. all of which may be a crime.  Individuals have a responsibility to not commit crimes or be penalized.  It is not a ‘Collective’ or ‘community’ responsibility to be penalized for an individual’s crimes.  Collectivism is the removal of Rights and a dumbing down into mob mentality where People are to be treated as mob to be ruled over.  There are no ‘Collective’ or ‘social’ Rights as the individual has unalienable Rights not to be denied UNLESS he commits the crime — and it is NOT guns doing the crime, it’s the Criminal.   It is then attempting to misplace the CRIME, ungrounded doublespeak and purely empty political labeling and wishful ‘hot air’ to penalize honest peaceful Gun-owners or to indict, blame, put-on Gun-owners (for simply owning a reliable tool known as a firearm) as those who are to be restricted, monitored, ID’d, fingerprinted who every day own guns without committing crimes.  Thereby the 2nd Amendment is an  innocent wise construct and positive in serving the better good, whereas ‘gun-control’ laws oppositely harms safety by telling criminals that it is not their fault or responsibility.

The 2nd Amendment stands to serve the greater good with law-abiding Americans Right to Bear Arms.  Armed Americans with the ability for self-defense keeps the peace while gun-control laws prove to be ineffective to stopping criminals.   For it is the criminal that commits the act of crime not the gun and therefore ‘gun-control’ arguments though nobly well intended are misplaced and misguided. It stands that the 2nd Amendment is not the problem, that the 2nd Amendment keeps criminals in check while also the individual Right to bear arms in self defense also insures honesty in government of keeping the 1st Amendment and other Rights as well.

Thomas Jefferson quoted, “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows us that as a government grows, liberty decreases.”

”Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –Ben Franklin

“The strongest reason for the People to retain the Right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” — Thomas Jefferson

“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry” — Thomas Jefferson

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” — Thomas Jefferson

The 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting, sportsmanship or money, it is about the clear interest and heed of the Citizen’s Right to bear arms, and that being an individual Right of self-defense and the collective Right of the People to secure against government tyranny (and such tyranny can be direct or be made in small incremental steps of one infringement after the other until sinking tyranny is everywhere). The 2nd Amendment is being attempted to be mocked, redefined, legislated against and misinterpreted by inserting peripheral matters of diffusion so as to get persons to conclude that the 2nd Amendment is not so important, that it is not so bad to infringe the 2nd Amendment. The “it can’t happen here”…“in modern America” is the exact false argument that is used to in fact have the exact offense to ’make it happen here’ and that is already going on in certain cases.

“Universal” or “expanded” would seem to indicate that the language of the bill can be contorted to mean anything or to allow the government to do whatever it wants in identifying, tagging, registering, privacy invade a gun buyer. And thereby in “universal” lies the attempt to gut, make useless the 2nd Amendment by making gun buying so onerous or invasive of privacy so as to condemn the 2nd Amendment to non-function — that essentially strips the 2nd Amendment of its purpose.

The deliberate misplaced matters of ‘gun-control’ proponents are trying to place blame on the LAW-ABIDING Gun owner — to indict the Gun-owner, to stigmatize as a bad person for daring to own the sound defense of a firearm.   Blame also gets shifted on money, that People want the 2nd Amendment for money – whether in the firearms industry profits or in so called ’donations’ to the NRA, or lobbying money in election campaigns. NO, the NRA, Gun-owners of America, etc. squarely stands for the 2nd Amendment Rights and that is what its existence is about and with good reason as put forth by the Founding Fathers. Liberal ‘gun-grabbers’ want to misplace concern on the People who are Gun-Owners as “Hunters that don’t need 20-30 rounds to kill deer” or that “end up having their own guns used against them”. Misuse of drama in safety, security hyped exploits of nannyism where “Americans have responsibility for safety” in a ‘giving up of Rights for security’ when the greater good is seen in guns that saves lives, serves the purpose of self-defense and keeps the peace by checking criminals in society.  The gun is the great equalizer for women and for all People to ward off potential offenders in forewarning that the peace will be kept.

The 2nd Amendment means what it says, “TO NOT BE INFRINGED” and the BILL OF RIGHTS is NOT meant to be ‘watered down’ into abuses against the People, the BILL OF RIGHTS IS NOT TO BE CAST ASIDE!!! or ground down for government protection of what the government thinks is “good“ for the People.

And so it is doubly worse and forewarned that the 4th Amendment is not to be treaded in pursuit of violating the 2nd Amendment. “Universal” or “expanded” background checks IS INFRINGEMENT whereas they include gun registration, National gun data registry of Citizen gun-owners, ANY kind of ’fingerprinting’, confiscation designs that may include illegal search and seizures or ANY other avenue that fosters labeling, tagging Citizens or institutes privacy violation that may include doctors asking about gun ownership or reporting use of certain types of prescribed drugs. Ammunition and high capacity clips are ’ARMS’ in the 2nd Amendment and therefore is not to be infringed either. NO BANS ON CLIPS!! NO BANS ON AMMO!!! Maryland’s newly passed law that calls for fingerprinting raises severe alarms!!! — fingerprinting is what is done to criminals when they are booked and this law indicts gun-owners or anyone wanting to own a gun with privacy violation and the stigma of already being bad in committing crime — this is hedging the gutting of the 2nd Amendment!! FINGERPRINTING IS a tagging Registration and Registration IS CONFISCATION!! Also suggestions of a ‘liability insurance’ to be put on gun-owners is a supposed to portray a kind of sin tax that hedges penalty and INFRINGE on the 2nd Amendment and looks to condescend treat lawful patriotic benign Americans (that may include some Democrats) as criminals. Again avenues that limit, restrict ’ARMS’ making gun ownership impossible is the round about goal of gun-control advocates.

