“Immigration Reform” amnesty bill fails, betrays America and is not essential


Consider to continue to make phone calls to Senators to oppose this bad bill.  Phone calls may have to go on into Monday the day of the vote. … even though there will be multiple votes and some votes on procedures,  tell Sen Burr and Sen Hagan to vote NO on everything about US Senate bill 744, because it is so bad it is unfixable.  VOTE NO on CLOTURE.  Here is site to actual Bill itself:


Summary of bill by NC Listen:

You may also have heard some recent radio ads (Fox News Radio HKY 1290) with Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Paul Ryan touting how this so-called Gang of Eight immigration bill is all about enforcement and how wonderful it is. It is bogus.  I would be especially kind if I only said this radio ad is factually incorrect…..some other descriptions come to mind.   If any of you still on the fence I hope you will see what is going on here.

Here are some of the disastrous shortcomings of the US Senate Gang of Eight, S.744, immigration legislation. This bill will increase our already bloated federal government by administering this 800+ page bill. The end result is that in the first ten years close to 20 million legal immigrants will be allowed to come to the USA while also granting legal status to 11-13 illegal immigrants. This will cost trillions of dollars over time (Heritage Foundation study) and your standard of living and that of your children will go down. There are no real guarantees that these folks won’t get access to all welfare programs.

It will allow nearly two million new legal immigrants each year to come to the USA for the first ten years even though we currently have over 20 million Americans who are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job. There will be basically no enforcement for the first two years while illegals are allowed to get status. If you claim you are a “dreamer” under the so-called earlier Dream Act provisions which failed, you could be 60 years old and get fast track status. You can claim assylum status and get a free government attorney to help you. In fact the bill does NOT require our borders to be secure, it does NOT require illegals to go to the back of the line, does NOT really require back taxes to be paid by illegals, does NOT have real triggers that require enforcement first, and the list goes on and on.

The Heritage Foundation recently presented a detailed report showing the net fiscal costs of this amnesty are $6.3 trillion (yes Trillion) over the lifetime of the 11-13 million illegals. Note this is the net cost, government public benefits over taxes that will be paid.

The nonsense in this bill continues in that it would actually give over $150 million of your tax dollars from two buckets of money to “citizenship assistance groups” such as National Council of La Raza, state illegal immigrant advocacy groups, the American Lawyers Association, etc. No audit or oversight is required for that section of the bill for recipients such as these.

Legalization will come before the enforcement.

Millions of illegal aliens will receive amnesty once DHS submits a plan to Congress detailing how they’ll secure the border. Just to clarify, they only have to show a plan; they don’t have to actually do it. Just like the border promises of 1986, these promises will likely be long forgotten after the amnesty is granted.

First, we now know S.744, the Gang of Eight US Senate Immigration bill, will allow nearly two million new immigrants to the USA each year for the next ten years (this does NOT count giving an amnesty which gives current illegal immigrants of 11-13 million a path to citizenship). Do any of the Gang of Eight (includes Sen Rubio and Sen Graham and Sen McCain) care at all about the more than 20 million Americans who are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job?

Second, even though the Gang’s plan calls for increased border security, it only calls for increases in areas where there are high numbers of illegal border crossings. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult for the sophisticated smugglers that have been evading detection for years to relocate their operations to another spot along the 3,000-mile border.

Third, the plan calls for a 5-year implementation of E-Verify. We’re happy to see E-Verify included in the plan, but Rep. Lamar Smith’s bill in the last Congress rolled out the program in three years with most employers required to use it in the first 6 months. This slow of a phase-in will give ample time for more illegal workers to flood across the borders and secure jobs that could otherwise go to unemployed Americans (again 20 million Americans are either unemployed or want and cannot find a full-time job).

Fourth, the plan calls for completion of the entry/exit system (again, a positive step), however, it only covers completion at sea and air ports. Each day, thousands of foreign visitors enter the country using land ports at places like El Paso, Texas, San Diego, Calif., Buffalo, N.Y., and Detroit, Mich. None of these ports will be required to install the entry/exit system.

Fifth, the criminal background checks under this bill are a sad joke, not to mention a serious threat to our homeland security. We don’t do adequate checks now on legal immigrants but we have the time and money to do background checks on 11-13 million illegal immigrants while also doing background checks on all the new immigrants arriving?

MY ADDITIONAL ASSESSMENT – (and yet there is more that could be said about it)

The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 is the hoodwink trying to repeat the same failure of prior amnesties for America by putting “undocumented immigrants” (illegal Aliens) and unneeded excessive “guest-workers” as the priority objective while ONLY promising future enforcement and Border Security.

