On RNC Power Grabs, Open Letter to Potential Candidates

To Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Allen West, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Donald Trump,

At the 2012 Republican National Convention held in Tampa, FL, there were several egregious changes made to the RNC rules, an action which is described as a “power grab.” As they stand, the rules will have a detrimental impact on future attempts at grassroots participation within the Republican Party and future presidential candidates.

It is well-known that there are millions of people across this nation who consider you a contender for the 2016 Republican presidential primary and would love to support your run. It would be in the interest of grassroots Republicans everywhere for you to make a strong statement of support for a bottom-up power structure within the RNC by rebuking the 2012 rule changes.

The egregious rule amendments were added in committee at the heavy hand of Ben Ginsberg, who was later appointed by Obama to serve as co-chair of his Commission on Election Administration. This fact indicates that Obama would like to bring ‘2012 rules’-type of oppression of the people’s voice to precincts across this nation. In order to make a statement that we do not consider opportunistic power-grabs to be acceptable within our party nor individual precinct elections, it is vitally important that the Republican Party take effort to reject these rule changes, which include some of the following transgressions:

New Rule 12 gives the Republican National Committee the ability to make amendments to the Rules of the Republican Party without National Delegation approval, something that the democrats have seen fit to do within their party, but that the republicans have always prided ourselves that we do not.

New Rule 16(a)(1) presents a problem for many caucus states by binding the vote of caucus-chosen delegates to the results of the state’s preference poll or straw poll. Simply stated, rule 16 turns the caucus states into primary states. This means that campaigning in these states will be even more expensive for the presidential candidates and their supporters, but more profitable for the consultants.

New Rule 40 raised the requirements for the presidential candidates to obtain ballot access at the national convention. It has been noted that under the new requirements, Ronald Reagan would never have become president. At the convention of 1976, Reagan was able to obtain ballot access by the lesser requirements and received floor time in order to make a speech, which in turn raised the amount of support that he had among the delegates. This also paved the way for his popularity at the 1980 national convention, in which he won the nomination and went on to become POTUS.

The RNC needs to rebuke these rule changes and make a clear statement that the Republican Party does want to provide an environment that is welcoming to grassroots participation and that the Republican Party does not consider the 2012 rule change power grabs to be acceptable for precincts across this nation. There is a resolution to address these aspects that is being brought forward by committee members next month at the RNC summer meeting. If passed, the RNC would be expected to revert to operation under pre-Ginsberg rules. Would you consider signing the petition of support for the resolution and giving your personal endorsement to this effort to restore the voice of the grassroots within the Republican Party?

Link to petition: http://tinyurl.com/restoreourvoice


Nicole Revels – North Carolina Grassroots Republican, Bryan Daugherty – Maine Grassroots Republican

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