Informed Consent and Our Humanity

I saw this a tweet with this link this morning and reluctantly watched the video:

NewsBusters: Must Watch –> Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry.

 Video #3: Investigation of Planned Parenthood explanation by a lobbyist.  Undercover in Arizona with by Dr. Mercer and a Planned Parenthood counselor has more details for the mother.

Inhuman – 1) lacking human qualities of compassion or mercy; cruel and barbaric, 2) not human in nature or character.

  Video #1: The Bronx, NY, abortion industry. A quick clip of an interview with Obama with questions about Gosnell trial.  Planned Parenthood workers answer questions about late-term abortions.

  Video #2: Washington DC Planned Parenthood.  Dr. Santangelo answers numerous questions for a mother.  She asks, “What if it’s born alive?”  Dr. Santangelo, “We cut the umbilical cord first and wait for the fetus is expire before we remove it.”

Whether you are on the pro-choice side of this issue or the pro-life side, this is relevant news information you need to know.  When I began watching the video I thought “yeah, yeah,… everyone knows this.”  But, uh, I didn’t know this.

It seems like the Planned Parenthood counselors and doctors have a very similar explanation of what is going to happen during the termination.  If anything goes wrong call us.  Don’t call the hospital – they will keep the baby alive.  We won’t.

Full 1-1/2 hr undercover video

The Dr. Kermit Gosnell trial has illustrated some in aspects of a women’s right to choose that has begun to make an impact.  The media section of the courtroom is usually empty.  One reporter who spent a couple days in the courtroom for CNN told a conservative talk show host that he has changed his view on this issue.

Grosnell gruesome article link, link, link, link, link, linklink,

On Friday, 5/3/13, on FoxNews at 9pm, there is a Bret Bier special “See No Evil” about Dr. Gosnell’s past and trail.  He is not an OB/GYN; he is an abortionist who performs late-term abortions (illegal in PA) routinely.  According to court testimony, due to cost and complication risk of late term abortions, he would order his unlicensed and untrained assistants to “med’em them up” [the mothers] with high doses of demerol, risperadol, and misoprostol (cytotec).  He then, delivered babies and killed them. The most common method used on was “snipping.” One witness said 50% of abortions required “snipping” of the spinal cord to kill the babies.  WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY THIS WEEKEND.  I will post here later, if I can find it. (Order a DVD from

In the Gosnell case, the Grand Jury suspects he is guilty of killing hundreds and hundreds of viable babies over the years, more murders than any serial killer in history.  Nine of Gosnell’s workers were charged; six workers plead guilty.  No witnesses were called for the Gosnell defense.  Gosnell pleads not guilty to over 250 counts of murder, racketeering, etc…

April 17th, the twittersphere put out the word to pressure the media to cover the Gosnell trial and #Gosnell went to the top trending topic on twitter! Those who hear this case are shocked and appalled.

If any of this bothers you, sign the petition to end late-term abortions and end government funding.


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