S744 is unacceptable because it maintains the status-quo of the condition of Border Security for the United States — that is to say that the proposed Border Security corrections, reinforcements are meager, short, ineffective, inadequate and unacceptable. The status-quo Border security is the failed Border security that we have now and this bill does little to nothing to help — where the status-quo is to give the illusion that something is being done or going to be done and trivializes the U.S. Border being protected. On top of putting amnesty BEFORE ACTUAL Securing of the Border the other worst betrayal is basically installing a ’perpetual amnesty’ that rolls on for 10 or more years by basically taking the projected illegal Alien traffic that would occur and creating the “guest-worker” program to hand out visas to as many “guest-workers” want to cross — essentially making the effect of having no Border — that is where the 22 million new “guest-workers come from and then add 11 million illegal Aliens getting amnesty and you get the 33 million number. How is the false Border Security evident in the bill?

The wording for “border security”, “sovereignty” are tossed around in the bill in the “comprehensive southern border security strategy” (CSBSS) but the strength of having effective impact is not there, shown in the uncertain ambiguous way it is defined and to be carried out. The “Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy” as stated in the bill defines its Border Security Goal as: Achieving and maintaining ‘effective control’ in ‘high-risk border sectors’ along the southern border. Where ‘effective control’ is A) persistent surveillance and B) 90% control rate. Where the 90% control rate is calculated by or equals: (the # of illegal Alien apprehensions + turn backs) divided by (total # of illegal Alien entries into the sector). Where ’high risk border sectors’ are where more than 30,000 illegal Aliens were caught in the most recent fiscal year. So already the Border security calculation is questionably deficient because there is no way of actually knowing about the number of illegal Alien entries into the sector because illegal Aliens sneaking into the country -not caught- obviously cannot be accounted for. Also deficient is the notion that ‘persistent surveillance’ is Border security. Surveillance is NOT Border Security and its of little deterrence when an illegal Alien can just kick over an electronic device and keep walking — because you can have sensors, detectors, cameras, drones doing surveillance but it takes BOOTS ON THE GROUND doing apprehension and more importantly is the physical presence of deterrence by having armed guards on the Border. Also All the other Border sectors that have say 10,000, 20,000, 25,000 illegal entries are just not recognized, discarded as open or not enforced and so the Border will remain full of holes, an open sieve, the same current status quo of allowed illegal invasion that we have now.

More telling to the ineffective Border security is the amount of Border personnel reinforcements stated. Section 1102 – Additional Border Patrol — a meager action of adding just 3,500 Border Patrol from what it is now — and then that number of Agents does not have to be reached until September 30, 2017!!!! That’s right folks — 2017!! So gee, long- time down the road forgotten is well maybe somewhere we might getting around to adding Border Patrol Enforcers in some year…??

Add to this S 744 terms about adding the National Guard (Sec. 1103) to the Border to SECURE it. The Governor of the Border State first has to get approval by the Secretary of Defense (which likely will be talked with the Secretary of Homeland Security) but then the range of operations that the National Guard will be put in duty for is all NON-BORDER APPREHENSION tasks such as assisting with constructing fencing, setting up electronic surveillance, staying at the BP station, etc.,. AGAIN — the same status quo of nonsense of trying to act and look like something is being done when nothing is being done. The National Guard needs to be the additional “boots on the ground” as a physical presence doing apprehensions. It is bogus statements in saying that Border Security is made secure by technology, doing surveillance or by flying drones. Technology may help BUT it has to be ‘BOOTS ON THE GROUND’ via presence to apprehend that brings deterrence. Deterrence stops the flow of illegal entry. And why it is thoroughly reasonable and understood in public view to have the National Guard/ U.S. Troops stand on the Border for a 6 month to 1 year term to confirm Border solidification to calm down the Border into a lawful respect and control for the U.S. It would do well to recall that it was in 2005 that the American People, American Citizens known as the Minutemen patrolled the Border themselves to secure it and it was a remarkable outcome for that month! Illegal crossings were shutdown in those AZ areas — and it goes to show that a mere physical presence by Border personnel makes the difference as illegal Aliens become timid knowing they simply can not just ‘walk right in like they are on a vacation’ (walking right in single file as seen in current videos) to violate and steal the U.S.

