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Red Alert: Stop NC Driver Licenses for illegal Aliens

Concerned Citizens, It’s not gone and it’s harmful to NC Citizens, Taxpayers and legal Immigrants. Speaker Thom Tillis has just allowed H.786, to give drivers permits to illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants) STATE legislation to come up for a vote on … Continue reading

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Know What Mark Meadows Thinks About Current Events

A great 28-minute interview with Rep. Mark Meadows from 6/19/13 standing outside on the Capitol Lawn. He’s asked about everything from DHS ammo, IRS scandal and bonuses, amnesty, legal immigration, visas, guest workers, privacy vs. security, Benghazi, impeachment, Sharia Law, NDAA vote w/ Goodlatte Amendment, and then posed for a group picture! He was complimented for his integrity in government. He’s a classy and direct guy. Thank you, Congressman, for taking all this time to speak to we-the-people and representing us well. Continue reading

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