‘Immigration reform’ Amnesty update – URGENT

McCainAztlan  Tea Party 60

Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are part of the problem that tries to betray, sellout America and fellow Republicans.  Senator Graham is up for re-election in 2014 and Carolinians would do well to remove him from Office.  These two Senators and some other Turncoats stand with the invasive National council of La Raza rather then defending and securing America and U.S. laws and U.S. families.

Latest update:

TELL SENATORS NO! on Corker-Hoeven Amendment because it is a false ploy and we are not going to be fooled again, then tell Senators that it is clear that the intent is to deceive and not put America first and the entire “immigration reform” bill is harmful in this manner and should be rejected.

The latest trick is an amendment by Sens. Corker (R-TN) and Hoeven (R-SD). The amendment solves nothing; the amnesty will still come before enforcement. It’s simply a ruse to give the impression that the bill has changed.

Potential timeline:A likely vote on the Corker-Hoeven amendment on Monday and a final vote on Thursday. Both need 60 votes for passage.

Before Thursday’s vote, we need all our members to call their senators and tell them you still oppose amnesty before enforcement!

There has NEVER been a vote in Congress as critical for preserving America and its prosperity.

Again, this amendment will ensure that amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens comes first. But a recent CNN poll found that 62% of Americans want border security FIRST before dealing with any other immigration issues. Supporters of the Corker-Hoeven amendment and the Gang of Eight are turing their backs on the American people.

What does the Corker-Hoeven amendment do? Not much. It reinforces several points that are already in the underlying bill. The only significant change is a requirement to hire an additional 20,000 border patrol agents. Fence-sitting Senators think they can stop illegal immigration and secure the border by throwing money at the problem.

Even with the Corker-Hoeven amendment, S.744 would still:

Grant legal status and work permits to 11 million illegal aliens before any enforcement kicks in

Increase unemployment and reduce wages for American workers, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office

Only reduce illegal immigration by 25% (CBO), setting the stage for amnesty #9

Weaken existing law by requiring an electronic entry/exit system at air and sea ports (current law requires a biometric entry/exit system at ALL PORTS of entry)

Issue 33 million new green cards in the first decade

We’ve also learned that the amendment’s lead sponsors — Senators Corker and Hoeven — received significant help from Gang members Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez in drafting the proposal. Clearly, this is a last ditch effort by the Gang of Eight to pass a bad piece of legislation.


Obama-Rubio-Schumer amnesty commercials (TV and radio) saying they have a “conservative” plan and that doing nothing is a defacto amnesty should be ignored as propaganda — trying to portray that Border security will be properly done, hence with defacto amnesty there is no other way and that the only way ‘right now’ is to pass the harmful betrayal gang of Eight AMNESTY  bill S.744.    What is becoming clearer is that there is no real intention of doing Border Security or enforcement and they can PROMISE anything (like 1 million Troops on the Border) and it doesn’t matter.   S.744 is unfixable and unacceptable where legalization (legal status AMNESTY) is given first with only empty promises of future enforcement — same betrayal as 1986 and others before that will fix nothing and be sure that the problem will happen again.    This is about timing and why we have been saying all along to secure the Border period because it will take 1-2 years to get the resources (fencing,etc.) and enforcement in place and hence there is no realistic way to make legislation work where instant amnesty is given and only Border plans are put together in the same bill. NO on S.744!   NO! — not proper time to pass “immigration reform” with a bill crafted behind closed doors in terms based on illegal Alien wants and with an Obama Administration that cannot be trusted to secure or enforce anything given their track record of non-enforcement, suing U.S. States and not letting ICE or Border Patrol do its job to enforce and deport.

Reid has indicated that a vote is pending.  Though it may likely be next week (a Monday sneak…).  Please consider to continue to phone call that may go into the weekend and if need be leave messages to fill up voice boxes.  List of key Senators below.


Your calling has had a huge impact, and we’re making progress to prevent the disastrous Gang of Eight immigration bill from passing in the Senate. But the newest threat may be the greatest one yet! — and so we must continue on with more to go.

The Senate has only considered a handful of amendments since it began debate on S.744 over a week ago. The reason – the Gang has been in secret negotiations with fence-sitting Republicans working on an amendment that would give the ILLUSION of increased border security while failing to fix the bill’s biggest problems.

A big compromise is being touted and is a deception to claim the Border security is in there but they are just promises trying to set up cover to help back sliding Republicans.  Dubbed as the Corker-Hoeven amendment, the deal would increase the number of border patrol agents and close up a few loopholes within the enforcement provisions, but it won’t fix the bill’s biggest flaw – legalization first with only promises of future enforcement.