Section 1111 on ‘Use of Force’ and other training mandates for Border Patrol, ICE Agents, and other enforcement is again maintaining the same status quo atmosphere we have now on the Border of subduing any real enforcement or Border Patrol. Again the Border Patrol, ICE, National Guard is put in a defensive, inhibiting position, back seat role by the very U.S. Government that is supposed to be ensuring the protection of its States and People — to effectively carry out its job. The enforcement Personnel involved here get funneled thru a sense of theory about international treatment with the ‘Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the Dept. of Justice’ where policies of the ‘Use of Force’ at the Border are prescribed. Once again the inhibitor to doing the actual job of Border Security gets put on the Agents so that the same failed status quo remains — that the fear of prosecution is put on the heads of Border Patrol Agents, prosecutions of ICE or other enforcement Agents will keep them from actually doing there job where even the Mexican govt gets to prosecute our Agents alongside the U.S. govt. Which recalls exactly what happened in the infamous Bush case of 2006 case of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean where an illegal Alien drug dealer who clearly had all the criminal aspects to be fired upon was given immunity to prosecute two Border Patrol Agents and they were in fact thrown in jail!!! NOPE — unacceptable again to where the whole impetus is to give favor to illegal Aliens violating the U.S. and for Border Security to not be done. This tepid timid stance is the exact ineffective sentiment that puts the burden on the U.S. to act like a coward in standing for itself when the full burden should be brought on deterring illegal Aliens and drug dealers! Herein is where the DHS Secretary has been less then truthful about quality of enforcement and incompatible with doing the job that is required at the Border and internally.

The requirements or section C) on TRIGGERS indicates again the false ineffective standards for ‘declaring the Border secure’ that is flimsy, loose worded, reckless and insubstantial meaning. AMNESTY for illegal Aliens comes by not actually having the Border secure (as even defined by the bill’s Border security goal) because the AMNESTY trigger is allowed by merely “submitting a plan” TO secure the Border with a “notice of commencement of implementation” and this plan does not have to be submitted for 6 months. The ambiguous nondescript terms of “substantially deployed or implemented” is supposed to be the determinant of triggering the amnesty and so loose words comes to no real meaning for Border Security. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano already thinks the Border is secure now and so given that then the amnesty action for illegal Aliens will be instant which is exactly what the design of this bill is centered around where illegal Alien groups want and invaded to get regardless of any U.S. laws, U.S. domain or any such U.S. Border.

AMNESTY in S 744 is termed “registered provisional immigrant status” and that is THE legal status that removes illegal Aliens from law enforcement, that which makes this bill unacceptable when the Border is not being secured and has no strength in being secured. There is more detail and specificity in the bill’s bending over backward prime directive of doing an amnesty while discarding Border security. S.744 goes into long list of exceptions, allowances, determinations about who gets amnesty, spouses and children of illegal Aliens getting amnesty, includes the AgJOBS bill amnesty, Dream Act amnesty meaning that the number of illegal Aliens and their families will easily balloon way over the supposed 11 million illegal Aliens here. Then beyond the enormous wide open easy acceptance of hardly any certain verification relying on bald face claims from illegal Aliens themselves, the DHS Secretary is made to be the sole WAIVER Head about who gets an amnesty or just waiving legal requirements that brushes aside the touted “getting to the back of the line“ of paying back taxes, learning English, background checks, etc. The restrictive claims about illegal Aliens have to take 13 years to get U.S. Citizenship is a ruse argument and irrelevant point because illegal Aliens and their Backers only care about amnesty (getting legal status out from under the law) that they can get immediately (which is the point of the problem in this bad bill) and very little about any such status as U.S. Citizenship.

The 1986 amnesty signed into law by President Reagan failed because the enforcement measures were promises of what would come after the work permits and legalization were handed out. Nearly every form of enforcement that S. 744 promises — or at least recommends — was also promised in the 1986, 1990 and 1996 immigration acts. But those promises were never kept because there were never any guarantees in the bills.

Senators like Marco Rubio of Florida promised enforcement first before an amnesty. But the initial amnesty — legalization and work permits — comes first in S. 744. There are no hard enforcement triggers before the initial amnesty, there is just loose jargon such as “commencement of implementation“, “substantially implemented“ that is another way of saying — we‘ll do Border security when we get around to it — the status quo illusion of doing something.

