Did Senator Burr Blow It Again?

He voted for Cloture – to allow a bill to be voted on by the full Senate.  There will be an up or down vote on gun control in the Senate.  Is it a problem that Burr and Hagan voted the same?  Maybe not, I agree with having a fair up or down vote on gun control.  I don’t think the gun-grabbers have the votes in the Senate.  But if the gun-grabbers do have the votes, then… Burr would be guilty of allowing an unconstitutional gun control bill to come into existence.  So, is voting yes on Cloture the end of the world?  Not in all cases.  But sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry and not let a bad bill come to the floor for a vote, Senator.  Neither body of Congress shouldn’t be voting on blatantly unconstitutional bills.

See the full article and commentary: http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=5248

I gave a pass to Rep. Meadows when he voted for Cloture without allowing any amendments on the bad budget bill.  I understood his position – the short term budget deal was as good as it was going to get with POS Obama in the White House. It balances the budget in 10 years (not quick enough boys!), but far, far faster than anything else we’ve seen from the Democrats.  Allowing amendments would give Democrats, big spending RINO’s, TEA Party, and Liberty loving Congressmen the opportunity to make amendments too. Only half those groups mentioned are good, but there are not half the members of 435 Congressmen in those groups.  We still only have a minority in the House. We’re still working to get more in there in the next elections.  We, the TEA Party, doesn’t have a majority within the GOP yet.

This bloodsport we call politics is full of landmines and pitfalls for everyone involved.  I wouldn’t want to walk one-yard in their shoes.  They’re damned if they do; they’re damned if they don’t.

Have faith in the good guys.

Burr has proven himself over the years to be part of the GOP problem in Washington, so have loud mouth RINO’s McCain, Graham, Snowe, and Collins.  But we have some great guys in the Senate too, like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Huelskamp, and usually Marco Rubio (but he’s slipping).  Pray for them.

Meadows still has my confidence, as he has only been there for 3-1/2 months.  Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Jeff Flake, Ned Poe, Darrell Issa, Steve Stockman, and Steve King are some of the most notable good guys who have been around for a while.  Pray for them.  The new 2013 Representatives need our prayers too – Meadows, Trey Gowdy, and all the rest.

The sometimes harsh TEA Party-style doesn’t work out, like in the case of my personal hero Allen West (link) who lost his Congressional seat in Florida.  Hopefully, he will do great things to help this country with Next Generation.


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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3 Responses to Did Senator Burr Blow It Again?

  1. Dal Benfield says:

    I don’t like the fact that he dids’ I’m watching him closely. He might be turning into a RINO. If he keeps up this pattern, I will not vote for him again.

  2. Edward Lineback says:

    Knowing his BFF since arriving in Washington has been John McShame gives me little hope of Sen. Burr ever being much of a conservative. His vote FOR the rotten tomato bill just days after his re-election left a very bad taste in my mouth. Let’s remove Hagan and then we can work on booting Burr. Damn, I would just as soon have a democrat as to have a Republican I can’t count on.

  3. snaketread says:

    Yeah, Burr has blown it. He has betrayed American principles and Conservatives way too many times. Voted yes on food safety bill, NDAA and still leans to be sympathetic to Amnesty for illegal Aliens. Burr needs to be primaried. Lindsay Graham needs to be primaried in SC. Playing the Congressional voting game to look like they are against something when they are for it — voting YES on cloture but then voting NO on the majority vote – that allows the bad legislation to pass — but he can declare — “I voted NO”. Another voting game is to get Repub votes grouped together to pass something where Republicans plan to vote YES in order to trade off or cover for other Repubs that sense they have to vote NO to keep their jobs. Sorry but YES vote on cloture on CRITICAL issues IS failure that says Burr is GOP RINO mush. Conservatives should not support Burr come next election as they should just pull support and no-show.

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