Gun-control laws are NOT making you any safer and they are in fact making society less safe because you or someone else near you cannot defend. Criminals are held better in check and better in honesty when they will not know when they might meet an armed Citizen that will stop them with concealed carry or home defense. Just as it is that “fences make good neighbors” so it is that armed Citizens makes for honest Citizens. Gun-free zones should be done away with, as clearly a criminal targets such zones to obtain maximum attention and ease of his crime.

The current use of polls claiming 85-90% of Americans ‘support background checks’ is a generic flip-off designed to mislead, trying to portray that there are no background checks going on now. Gun-owners, the NRA and law-abiding Americans safely support the ‘background checks’ that already exist today in the current Brady Act background checks. But what is not asked in these deliberately generic polls is the “universal” or “expanded” terms being proposed in a new legislation that INFRINGES the 2nd Amendment by calling for burdens on privacy and civil liberties that constitutes the ability of a government to then have a blackmail list or hanging force against those that may want to raise dissent against government actions on other matters that may do further worse law imposements on the People. “Universal” and “expanded” should be exposed for overreaching infringements to the 2nd Amendment in its attempt to achieve the same path outcome of confiscating firearms, seizing guns thru gutting the 2nd Amendment or rendering the2nd Amendment useless. Violating intrusive “universal” or “expanded” background checks are deliberately, erroneously being portrayed as if they are just ‘background checks’ as if we don’t have any ‘background checks’ today. The 90% background check support is a thrown around mislead. So the Trojan horse is what are the details of “universal” or “expanded” background checks.

Another incorrect percentage being claimed in generic terms is the “gun-show loophole”. President Obama wrongly used the claim of, “as many as 40% of guns are purchased without a background check”. The 40 % number is a misnomer that is not going on at gun-shows and as such are not even purchases. When you exclude private property family inheritances and gifts as “purchases” then you get 3.9% at gun-shows. The stat is also old from a 1994 Clinton Admin. survey where three quarters of the survey covered sales before the Brady Act background checks were instituted. It is a hallmark of all too many “Progressives” these days to run reckless loose with the ’freedoms of other people’ in their sites of seeing more and more laws and unlimited government as their reaction. And in this case with criminals with guns more laws are ineffective. Consider what the reaction would be to a Senator who said that Americans would need to set aside their First Amendment rights for the good of the safety or “general welfare”!!!

Acting on emotion to what they think is right to make themselves feel good is what is being falsely promoted. There are Democrat Citizens that own guns don’t like being infringed or having their ‘arms‘ taken away or their privacy violated either. Democrats that simply don’t like guns is an unacceptable and ignorant reason for the critical INFRINGING and TAKING away of your and the Nation’s all important 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms.

President 0bama thinks that putting gun-control laws on the People, “should not be controversial”. NO! Having the Federal government taking away the freedom of self defense based on the wisely well succeeded 236 year old 2nd Amendment that explicitly states, “the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED” is not just controversial — it’s a PROBLEM!!! Sheriffs and Citizens should not recognize President 0bama’s executive orders and consider overreaching encroachments on the 2nd Amendment as illegal not to be obeyed. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) made comment eluding to the end game of gun confiscation saying that he wants “to keep the 2nd Amendment”, however, sorry — the GUN ISSUE IS NOT ABOUT KEEPING THE 2nd amendment, the gun issue IS ABOUT INFRINGING ON 2nd Amendment, hence INFRINGING ON CITIZENS!!

Tea Party 23There does exist an Agenda (that has been a long-time desire way back since the 1970’s long before Newtown, Columbine, etc.) in the minds of some among us that wants ALL guns removed — that seeks the gutting and removal of the 2nd Amendment. The removal of all guns can be misplaced well-intended theory of safety and also a mode to making more laws, more controls, more taking infringements on your Rights, bring more laws of control, regulation on your life that have nothing to do with guns — that which tinges on anti-America transforms standing in a desire of some persons smacking off about guns this, guns that…Lets recall what was found buried in the backward New York State legislation — searching houses, actual house search confiscating guns, putting lawful gun owners on a watch list…!!! There are those of naïve, misplaced but deliberate anti-gun societal theory that want new gun-control laws now looking forward to the next shooting incident to be the next chance to do yet even more gun laws. And as we have seen in Britain, Australia and even the City of New York, registration is the necessary prelude to confiscation. This is not then just about ugly-looking black guns, but rather about an intent that can be generated of federal police agencies to track and monitor the 40+% of the American public who have the audacity to own guns. Then once registered these Americans are to be condemned, hedged, harassed by Federal or other legal threats with the intent that owning a gun will be made so onerous as to be impossible.