What is the problem for the U.S., the American People concerns on immigration?? — Why are we taking action to do “immigration reform” in the first place?? That’s right, because our Nation called the United States welcomes LEGAL immigrants to contribute, enhance and adapt to America to become Americans able to achieve the American Dream, just as millions of LEGAL Immigrants have come to America legally WITHOUT problem thru history. Americans welcome and understand the advantages and desire of LEGAL immigration that also adds to economic vitality BUT this legal immigration has to be controlled and restrained for assimilation health for the Nation and as it is now America takes on a record amount of legal immigration that lends to strain on the Nation. What is the problem then?? That’s Right, it’s ILLEGAL entry of the U.S. Nation at a particular SW Border with Mexico! What has to be done and fixed is the illegal intrusion of the U.S. Border from Mexico NOT concerns about increasing legal immigration to America, NOT about filling jobs with foreign workers or about Visas or about money for businesses — the problem focal point here is the Border.

Border Security history and problems — the border fence is still not complete since its 2006 passing. The failed ’virtual fence’ that wasted $1 Billion to Boeing Company. Removing the National Guard from the Border. Letting Mexico sue U.S. States, AZ and giving them a pass about Border violations. You can spend a record $18 Billion on agencies “securing the Border”, doing enforcement BUT if they are not allowed to do their job – as they have stated – then you are just wasting money and these personnel are just picking up a paycheck. The Border fence remains woefully incomplete and unfortified. The greatest deterrent and success has been the Border fence near San Diego and it shows as fences make good neighbors. Go ask Arizona and Border State Govs and Sheriffs if they think the problem is still rampant and you will get a resounding YES. Where’s the Fence??!!!

The Border stands for a reason. To confirm that the U.S. is a place (contrary to some wishes) the actual ground that runs up to the Border in AZ is under U.S. jurisdiction, U.S. law and thereby there is such a thing as a Nation. Since the States of AZ, CA, NM, TX are per U.S. governance, ordinance then U.S. legality runs to the designated Border. Just as the land known as New Mexico became the ‘New Mexico’ per legality and enforcement under an established government. Just as say, Cochise County is in U.S. jurisdiction. The illegal Aliens that make the claim that, “we didn’t cross the Border, the Border crossed us” is a claim of war against the U.S. because that was settled by the Treaty of Hidalgo Guadalupe and individuals of those lands came under U.S. governance and jurisdiction at that point.

A core of the matter on illegal immigration/ illegal entry of the U.S. — the most simple and basic argument for legalizing illegal Aliens is to say that, ‘they are already here living, working so why not just let them stay and grant them amnesty legal status so they can just carry on with their lives’— it‘s just too much trouble to deal with so just let it go — why bother with Laws, U.S. soil or having a Nation. The attempt for such a dumbing down concept ignores the violation of U.S. domain, U.S. Laws and hence U.S. soil to not be trespassed that turns into invasion when the number of illegal Aliens is so high and thereby makes the U.S. in all of its integrity as not having any sovereignty. This attempt of dumbing down concept is put in the term ‘defacto amnesty’. ‘Defacto amnesty’ as Marco Rubio says is what we have now so ‘Defacto amnesty’ is to make it seem that it doesn’t matter that we give AMNESTY to illegal Aliens in terms of legal legislation as Senate bill 744.

Those using the ‘Defacto Amnesty’ term is a false term because AMNESTY is a LEGAL action that does NOT have to be taken. An illegal Alien does not have to be given legal status whatsoever and the entire society is for the better for it and the integrity of E. Pluribus Unum is and must be maintained. So ‘Defacto amnesty’ is supposed to mean to that there already is amnesty and hence no choice and that all is left is to ‘rubber stamp’ bill S. 744. NO, without proven PRIOR Border security and enforcement ramp up America does not have to yield ANY amnesty to a mass intruding foreign populous just because they are already here. Illegal Aliens complaints about their hardships for being ILLEGAL has been brought on themselves and brought by the Mexican Govt — as Illegal Aliens are Invaders (financial and multiple felony defilers) harming ALL U.S. States, American families and Legal Immigrants.

