NC GOP announced Karl Rove will be guest speaker at state convention

BAD NEWS: NC State Convention Delegates who are already registered just received an email that KARL ROVE is the NC GOP CONVENTION guest speaker for Saturday night.

Seriously? Rove?

Has the NCGOP lost their minds? The losing “architect” who couldn’t defeat Obama is being “honored” as a big fundraising draw?? Please. The NCGOP proves they are out of touch with likes of KARL ROVE.

Let me count the ways this is awful:

  1. Rove devised the LOSING STRATEGY against Obama!
  2. Keeps old RINO power!
  3. Strategy from pre-internet thinking.
  4. Maintains establishment domination.
  5. A shoe should have been able to beat Obama, but Rove couldn’t put that plan together?
  6. Wasn’t anybody else available?
  7. A great, new, Red State like doesn’t need any ideas Rove is peddling!

Please contact our local chairman, district chairman, and state chairman with your views about this less than than inspiring choice.


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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4 Responses to NC GOP announced Karl Rove will be guest speaker at state convention

  1. Barb says:

    Its not like they are paying him or even taking advice from him. He is one of many speakers there to sell tickets. You guys need to chill out and stop freaking over everything.

  2. snaketread says:

    Agree. Karl Rove needs to see when he is no longer useful and to get off the stage. Mr. Rove is no doubt a clever, bright, insightful man/politician but continuing the failure of GOP RINO mush that IS declining America – is well, — declining America. Rove needs to not only get off the stage of the GOP but also Fox News where he only extends the GOP’s flailing liberal-lite worthless futility. Fox News way too committed and deceived with cozying up to the prior Bush Admin. went out and gave ex-Bush officials (Rove, Perino,etc.) a job. Karl Rove should be shunned as well due to criminality ties to the CIA Valerie Plame case (tied to Dick Cheney, where Scooter Libby took the fall) that he NEVER showed up in court for. The GOP should not win an election for years, decades to come — know why because Conservatives are sick of seeing the U.S. declined after they support a Republican to office only to be stabbed in the back. If the GOP wants to destroy its base of Conservatives then it should continue its empty spineless mush stances to become more like the Democrats — that would include seeing loss of Conservative base for going along with an AMNESTY (legal status allowance) for illegal Aliens in the McSchmuck (McCain-Schumer) “immigration reform” bill — when Border Security and enforcement is NOT in place and is blown off by the GOP as simply promised “that they will do it”. Talk is cheap as evidenced by John McCain because they can talk tough on Border Security but it’s not really there as streams of illegal Aliens continue to ‘waltz’ right in to the Nation single file like they are on vacation. You can spend a record $18 Billion on Border security but when the Border Patrol and ICE are not allowed to do their jobs then its a wasteful illusion designed to fail where Agents are being furloughed and just picking up a paycheck for doing nothing. It’s telling that the GOP is letting the Democrats define who they are — Obama says to Repubs that he only trying to help them out by having them pass “immigration reform” for the beloved “latino vote” — yeah Democrats REALLY want to help Repubs by doing an amnesty where the majority of newly amnestied illegal Aliens will vote Democrat and Repubs will not win elections for decades. Karl Rove should get off the stage and get out of the way.

  3. JillDe says:

    I called GOP hq yesterday. spoke to staff. Karl and all of the other speakers, jc watts, Jim Bob Duggar, and Scott Brown are all coming in to help the party raise money. Barb is right, Karl isn’t giving stategy tips or making decisions here, the #1 goal is to HELP the ncgop. he isnt charging a speaker fee, and apparently brought in good money last time he was in town for ncgop.
    I started out INCREDIBLY angry about this after hearing the hype, but if a speaker is coming in to help raise money, and is proven to be able to do it, and the party NEEDS money and we will all have a stronger party because of it, … well needless to say I had to stick my foot in my mouth.
    We as the TEA party grassroots need to stop PREACHING about inclusion and UNITY and start PRACTICING it.
    Although I DONT agree with Karl at all, I WILL support my party and go listen to the presentation. I’ve also convinced my group of over 50 members to do the same.

  4. P Croisetiere says:

    I am NOT happy. Rove is not a uniter…THAT is what the GOP needs right now. Sorry I have already paid.

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