Last night, Sen. Marco Rubio tried to confuse Fox News’ Sean Hannity with a carefully crafted message. Rubio said that illegal aliens won’t receive green cards until the border is secure. The green cards down the road IS the deception because the slip of “temporary” legal status amnesty IS the sellout that benefits illegal Aliens first, leaving Americans Border Security to be disregarded that makes  the whole bill a sham just like prior amnesties – this scenario CANNOT be trusted one bit for the federal govt. —   The truth is, 11 million illegal aliens will receive legal status and work permits before one enforcement provision kicks in.   NO on Corker-Hoeven Amendment!!!!

Tea Party 58

The Corker-Hoeven amendment may look good on the surface, but it does nothing to change the bill’s basic framework of granting amnesty first with enforcement maybe later.


If you let the complex details of what is about to happen in our Congress cause you to tune out, America is dead meat! This is what the ruling class is about to do to us and they are counting on your confusion and apathy.

In the Senate, Harry Reid is about to call for a “Cloture Vote,” also called a “Motion To Proceed.” This will be the final vote that determines if the Obama backed nation destroying Amnesty bill S. 744 passes the Senate or not. The threshold is 60 votes and if they get these, our fighting is over in the Senate and we will fall back to the House where another underhanded tactic awaits us. We still have a good chance of turning enough senators around before the vote if enough of you are reading and understanding what we send you and taking the actions we request. The fate of the nation is literally up to you and how well you respond!

In the House, Michele Bachmann informs us of a ‘set-up’ to pass a tough sounding immigration bill to placate conservatives. Then that bill we go behind closed doors into a conference with the Senate bill S. 744 that contains Amnesty. Then the bill will emerge with Amnesty in it and be voted on to be sent to Obama’s desk with Speaker John Boehner leading just enough turncoat Republicans to join the Democrats to get the bill passed.

Our job right now is to fight for every day, every hour, every minute we can for American citizens to have a chance to learn that this legislation will destroy America and make the rest of all of our lives very miserable!

Please read these important details and then Take Action!

Bachmann: “Ruling Class” Will Pass A “Trojan Horse” Immigration Bill In House

Bachmann: Boehner will use ‘loophole’ to pass immigration in the House

Ann Coulter: U.S. ‘finished’ if amnesty passes

Bachmann says amnesty would end America as we know it

Take action now to buy as much time as we can for the public to awaken to the facts!

Sample Message to Senators–

“Please tell Senator Harry Reid that S. 744 bill, weighs 24 pounds when printed. Please tell Senator Reid that you will vote No On Cloture for S. 744 because he is threatening to rush this bill through over the weekend while the press and public are focused on their families. Reid is trying to rush this bill because he knows that the more Americans learn about it, the more we will speak out against the Obama backed nation destroying Amnesty bill S. 744! Tell Reid to slow down and please vote No on any motions to proceed!  Oppose this harmful unworkable bill. Vote NO on S.744!!

Key List of Senators that we will have the best chance of persuading.
List of Senators Americans May Be Able To Persuade To Vote No on Cloture for Amnesty

Fight on these phone lines folks, you must make more calls than the illegals and their supporters and you have to fight harder than they do! =================================================================

Over the past 24 hours Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND) have negotiated a deal with the Senate Gang of Eight that they hope will get enough votes to secure passage of the massive amnesty bill, S.744.

There is no time to lose! Call your Senators NOW and tell them:

You oppose amnesty and they should not fall for more false promises of border security.

Responsible truthful media outlets report that the deal still does not change the core structure of the bill that grants illegal aliens amnesty FIRST and then offers promises of border enforcement sometime in the future.

Indeed, sources say that the Corker-Hoeven deal does little more than add Border Patrol agents and fencing to the amnesty bill. But don’t forget, any resources for border security that are promised in the future still need Congress to appropriate the money. And Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, said on the floor just days ago that she would NOT appropriate any money for the “dumb fence.”

Thus, the deal Senators Corker and Hoeven have agreed to — and are right now using to persuade other Senators to join them — has no teeth and is again empty bloviating window dressing to make you think they mean what they say on Border Security — but we have seen this before and why there should be no legislation and a vote of NO!! on S.744. It gives illegal aliens amnesty right away and gives Congress ample opportunity to defund or water-down any border security resources promised in the bill.

Americans already know how this works: Congress already promised us a border fence back in 2006. That requirement for 700 miles of double-layered fencing has now been watered down to a few miles of double-layered fencing and “vehicle barriers” that don’t stop the flow of aliens illegally crossing into the U.S.

With this deal in the works, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is already suggesting he wants to rush the bill through the Senate, and may hold a vote to end debate as early as Saturday — two days from now!!!! Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has also told the media that the next 24-36 hours will make or break the bill.

There is no time to lose!!! Call your Senators now and tell them not to support the Corker-Hoeven deal. Tell them that you want border security period.