The distortion of legal immigration to wrongly somehow accommodate ILLEGAL immigration as being no different has a false sympathetic. There IS and has to be a difference between Legal and Illegal and as such there must be a penalty for illegal entry of the U.S. ‘Integration’ as a word for mass immigration to the U.S. is wrong because America is not to change to what foreigners want but rather America is to keep its identity and principles of American law. ‘Integration’ of the U.S. is a notion that it is America that has to change to what a foreign National Immigrant wants — to accept being ‘Balkanized’/divided by reverse assimilation. NO, the Immigrant coming here is to adopt American identity and that is legitimately reasonable if they want to enjoy the fruits of freedom and the principles that are the ’Law of the Land’ unlike their Nation of origin that they ran away from. ’Integration’ of the U.S. with allowing unlimited or National identity destroying non-assimilating ’immigrants’ to the U.S. is somehow akin to saying that America no longer needs to exist with its principles, heritage and sovereignty as America — that America should not have unity or the unifying language of English, so that America can just be used as some kind of ’LABOR’ pool. It is termed to say that ‘Integration’ of the U.S. with its ‘nice neighbors’ Canada and Mexico is a ‘Human Right’ or a ‘Civil Right’ in per say an equivalency to the ‘integration’ of U.S. schools that took place in the 1960’s per say. Sorry but NO, U.S. Schools are U.S. schools, BUT Immigration entry to the U.S. IS INTERNATIONAL where a foreign National entering the U.S. comes under U.S. jurisdiction on U.S. soil. Do you think that Americans wanting to enter and live ILLEGALLY say in Iran, Russia or even Great Britain has a ‘Civil’ or ‘Human Right’ to just show up in that Nation and demand to be satisfied?? It is irregardless of whatever Race the Illegal Immigrant is because it is Law that applies to ALL Immigrants. The U.S. does NOT OWE a foreign Nationals anything or ANY equivalent decline of its laws — because an Immigrant coming to the U.S., just as if an American were to go to France would adapt to France, is expected to make the decision to unify with U.S. Laws, principles and flag — just as millions of ’Immigrants’ have done successfully thru history. In other words, a foreign National entering the U.S. IS NOT a human Right or civil Right to ownership of anything in the U.S. because it is an international agreement by the Immigrant to obey U.S. Laws. When an immigrant is ILLEGAL then they are outside the bounds of U.S. laws that gives him Rights to anything and as such, laws such as NOT hiring illegal Aliens were rightly put in place and illegal Aliens are only subject to laws that deal deportation. An Illegal Alien as a foreign National Intruder has no grounds for to be able to petition the U.S. government for anything, is NOT to be represented by Congressmen, cannot vote and Rightly should not have these things, to say otherwise means that there is no such Nation or meaning to any domain known as the United States. NO Border — NO Country. Therefore an ILLEGAL ’Immigrant’ Alien has NO legal grounds or human/civil Right to stay or be allowed to stay on U.S. Soil.

The 14th Amendment is often sited for “Birthright Citizenship” however it is a misinterpretation that is attempted for illegal Aliens because the words, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” declares that an illegal Alien (a foreign National doing illegal entry against Laws of Congress for naturalization) by the very criminality of the illegal Alien makes the illegal Alien outside the jurisdiction. The only laws that apply to an illegal Alien are those that pertain to enforcement to deal with an illegal Alien with deportation because an illegal Alien has no grounds for attachment to U.S. domains or Rights of legal Citizens. Birthright Citizenship is quite logical, sensible for those Parents here LEGALLY for the children to be born native. The distortion of the 14th Amendment here regarding illegal Aliens however then gives illegal Aliens the incentive to illegally enter the U.S. solely to have children on U.S. soil which then increases burdening healthcare expenses by illegal violation.

So when the U.S. Attorney General, the DHS Secretary has laws to enforce but then oppositely does not do their job in accordance with said Laws he is thereby in dereliction and violation of his Office. So when the U.S. Attorney General sues U.S. States enacting the very Laws he is supposed to be enforcing and commits a scandal he is in direct conflict with the Nation. When the Attorney General says that accepting, embracing illegal Aliens defines who the U.S. is, he is in complete opposition conflict with U.S. laws that he is to be utilizing and it is in complete disregard of having the U.S. recognized as an entity of its own accord and identity, effectively saying, ’there should be no place called a USA’. What is clearly attempted by the Attorney General is to say that illegal Aliens have a place in the U.S. when they have no legal grounds for any said place. NO it is NOT “essential“ to do an AMNESTY action in giving illegal Aliens ANY legal status and it simply does not have to be done. An amnesty action is the final act of success for an illegal Alien to have successfully intruded the U.S. An illegal Alien can sit and maybe find work as a “defacto amnesty“ but they know they are illegal and rightly should be subject to the LAW of the U.S. domain for deportation. “Friends and family that are undocumented” that we know or work with are NOT known or recognized by Americans as “friends and family” because ’undocumented’ means they do not have the LEGAL documents to be in America and are hence illegal Alien criminals damaging society, damaging Americans, damaging legal friends and family.

