Sheriff’s Department Responds to Due Process Concerns

I would like to thank the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office for doing something that is so rarely seen from elected officials (even on the local level) – considering the concerns of residents & responding accordingly.

A few days ago, I posted an article expressing distaste over the department’s use of social media for PR. The Sheriff’s Department’s facebook page had an album of mugshot photos with descriptions of arrests & charges against individuals, many indicating that there was no question of guilt prior to the individual having their day in court. It appears that the Sheriff’s Department has considered our constitutional rights concerns and, at least for now, has removed the facebook page. Thank you, CCSO!

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1 Response to Sheriff’s Department Responds to Due Process Concerns

  1. Guy says:

    Great job! Just goes to show that effort from a few at the right time can turn in to results to benefit the many (in a non-commie way, of course).

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