NCGOP Chair and Vice Chair Candidate Forum

~~ video links and commentary by Major Dave Goetz

Here are the video clips from last Thursday night’s NC GOP Candidate Forum conducted in Statesville, NC by the Iredell County Republican Women’s Club. I will apologize in advance for the lighting in the later parts of the evening since the windows were open and the sun set on us, but cleaning it up at this stage was much easier than getting up and running to the other end of the room to make adjustments in the camera settings. Thanks to Karen Carty, President of the ICRWC for hosting this event and bringing it all together. Claude Pope who is running for State Chair was not able to attend due to a prior commitment to an annual event supporting Wounded Warriors in his home county. Joyce Krawiec who is running for Vice Chair arrived late but didn’t miss a beat when joining the panel. Jack Brosch who is also running for State Chair participated as did Marcus Kindley and myself who are running for Vice Chair. Questions were spontaneously taken from the audience which made it all the more interesting…

Part 1
In a first-ever (that anyone can remember) public forum, candidates for state-level office in the NC Republican Party came together for a chance to answer questions directly from the public, hosted by the Iredell County Republican’s Women’s Club in Statesville, NC on April 25th, 2013. Karen Carty, Club President, served as emcee and opened the meeting with an invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, introduction of distinguished guests, She quickly dispensed with regular business after inviting newly-elected Iredell County GOP Chair Rhonda Waugh to report on the recent county and district conventions. The actual candidate forum Q&A begins in Part 2.

Part 2
In Part 2, the candidates for NC GOP Chair (Jack Brosch) and Vice-Chair (Major Dave, Marcus Kindley) are each given a few minutes to introduce themselves to the Club members and guests, and to express their vision of what they expect to bring to the future of the Republican Party in NC. Major Dave also made an announcement at the request of Claude Pope who is also running for NC GOP Chair explaining that he could not attend due to a prior commitment in support of an event for Wounded Warriors and their families.

Part 3
In Part 3, the first question regarding minority outreach by the GOP is posed to the Candidates. A second question on legislative priorities is interrupted by the arrival of Joyce Krawiec who is also running for Vice Chairman. The questioning was paused to allow her to introduce herself as the other candidates had before continuing.

Part 4
In part 4, candidates take turns responding to two questions, one regarding party unity with grassroots groups and how much time can they each devote to the position if elected.

Part 5
In part 5, candidates respond to a question about the role God plays in our governance.

Part 6
In the final segment, candidates were asked to address their thoughts on the obvious frustration some have with “the establishment” of the party.

~~ video links and commentary by Major Dave Goetz

~~event from 4/25/13.


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