IRS scandal, NSA spying abuse not to go unanswered!

Tea Party 34

Those who think this problem has been put to rest, it is only the beginning, because America is not to stand for its government violating the People’s Bill of Rights!! The Executive branch practicing violations of the 1st and 4th Amendments wants to claim it is “doing it for Americans own good“ or that is simply political gamesmanship toward political opposition. There is nothing wrong in countering political opposition in the course of best ideas BUT it is quite something else to use agencies of the government as an arm of threat and violation for government control of its Citizens. These violations go to the core of the Republic and definition of freedom from government tyranny as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

The President recently stated that, “we are a Nation of Laws” but the President has no credibility to stand on about laws, credibility on following his oath of Office of the Presidency because he has gone about violating the Constitution laws, checks/balances and chooses to pick whatever laws he wants to enforce or try to manifest regulation write-ups in his agencies, DOJ, EPA, IRS, NSA– so here we have the President doing PHONY LAWLESSNESS.   Abuse of the laws is exactly why legislation filled with actions Americans don’t want should not be passed in this atmospshere.   But the dynamics to achieve an agenda is going on here where scandals and lawlessness are desired to then go about creating more draconian rules and violations and as well to create “phony” issues for the media to play around with in a cover-up. If a U.S. President sets the tone for the Nation, then certainly the tone now is quite bad.

Note: Focus here is not on the President and simply criticizing him as he represents a figurehead distraction that is no longer worthy of attention and not worth acknowledging.  The persons who should be most ashamed of America’s condition is those Officials, Lawmakers, Elitists, Media outlets and Citizens supporting the President.

The intention involved in the current scandals is to violate the 1st Amendment freedom of speech, press via threats, retaliation by way of violating the 4th Amendment’s privacy Rights.  A clear and most egregious violation of political hack activity by the President’s “team” or the President’s Administration (but certainly the President knows nothing) in the IRS scandal is seen in a couple actions in what was done to Frank Vandersloot, a legitimate $1 million donor to the Romney campaign (much like Bill Maher donated $1 million to 0bama’s campaign), who was immediately put under IRS audit with his business after making the donation. The IRS audit cost Mr. Vandersloot $80,000!  Vandersloot then had his personal information and activities publicly displayed on a liberal Left website that led to further harassment and defamation. So here is where NSA SNOOPING comes in to find info on Vandersloot, then IRS threatens anti- 1st Amendment silence on him thru damages. Later when 0bamacare is put in use, the info from the IRS and NSA can then have Vandersloot railroaded into health control of his life and total slavery to the Federal govt. Does that sound like what the Federal government, or a U.S. President should be doing?

IRS Hitmen ============================

It has now been learned that the IRS Chief Counsel’s office demanded information on 2010 Election activity of Tea Party applicants. Career IRS officials in Washington now say that Lois Lerner ordered Tea Party cases to go through a multi-layer review that included her senior advisor and the IRS Chief Counsel’s office, William Wilkins.

The IRS Chief Counsel’s office is led by William Wilkins, one of two Obama Administration political appointees at the IRS. This is another scathing indictment of the IRS’ complete lack of integrity and impartiality — the IRS is no longer a financial only impartial administer, it is now a politicized (and has been more so politicized per 0bamacare) hack entity with an agenda that is not about just collecting taxes. So William Wilkins that is in the upper political roundtable of the Administration home to Washington DC knew and surely conferred with other ‘players’ at the White House on the deliberate targeting of IRS scrutiny on the President’s political opponents. Using the IRS as an arm of destruction and a weapon is not what a U.S. Presidential campaign should be doing. Quite similar and yet far worse than Nixon’s enemies list scandal.

The motives and facts of this scandal are relatively simple: Barack Obama’s second term was threatened by the rising popularity of pro-USA Movements and his political helpers went to work on his behalf to illegally suppress his adversaries’ voices and votes.

So the President’s Administration or “election team” must have felt that the President was in risk of losing an election because he could not win on merit and based on a dismal failing record, an empty and backward past ideology, a horrible resume for the job with deficient strange background felt the need to play illegally dirty for ‘insurance’.

Lois Lerner and another IRS Official both pleaded the 5th Amendment (apparently government worker officials like the 5th amendment of the Bill of Rights). Doug Shulman, then IRS Comissioner, oddly unprecedented for any IRS Commissioner, visited the White House a record 157 times!!! Was Doug Shulman meeting with William Wilkins who was the meeting with someone like perhaps Valerie Jarrett, the president‘s personal concierge advisor? According to CNS News, “ONE DAY after a meeting was held by IRS officials to discuss the handling of Tea Party applications, an appointment was made for William J. Wilkins, head of the IRS Chief Counsel’s Office to meet at the White House.”!!! Why was President Obama’s political operative, Stephanie Cutter, included in meetings with the IRS? Why did the IRS Chief Counsel, an Obama political appointee, insist on being a part of the determination decisions on Tea Party and other conservative applicants, contrary to normal procedure?

The Treasury Department, the bureau in which the IRS is administratively housed, has admitted the IRS inappropriately accessed and scrutinized the tax records of political candidates and donors during the time frame targeting of conservative groups took place.  It has also come to light that when Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) was notified of these illegal actions, the DOJ swept it under the rug and refused to prosecute.
In a recent letter to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), J. Russell George, the Inspector General with IRS jurisdiction, revealed that IRS officials engaged in “unauthorized access or disclosure of tax records of political donors or candidates.”

