NSA Leaker: Hero or Spy?

I don’t agree with fox&friends hosts this morning, 6/11/13, about Edward Snowden.

As Brian said, “If a 29 year old can do it. Then a 33 year old can. A 35 year old can.  And pretty soon everybody is coming out.”

BINGO!! If there is wrong doing going on at the NSA, then everyone in the NSA and contractors should come forward to support Snowden’s story.  Unfortunately, many people are talking about Edward Snowden as a “leaker” making public state secrets, but that’s not what he’s done.  He outed PRISM – total internet surveillance.  If I remember correctly, and I do, the Patriot Act and Patriot Act renewal DO NOT AUTHORIZED TOTAL INTERNET SURVEILLANCE.  Please read about the Patriot Act.Edward Snowden jun 10 2013

In my opinion, Edward Snowden is not a spy but a whistleblower.  By their very definitions, whistleblowers are not spies! When all else fails using normal channels at work when attempting to right-a-wrong, whistleblowers go public in an attempt to shine the disinfecting light of truth on government wrong doing in order to make things better for everyone. 

I support protecting Snowden’s right to tell his story – whistleblow.  He has not released any state secrets.  He’s only released program specifics that violate several United States Acts governing NSA, CIA, and FBI investigations regarding terrorism.

We should not wrongly punish him. Listen to him. If he is right, changes should be made and people held accountable (impeach Obama).

Surely, as a TEA Party leader, I am just a breath away from a case being built against me for my vocal protest of my out of control government that is rushing towards totalitarianism with Obama at the helm.

Listen Krugman’s comments about Snowden from Monday morning (I think), even he thinks the government is leaning towards totalitarianism (his words).  I think we are at totalitarian doorstep.

Rand Paul is right.

Home Depot founder is right! Throw Snowden a party, as stated on Neil Cavuto’s show Monday afternoon.

Karl Rove is flat wrong!  The claims Snowden is making are NOT authorized, nor justifiable, Patriot Act investigation technique.

Listen to the former NSA agent (I can’t find his name) who appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning around 6am. He said several federal Acts have been violated. The NSA is completely corrupt. He left several years ago in disgust.

Judge Napolitano made some great comments this weekend.  About the unconstitutional assault of the NSA warrantless internet phishing expedition.

There is no probable cause to review every American’s phone records daily, nor is there for emails, facebook and twitter posts, etc…  And as the Patriot Act requires, there is no connection to terrorism, no calls to terror sponsoring countries, and no FISA court mention.

FYI – On the Drudgreport this morning, there is a headline:

Sales of ‘1984’ rocket up 69% on AMAZON…

If you haven’t already read “1984”, read now!!!!  We are almost there.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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