CBO Says S. 744 Lowers Wages, Increases Unemployment, and Won’t Stop Illegal Immigration

Read Chris’ blog reporting on the Congressional Budget Office analysis of S. 744 released yesterday. Among the key findings: CBO says S. 744 would create higher unemployment, lower wages, and higher interest rates – but would only reduce illegal immigration by 25%.

NumbersUSA Director of Government Relations Rosemary Jenks says of the report,

“According to the CBO score of the Gang’s immigration bill, Americans are being asked to trade a 12-year decline in wages for American workers, plus a 6-year increase in unemployment, for a measly 25% reduction in illegal immigration. This is a terrible deal for America. The Gang of Eight needs to scrap this bill and start over.”

House Judiciary Committee Passes Strong Enforcement-Only Bill (No Amnesty)

Late last night the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 2278, the SAFE Act, by a vote of 20-15.  But the House should proceed no further, scrap this effort and episode and NOT PRODUCE ANY BILL because it is evident from the Senate bill that no real enforcement will ever be done!!!  As Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Steve King point out producing a House bill will produce the betrayal in conference with Senate bill.     NO HOUSE BILL!!!

Senate Rejects Every Border Security/Enforcement First Amendment Thus Far—

Unfortunately the Senate has rejected any legitimate effort to amend the bill into an enforcement-first bill. Thus, it remains amnesty first with empty promises of enforcement later.

Specifically, the following amendments FAILED this week:

THUNE AMDT No. 1197 failed 39 to 54 The Thune Amendment would have required the completion of the 350 miles of reinforced, double-layered fencing as required by current law before registered provisional immigrant (RPI) status may be granted and to require the completion of 700 miles of such fencing before the status of registered provisional immigrants may be adjusted to permanent resident status.

VITTER AMDT No. 1228 failed 36 to 58 The Vitter Amendment would have required full implementation of the entry/exit system at every sea, land, and airport of entry as required by current law before registered provision immigrant status may be granted.

LEE AMDT No. 1208 failed 39 to 59 The Lee Amendment would have required fast-track congressional approval when the Secretary of Homeland Security notifies Congress of the implementation of the border security strategies and certifies that the strategies are substantially operational.

To be clear, none of these amendments prevented the amnesty from happening. They all simply moved various enforcement measures ahead of the amnesty — a proposition which is apparently unacceptable to a majority of Senators  — MORE evidence that intention of enforcement is to never do it and certainly under Democrat authority . However, in every case a solid group of Senators (close to the 41 needed to stop the bill from passing the Senate) stood up for enforcement first. This is a positive sign, but not yet enough, as we move closer to the final vote.

We will keep you posted tomorrow and throughout the rest of the debate as other relevant amendments come up. But as it stands now, there appears to be absolutely no way to amend this bill into a good bill.

Sign New Petition Asking Sen. Rubio to Pull Deceptive Ad

By now, many of you have seen Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) advertisement claiming that S. 744 “puts in place the toughest enforcement measures in U.S. history, possibly the world.” You can join the growing movement of people demanding that he pull his deceptive ad by signing the new petition www.pullrubiofalsead.com .

You have probably also seen the anti-American-worker quote from the unnamed Rubio aide. Don’t expect the Gang of Eight to worry about unemployment or depressed wages. Roy explains how their bill is itself an insult to American workers.


THE NATIONAL S.744 bill to give AMNESTY to illegals is even worse than we thought……

Don’t let up…….the Amnesty bill will give amnesty now and only promise to enforce our immigration laws at some point in the future. In fact it is a step backward once you review the whole bill. Hard to believe but true. A government calculation says that in effect the bill is so weak it would only reduce future illegal immigration by 25%, while giving citizenship to all current illegals.

Take action below….

Recent government CBO projections now say this amnesty for illegals will save taxpayer money…..this is total BS and do note that the CBO report says government costs for the existing illegals about to get even more benefits as the amnesty bill rolls forward don’t count because they are already here. But the report does assume they will pay more taxes. It assumes no business will ever pay them under the table in the future, that illegals will pay all taxes they should pay in the future, that the illegals won’t continue to lie and claim 15 children as dependents on their taxes among other nonsense, and of course has no cost associated with unemployed citizens who remain unemployed due to illegal immigration. And since our own government already reports that poor people (even citizens) receive more in benefits than they pay in taxes, how will low-skilled illegals somehow be different? After all, in the future after full legalization the illegals will have access to all government services to include Obamacare. More to follow on the CBO report as for now they really haven’t explained in total how they calculate all of the purported “savings”. But you can believe the Heritage Foundation study that says an amnesty will cost over $6 trillion (govt costs for illegals over what they will pay in taxes) over the lifetime of the illegals or believe the U.S. government.

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