As usual when Democrats (“progressives”, liberals) don’t have an argument to stand on or know they are wrong they seek to attack the messenger thru character assassination and/or screaming ‘racism’ because they can‘t defend the issue. And so it is with their fixation on the NRA, demonizing, blaming the NRA when it is simply the American People supporting the 2nd Amendment. The New York Times editorialized essentially saying the NRA is simply about this for getting money: –“dark and nonsensical fantasy that the U.S. government will one day transform itself into a jackbooted fascist state and seize American weaponry has long been peddled by the gun lobby to stir up donations to its cause”. This said the Editors, “is the reason the federal background check system is not allowed to keep records of people who are approved to buy guns” since advocates claim “that doing so would lead to a national gun registry and thus a roadmap for the storm troopers to know whose door to kick down in their rabid search” for a firearm”. Good for the “progressive” New York Times for wanting to run over the Rights of the People to control them. Do you really want to find out??!! Again, the ‘It can’t happen here in modern America’ notion IS the exact argument used to in fact allow that to happen here — to take the path of infringing that leads to more laws taking Rights.

Do WE really want to test the boundary of having a police State tyranny — that which once undertaken will NEVER get pulled back?? NO, it is far more understanding, protective for long-term good to err on the side of vigilant caution and upholding gun Rights. Again, the gun is civilization, that will not go away as criminals with knowledge will always be able to obtain or manufacture the firearm weapon. The long-term perspective is more important than the short-term ‘here and now’ “best chance” perspective of exploiting crisis-opportunity. Crisis-opportunity is having the solution and finding away to manifest the problem. We have the current background checks system that lawful gun-owners respect and abide, and again these criminal cases of shootings are regarding “gun free zones” and mental health parameters. Gun-owners see the sincerity of those wanting to say they have done something to prevent tragedy but undue burden is misplaced by attacking the (inanimate) guns themselves, American Gun-Owners and the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment means what it says, ‘TO NOT BE INFRINGED’ and it was wisely made 2nd as it clearly protects the 1st Amendment. The gun or firearm is what does the greater good of keeping the Peace, saving lives and keeps People honest while defending against crime and defending the home of People. Another important aspect of the 2nd Amendment to allow freedom of an armed Citizenry is that of wide national gun ownership as a bulwark (defense protection) against National invasion. The 2nd Amendment is National defense. Every other Nation on earth knows that with America’s 2nd Amendment and the Right of Citizens to have firearms (which more so includes the capabilities of Semi-automatic guns (SAR’s)to not be banned without limits on clips or ammunition) that an attempted soil attack on the U.S. would be stupidly futile and met with severe resistance U.S. State by U.S. State. The President and anti-gun opponents want to write off and not acknowledge National invasion or government tyranny as if it “can’t happen here” because they know in fact that these arguments are legitimate important reasons the Founders made the 2nd Amendment. President 0bama again in his initial speech posed false arguments as to why Citizens would oppose gun-control — to “gin up fear, want higher ratings , want higher revenue, want lobbyist campaign donations” — because the President knows that the real reasons and arguments of 2nd Amendment supporters are LEGITIMATE (gun control laws don’t work) and deeper than his shallow statement suggestion.

The 2nd Amendment has universal understanding of individual Rights of self-defense and any limits put on Right to bear arms is an infringement because it is a ‘taking’ away that puts limits on your ability to defend yourself against crime and government tyranny. “Gun control” (masked ‘people control infringements’) is NOT common sense or practical. Proven is that gun laws and adding more laws does not work — so if violence is not going to be reduced, then what is the actual target, what is the motive? The motive and target is in fact 2nd Amendment civil liberties. The bald face lies saying “it is not infringement” and “we are not taking guns” and “you can still own a gun” is trying to mask and purvey that ‘gun-control’ does not do what it is doing — offending the 2nd Amendment, taking away guns and limiting Rights. Gun possession and government requirements also creeps into private property rights and private ownership that which some theories purvey that there should be no private property — that the government should tell you what you can own!!! The 2nd Amendment means what it says, ‘TO NOT BE INFRINGED’ !!

WE want an Attorney General who will sue the States of NY,CT,CO, MD and any other that acts to infringe the 2nd Amendment, NOT an Attorney General who performed a corrupt international scandal thru the ATF trying to no less, directly undermine the 2nd Amendment, harass gun-owners/dealers. The White House knows that the mass shooting school crimes being used as a reason for new gun restrictions would not likely be affected at all by proposed changes with new “gun legislation”. So again, why proceed with a disadvantageous move. It’s only disadvantageous for the People to be disarmed and the real motive of “gun control” is misplaced and ends up being to condescend, decline U.S. grounding against further government imposement that can then include 4th Amendment decline that then debilitates the First Amendment.

NO REGISTRATION!!! (NO Fingerprinting or National data base!!)


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