Red Alert: Stop NC Driver Licenses for illegal Aliens

Concerned Citizens,
It’s not gone and it’s harmful to NC Citizens, Taxpayers and legal Immigrants. Speaker Thom Tillis has just allowed H.786, to give drivers permits to illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants) STATE legislation to come up for a vote on the NC House floor THIS MONDAY. Please consider calling NC House Representatives today and thru the day.
At the State level the NC House is voting as early as 7pm Monday on the bad H.786 state legislation that gives legal driver’s permits to illegal immigrants and guts E-Verify provisions that were to protect new jobs in North Carolina for only legal residents.
TAKE THE ACTION just below……
Tell your NC House member to vote AGAINST H.786, the Reclaim Act, (but tell them why) it gives driver’s permits to illegal immigrants and guts E-Verify provisions that were to protect jobs for citizens. North Carolina has the fifth worst unemployment rate in the entire nation. Why would our NC General Assembly even consider making it easier for illegal immigrants to get jobs and then legally drive to those jobs that don’t belong to them and are illegal for them to have?? ‘Doing something’ should NOT be acting to help or aid illegal Aliens to violate NC and its Citizens by giving them driver licenses that help with their extortion of getting their way. Turning NC into a sanctuary State for illegal Aliens by giving out driver licenses and not deterring their illegal violation is terrible legislation for NC and unemployed American Workers. Are Republicans going to choose illegal immigrants over citizens??? The notion that why bother with Laws anymore and what the heck, it’s just easier to listen to illegal Aliens and give them what they want to stop their complaints about their illegality is acting in defilement that will bring loss of integrity and worse outcomes down the road.

NO driver licenses for illegal Aliens!
NO on H.786!

Tell Speaker Tillis to pull the bill from the floor and remove it altogether.
Find your NC House member at the weblink below by county and click on their name for contact info:

Thank you for making calls and defending NC and America!

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