RED ALERT: STOP the House lie of AMNESTY with Fake Border Security

Phone Calls to House needed.   Please Consider taking action today Thurs. and /or tomorrow to let them know we are not going tobe fooled or stand for being lied to.   Certain Republicans need to hear voices to stand up and act for America rather than acting for other interests.  The list of Reps. to call is in link below. 2 NC Reps. are on that list.  Thank you for taking action to stand up for America.

Word has been received and determined about yesterday’s meeting of GOP members of the US House and the news is not good. It is clear to us that sellout Speaker John Boehner and his top leaders are going to proceed with their plot to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens for Obama! Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor have indicated that “something has to be done” which indicates the attempt to go along with the path of deception with false non-specific terms and false Bush-era cliches’ such as “pathway to citizenship”, “going to the back of the line is not amnesty”, “have to get people out of the shadows”, “in order to secure the Border we have to do a “guest-worker program” or “temporary legal status (AMNESTY) UNTIL the Border is fixed” …..all of which means ..LIES…and that the Border will never be secured and certainly so under this untrustworthy pro-illegal Alien non-U.S. enforcement Administration and DHS Secretary!!

They are going to craft a bill of enforcement oriented legislation while claiming they are not dealing with the now vastly unpopular Senate Amnesty bill S. 744 that passed the Senate 68 to 32. Then Boehner will assign his trusted allies to go behind closed doors, put the Amnesty provisions in the bill, return it to the floor and then lead 24 Republicans to vote with the Democrats to deliver you nation destroying Amnesty for illegal aliens!

We must all unify, focus, and work hard to fight with every ounce of energy we can muster!

Today we have a group of Republicans which the Democrats have listed in a memo that they believe might turn into supporters for Obama’s nation destroying illegal alien Amnesty!


Sample Message

“I am calling/writing Congressman ______________ because the Democrats believe he/she will help them pass Amnesty for illegal aliens for Obama. Please tell Congressman _________ to oppose any bills related to illegal immigration in 2013. Speaker John Boehner and Eric Cantor plan to help Obama pass Amnesty for illegal aliens by working on a bill in the House that sounds tough on border security but will eventually contain the Amnesty provisions found in Senate Bill S. 744! Representatives Michele Bachmann and Steve King of Iowa are warning the public about this plot. Please rebuke Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor and refuse to work with Obama and Obama’s GOP allies like Boehner! Pass no new immigration bills, oppose Amnesty, enforce our existing immigration and border security laws instead!”

Your mission here is to alert these members of Congress whom you are aware the Democrats are soliciting and tell them you are aware of the conspiracy.

The elites are promising these lawmakers that they will be protected by their large campaign contributions and ability to bias and conceal information using the major media and news networks combined with Google and Facebook.


Here are the GOP members of Congress the Democrats are targeting whom we want you to call and write!…atives-283157/

The fate of our nation hangs by a thread!

PS: Here is the article and memo from which the target list names were gleaned……se-maybe-2038/

Here is the article where we learn that John Boehner (R-Ohio), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Eric Cantor (R-Va.) are advancing the illegal alien Amnesty agenda as Congress members King and Bachman have warned us……w-politi-2043/

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