So with perspective of the history of this problem — it has been 30 years of continued illegal immigration, Border defilement, community and societal rundown and decline. Amnesty after amnesty — 3 million, another million, 2 million, 5 million etc… AND NOW WE are supposed to trust and believe at this time the most negligent anti-enforcement untrustworthy Administration is going to actually carry out proper enforcement and Border Security after the bill is passed and illegal Aliens get amnesty??!! The ICE Dept. Agents and Head Agent Chris Crane has flat said what is actually going on and how it is a shell game of failure for the U.S. The Obama Administration has done the following: SUED U.S. States (AZ, AL, GA, SC, IN) trying to help enforce Federal immigration laws to stop and deter illegal immigration, released prisoner illegal Aliens for no reason back onto the streets, stood down the ICE department from doing its job, having ICE and Border patrol NOT deport illegal Aliens, allows and encourages sanctuary cities, removes 287g local enforcement programs to help illegal Aliens violate America, does an ILLEGAL unconstitutional “executive” action of non-Congressional law to enact the very Dream Act that Congress wisely rejected, has a DHS that teams up with the violating foreign Nation (Mexico) to threaten not allow Border Patrol to do its job, encourages funding of food stamp programs for illegal Aliens thru the USDA, provides taxpayer funded Obamacare to illegal Aliens and luxury jail cells for illegal Aliens…and much more. AND WE ARE TO BELIEVE that 6 months, 1 year, 2,3,4.…years from now there will not yet be another return to “immigration reform” because the problem is worse by NOT ENFORCING this law or Border Security.

So what about Mexico’s history of violation and attack on the U.S. with it illegal Alien population trying to extort concessions and steal wealth from Americans? Let’s recall Mexico issuing the Mexican ID Card (matricular consular) in 2002 thru its Consulates in the U.S. to its illegal Aliens and then going to lobby banks, local, State govt and services to accept the worthless easily counterfeited unverifiable ID as valid ID in the U.S. in order to maintain their illegal Alien population stealing money from America. Let’s recall Mexican President Vicente’ Fox saying that “mexico’s territory extends el norte up into the U.S.” Let’s recall in 2004 the Mexican government printing a comic pamphlet showing illegal Aliens how to illegally enter the U.S. and how to not cooperate with U.S. law enforcement. Let’s recall Mexico’s Mexican Consulates medalling in local affairs and Sheriffs across the Nation regarding deportation of its illegal Aliens. Let’s recall Mexico suing the State of AZ along with 7 other Latin American Nations and just recently trying to sue the U.S. firearms industry. Let’s recall Mexican President Jose Calderon speaking before the U.S. Congress saying that “America needs Mexico’s illegal Aliens”. Let’s recall in 2006 illegal Alien foreign Nationals protesting in U.S. streets waving foreign flags of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, etc. in a statement of invasion demands of extortion. (And why is it that Chinese, Arab, Russian, etc. illegal Aliens were not out waving their flags or constantly demanding that America give them amnesty??!! — there is just one particular community that raises Illegal wants and it comes from again the particular Border in question. It is INEXCUSABLE for U.S. Officials to go down to meet with the Mexican government and agree to see American families declined, shaken down, trample U.S. States, bring crime, taxation, property damage upon Americans.

The U.S. already takes in 1 million legal immigrants and 100,000’s unwelcome illegal Aliens per year more than all the other Nations on the planet combined. Why we already have some 13 visa programs for legal entry (H2A, H1B,etc.) and yet those visa programs are ignored in lieu of illegal entry. The legal process to enter the Nation should be rigorous and time lengthy such that the immigrant is certain that they really want to immigrate to America and respect its laws. SO to make yet another “guest-worker program”, another law that will simply be ignored and not enforced?? HOW IS IT that the Act to secure a U.S. Border and protect American law and sovereignty from illegal entry then becomes a call for just jamming a record number of new Immigrants — 33 MILLION over 10 years — that can balloon to 50 Million that will flood the labor markets and raise government service costs massively?? The implicit notion in 33 million “guest-workers” being given a visa is a sham maneuver of just projecting the illegal Alien traffic over 10 years and then giving out visas to everybody — undermines the notion of their being a Border that is under control. This Visa everywhere program is a poor gesture trying to achieve the same disregard of illegal immigration. No its not OK for, “anyone who wants to come to America to work, should be able to” because that is terms for unlimited numbers. Terms such as the, “free flow of labor”, across Borders is a design to do away with a Border and hence no longer to have a United States by simply allowing a flooding effect of “immigrants“ to run over the Border at will and that is unacceptable to common sense.

