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NC GOP announced Karl Rove will be guest speaker at state convention

NC State Convention Delegates just received an email that KARL ROVE is the NCGOP CONVENTION guest speaker for Saturday night. Seriously? Rove? Has the NCGOP lost their minds? The losing “architect” who couldn’t defeat Obama is being “honored” with as a big fundraising draw?? Please. The NCGOP proves they are out of touch with likes of KARL ROVE. Let me count the ways this is awful: Rove devised the LOSING STRATEGY against Obama! …. and more Continue reading

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NC’s RNC Committeewoman Throws Grassroots Under the Bus

New video outlining NC-GOP corruption from the spring meeting of the RNC – corruption from NC committeewoman, Ada Fisher, & RNC legal counsel member – lying about the RNC records to cover for NC’s committeewoman:

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