Is this still America?

 Dog shot because owner was filming cops in Hawthrone, CA. 

We’ve got problems folks when this is how local police interact with the general public.  (Graphic video of the incident.  You can watch all but the last 1-minute without being squeamish.) Hawthorn, CA, cops kill this guy’s dog for no reason. I understand these cops have to get through the day safely, but why did they cuff the man in the first place?  Was it because he was filming them? Is that the only reason?  He was not interfering. He was not in the way. He didn’t even resist.
The dog was put in the car and was still on its leash.  The dog did not appear to be an aggressive dog, but did jump out of the car when the 3 cops cuffed the man WHO DID NOTHING WRONG. The man turned around and left them cuff him.  His dog did nothing aggressive until they cuffed him FOR NO REASON! And even when the dog became protective, it wasn’t aggressive.

20-year old woman charged w/ 3 felonies after buying bottled water, cookie dough,  .

The water was mistaken for alcohol and plain-clothes VA ABC agents who at 10:30pm surrounded the young woman’s car and started breaking her car windows.  She got scared and drove off.  Wouldn’t you?
DRUDGE HEADLINE, 7/5/13, above the headline picture “Fear spreads over ‘militarization’ of police in US” and “911 CALL: Woman terrorized, arrested for buying case of bottled water” I seems the VA ABC agents went a little too far. Let’s say those 6 or 7 agents were robbers, then she did the right thing. Right? But since they’re gestapo agents, she’s in trouble? Hmmm… That goes too far.
The CATO Institute recently wrote: “These are not isolated incidents; for more information, visit the interactive map at
“They are, however, part and parcel of two broader phenomena. One is the militarization of domestic law enforcement. In recent years, police departments have widely adopted military tactics, military equipment (armored personnel carriers, flash-bang grenades) — and, sometimes, the mindset of military conquerors rather than domestic peacekeepers.
“The other phenomenon is the increasing degree to which civilians are subject to criminal prosecution for noncriminal acts, including exercising the constitutionally protected right to free speech.”

Recent 3rd Amendment violation of family in Henderson, NV.

What is the 3rd Amendment and why do we care? A man was arrested for not letting the police use his house to “watch” the neighbors for a domestic violence complaint. huh??

Constitutional rights suspended at DUI checkpoints

Since when are all Constitutional right suspended at DUI checkpoints?  Since now.  Remember these words “Am I being detained?”

Local police being militarized and federally deputized

We need good local law enforcement personnel who will do the right thing.  Local police should de-escalate situations, not escalate them.

Roid-rage (steriod use/abuse) is a common problem in law enforcement for the people they come in contact with.

Also military-style training that local law enforcement is doing is changing the way people and law enforcement interact.  It is almost making the law abiding guilty before proving themselves innocent.  Most police don’t trust people, but people are beginning to not trust the police.  This is a huge paradigm shift.

Two billions rounds of ammo at DHS

One question: Why?

Whistleblowers are prosecuted

This sets the rule of law upside down.  When good people come forward to alert people and the media of government wrong-doing they should be protected and listened to.  I covered this situation here.

IRS targets President’s political opposition.

Is this still America??

Media doing the President’s bidding.

So much for the 1st Amendment and freedom and independence of the press.

Gov’t listening to your phone calls

Hahahahahahah!  Yeah, right!  Oh, what? Alex Jones was right all along?

All government workers are completely immune from laws.

Is this still America?  Is your hair on fire?  Is your blood boiling??

The head of the IRS division that manages non-profits Lois Lerner is demanding immunity for her testimony.  Even though it appears she must have been aware of the IRS wrong-doing within her division, she asserts her innocence.  Well, then come tell congress everything.  She can’t have it both ways.  Can she?


While the Treyvon Martin / George Zimmerman is a tragic story, but it’s still a manufactured distraction. Both the federal government and media are race baiting the people. Dividing us so we don’t see corruption everywhere, the lack of jobs, the economy, GMO food, illegal immigration, government spending, federal abuse, voter fraud, etc…

What do we do now?  Adam’s suggestion is we need to stand our ground. Get to know your police. Adams, says move out country and just have a sheriff for law enforcement. Get to know your sheriff. Find out how you can help them. There are many good sheriff’s out there, Sheriff Mack being the prime example Adams gave.

~~ hat tip to Mike Adams, guest, on Coast to Coast AM Saturday night 7/6/13, for expressing these ideas, so I could take notes on my phone in the middle of the night.  So I could share his concerns with you and expand his ideas.

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