In that since why don’t we just move all of Mexico or the whole world to the U.S.?? The idea here to make the Border a mere speed bump?? NO, there is to be limitations for a Nation not just based on economics of desire seen in the eyes of dollar signs. Yes growth is beneficial but the fortitude of the U.S. comes from reasoned, wise immigration that adapts and enhances to American principles. The U.S. having been died for by U.S. Soldiers that dedicate themselves to the U.S. Constitution are all being betrayed, dieing for nothing and are wasting their time fighting anything if there is not a Nation defined as such by the U.S. flag and its Borders. So the notion about the U.S. being a business transaction and ’just a place to work’ can take that thought to a trash bin because again it is a matter of law connected to Land that is sovereignty – not economics!!! NO the Border IS NATIONAL HOME (just like you would not want your house intruded and used), National sovereignty, National Heritage, National Culture, National Tradition — National SOIL that U.S. Soldiers have died defending and therefore it is of necessary construct to have Laws of enforcement that enhance the positives of LEGAL immigration and why it is imperative to have enforcement FIRST.

How is it so hard to understand something so basic that the U.S. Nation is being violated en masse and needs to be protected at the Mexico Border? Since the United States should see to protecting and defending itself, it then obviously becomes the prime directive of National Security. Border Security to protect U.S. soil is imperative because it’s the physical Nation itself and its that simple. That’s right there should be a change at the Border and Mexico is going to listen up and understand and take heed. NOPE — its not commerce, trade, doing business — its destructive pillaging illegal invasion on the U.S. The message of deterrence needs to be made stout and clear — WE ARE NOT GOING TO TOLERATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ANY FURTHER IN THE FUTURE! The Border needs to be physically patrolled and watched like a watchtower with Guards. The U.S. Border should be manned, walked and deterred for a full year so that illegal immigration is brought to miniscule numbers.

The S 744 bill wrongly falls short with bad wording that allows:

1. Grants amnesty to illegal aliens simply after the Secretary of Homeland Security SUBMITS PLANS TO secure the border; (so no real Border defense)

2. Grants amnesty to criminals and gang members;

3. Does not require amnestied illegal aliens to pay back-taxes;

4. Does not require amnestied illegal aliens to learn English;

5. Allows illegal aliens to sue the government for amnesty;

6. Allows the open borders and pro-amnesty lobbies to sue to prevent enforcement measures from taking place before illegal aliens can receive green cards;

7. Requires taxpayers foot the bill for illegal aliens to fight deportations at the Attorney General’s sole and unreviewable discretion;

8. Requires only 3 of 9 southern border sectors to have a 90% apprehension rate, leaving the rest in the porous status quo;

9. Grants green cards and citizenship after 5 years to illegal aliens claiming to have come to the U.S. before the age of 16 who meet certain criteria; and

10. Effectively halts all deportations for years by requiring Homeland Security to allow every illegal alien its agents intercept to apply for amnesty and prohibiting agents from deporting them until the illegal alien’s application is adjudicated.

The U.S. does not have to do any amnesty or “immigration reform” at all at this time and more so because the preparation and willful fortitude to carry out Border Security does not exist in the bill or in the current Administration. NOPE! The U.S. does not have to listen or be extorted by a mass foreign intrusion. Illegal Aliens should remain illegal currently even in face of a “defacto amnesty” because deportation law must remain at all times for U.S. soil and currently now that the U.S. is NOT being given fair treatment or being stood up for in its lawful domain to not have to accept or tolerate invasion, intrusion and crime from a foreign entity.

This “immigration reform” amnesty in S.744 is supposed to be yet again, the ONE FINAL LAST AMNESTY EVER but when Border Security is not certified, certain or comes first the impact of S.744 will be a betrayal of allowing the ‘same invasion to happen again‘ and that is unacceptable. This is not the time and without the Border being the priority or prepared, it takes time to substantiate the Border and Administrative responsibility that allows the Border Patrol and ICE to do their job to secure the Border.

S. 744 is a bad ineffective bill for America that does not properly secure the Border first and more so given the lack of will of the current Administration ANY legislative action should be rejected in whole at this time and for 4 years.

NO AMNESTY (move to any legal status)




Here is your Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Under the “immigration reform” amnesty bill she will be put to be acting as the sole Head of waiving and reviewing illegal Aliens to get amnesty – in terms of letting illegal Aliens get what they want and Border discretion the DHS Secretary is elevated to near total authority. Gang members, Felons, claiming to be a child illegal Alien dragged in at 5 years old Janet Napolitano can waive them in… Ms. Napolitano was previously the Governor of Arizona where she presided to block enforcements and encouraged the pillaging and invasion of her own State and helped illegal Aliens at every turn.

