NC’s RNC Committeewoman Throws Grassroots Under the Bus

New video outlining NC-GOP corruption from the spring meeting of the RNC – corruption from NC committeewoman, Ada Fisher, & RNC legal counsel member – lying about the RNC records to cover for NC’s committeewoman:

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3 Responses to NC’s RNC Committeewoman Throws Grassroots Under the Bus

  1. Edward Lineback says:

    who the hell is ada fisher and why does she represent the NC Republican Party?

    • Nikki says:

      These are the folks we elect in the party races at the state republican convention. The RNC committee members run the entire republican party on the national level. Each state has 3 members: the state chair, the committeeman & committeewoman. The committeeman & committeewoman, who serve as NC’s representatives to the Republican National Committee, were elected at the 2012 state convention. This year it will be the chair/vice chair & other party officer positions. If we ever want the republican party to work for the grassroots, we must pay attention to the 166 or so people (3/each state & territory) filling these positions. Hope to see you in Charlotte this June, when we elect one of our 3 reps.

      • Edward Lineback says:

        I will be there to vote for a REAL conservative. This Fisherclown needs to goooooooo!

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