Just this past February 2013, Janet Napolitano as DHS Secretary claimed she “had no idea that prisoner illegal Aliens were being released” and “did not know who did it or who authorized it”. In fact no one in DHS strangely knew who or how the keys to prison doors found their way into opening the cells. So Janet Napolitano is incompetant and does not know what is going on in her Department. ICE director John Morton fessed up and took the heat for the prisoner illegal Alien release. The prisoner release of about 2000 criminal illegal Aliens back onto the streets of America was said to be done because of the sequestration budget cuts (which of course was an unnecessary manipulation for blaming propaganda) that occurred in MID-MARCH. But the actual prisoner release was done PRIOR to the cuts, in mid-February!! So again the DHS Secretary and the Admin. Just want to smear their illegal Alien maneuvers in America’s face even if it means great harm and danger to Citizens. Before this Napolitano and the Administration made claims to their mode of relaxed deportation standards was to prioritize enforcement so as NOT to deport illegal Aliens that are “just going to school or working” (defacto amnesty) but rather to focus enforcement (falsely for budget or manpower concerns) only on illegal Aliens who have committed a crime felony or multiple misdemeanors. BUT when the criminal prisoner illegal Aliens were released Napolitano claimed the illegal Aliens were “harmless low level offenders” – so which is it?? Arrest criminals or not??

DHS Secretary has also been deficient and delinquent on other multiple occasions involving Border issues, immigration enforcement, terrorist attacks and crime incidents. Most recent was the Boston bombing where it was merely only 2 days (April 17th) after the incident with the Terrorists still at large and she held a press meeting stating that there were just the 2 guys and no larger number of persons were involved. Yet it is still ongoing investigation and couple weeks after there were the 3 college students who knew of the plot and recently the FBI questioned and killed a related man in Florida. Other incidents:

1) The Tuscon shooting of Gabby Giffords — MERE HOURS after the incident the DHS Secretary publicly declared that it involved “white supremacy groups“ or “right wing extremist groups”-trying to infer political connections – but yet the shooter Jared Loughner after investigation was shown to be a Leftist.

2) The DHS and the Secretary also released a report document, cheered and assisted on by the Leftist Socialist group Southern Poverty Law Center, titled, “Lexicon of Right Wing Extremism and Homegrown Terrorism” that summarized that persons or Citizens that speak out in the name of Liberty, the Constitution, Ron Paul supporters, those opposed to illegal immigration or support gun Rights or are pro-America should be watched and are a “Terrorist” threat. This report was later retracted once protested — but it was done already. (Political motivations and enemies list made quite clear here)

3) Denies involvement in the ‘Fast and Furious Operation’ scandal with the DOJ and the ATF at the U.S.-Mexico Border where a Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed and so has no idea what is going on at the Border — especially on a massive operation like that.

4) Declares publicly that the sequestration budget cuts will make her to have to lay off the job and furlough 1000’s Border Patrol and ICE Agents. And that Airport Security will have long lines and delays. But then Congress goes reinstates the funding for the Border Patrol and ICE.

5) Mere hours of the same day following the Supreme Court decision that allows Arizona’s SB1070 law to be enforced, where police are in fact allowed to check ID and immigration status when a suspect is stopped by police for a possible crime to arrest illegal Aliens to be deported by ICE, the DHS Napolitano declares that Border Patrol and ICE IN ARIZONA will NOT cooperate doing their job to assist the local police in taking illegal Aliens to be deported. — (Political vengeance to help illegal Aliens)

6) The 2009 underwear bomber attack on a plane to Detroit on X-mas day was of complete luck that the bomb did not go off — yet Napolitano came out claiming that DHS security “worked” to foil the plan. Nonsense.

7) Just recently (2013) DHS Napolitano approved law allowing knives and box-cutters to be brought back onto airplanes by passengers — the exact weapon used on 9/11/2001 attacks.

8) Just recently (2013) DHS Napolitano approved law that fast tracks or relaxes security clearances at airports to get on planes for Saudi Arabian Nationals. That’s right Saudi Arabian Nationals — the very profile of the 19 9/11 hijackers. Yet children and grandmothers and handicapped persons are groped, harassed and violated by Napolitano’s TSA!!! (message– Look for and harass Caucasian American Citizens, NOT possible Islamic Extremists)

9) There are other incidents to list that could be found

Yes, DHS has assisted in foiling a couple terrorist attacks and was aided by the FBI and CIA in these incidents.


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