In a related letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Senator Grassley questioned whether the DOJ decision to not prosecute was “politically motivated,” demanding to know who made the decision and why. Well of course, how convenient, the DOJ won’t investigate or prosecute because of course now the DOJ under Holder and 0bama is really a serial corruption protection agency with a political agenda –phony lawlessness.

It is increasingly clear that Attorney General Eric Holder has been aware of, if not complicit with, the IRS corruption.  The IRS abuse has been so widespread and so egregious that it is becoming clear that the management culture of that agency is totally corrupt. We know this much for certain: Americans’ rights were trampled and the 2012 elections were manipulated because of the illegal actions of a powerful federal agency. Tea Party, Patriot Groups, Republican and other pro-America organizations such as, ’True the Vote’ were victims of profound intrusion, intentional delays, and overt politicization by a federal agency whose actions were designed to impact elections by way of painstaking time stalling threats that included FINANCIAL DAMAGES in order to stop or oppress 1st Amendment FREE SPEECH.

NSA (National Security Agency) — surveillance spying abuse

The President says he is “open to debate about NSA” illegal spying on Americans, that if need be under his despotic actions he could (that’s an unwarranted threat and breach of 4th Amendment security that erodes the principles of freedom of the People) use information for political subterfuge and attack. President says, “society, America has a decision to make” about NSA privacy — what the President is really saying and the implied THREAT is that —you better do as I say and what my government says as I want or else I’ll keep violating you and the Nation and bring pain to American lives in all forms.   Officials (Pentagon,National Security, etc.), Lawmakers, Pundits, Democrats and associated Elitist interests have a decision to make and that is to denounce what is going on and NOT approve or enable the President a ‘pass’ or OK on these clear violations.  The President can then make a decsion to stop running the govt reckless against the Bill of Rights and oath of Office or get impeached. For those reading this that think because you are liberal or that you ‘like the President’ means you won’t be violated — you got another thing coming because he’s got plans for you and likewise your freedom to change your govt when you don’t like something or get abused will be fully diminished or removed as well.

What was made quite clear with the run-up and enactment of the budget sequestration cuts IS that the American People need to feel pain and hardship to achieve political ends.

The sequestration cuts showed the deft abuse and willingness to lie/manipulate the American People when the President was making drama of “airports being shut down, military not being paid, children not being taken care of in day care” etc. and even saying in a much assured manner that Americans WILL FEEL these cuts. Sure enough the President redirected reasonable govt waste budget cuts into finding ways to hurt Americans like shutting down the White House visitor schedule, releasing criminal illegal Aliens on the streets and shutting down the Border Patrol/ICE Agents, closed airport Air Traffic Control towers, etc.

Actions speak louder than words. So for the federal government to just go ahead and secretly carry out warrantless unrestricted willful searches on any person or Americans shows that it will be used for scandalous purposes, blackmail, extortion, threats, etc.. But more so what is more violating and overcast more destructive is the THREAT — that now when you speak, you have to ask yourself — is the government going to approve of what I say?  The threat of being surveillanced, threat of being retaliated against has ALREADY damaged the 1st Amendment and it pervades the sanctity of privacy in the 4th Amendment ‘to not have documents and personal belongings unduly searched through. The government in this scenario and with an agenda of control WANTS to know intimate details about its Citizens (for example some of the questions on the IRS scandal tea party forms were questions that was none of the governments business —about what books they had read, what was in their prayers and other jerk-like questions!!) — knowledge that is none of its business and which is exactly why there is not to be a Gun Registration to try to achieve gun confiscation or Biometric National ID cards to harass and track Citizens.   In summation, this illegal activity violates the 4th Amendment in order to violate the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Recording/storing data appears to be innocent until used. Recording and/or storing data in a super computer on nearly ALL American and possibly ALL global communication IS ALEADY DAMAGING due to the implied threat of government control and manipulation for its purposes of force that it can then use on the People. NSA spying, data recording is ALREADY working to squelch free speech and violate first amendment by violating the 4th amendment. How many people now have cut down or gotten off facebook, twitter, email, phones because this un-American 4th Amendment government abuse is now watching them?? What has come to light is that the government clearly went about abusing government-private partnership collusion to petition private business to ‘help them do something’. Companies such as Google, Verizon, Facebook and others involved helping the government to decline America by violating the 4th and 1st Amendment should be ashamed. I would think that all the businesses involved with aiding the government to violate America will find losses in their profits due to less usage by the American People due to the threat of using Google, Verizon, Facebook, etc. When government intrudes on businesses and does takeover of industry like the financial industry or energy or healthcare industry it harms the free-market and harms private industry while of course making it all more costly because government workers then have to be paid a salary for doing their controls (“work”) on you.

NOW we see the danger of what was done under the Bush Administration walking all over the Constitution coming to full fruition. Bush’s Executive abuse is the accomplice in this case. This was warned about and yet businesses such as the telecom industry were roped into violating America and were likely enticed with other kinds of incentives. Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News made the clear distinction between private companies such as Google, Facebook and the government. Private companies owning your data or knowing your communication details is quite different then the government because private companies are doing a business relationship that is mutual service that is beneficial to both parties. Yet as President George Washington had profoundly stated — “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” So government is an entity of force with an agenda to effect you the individual that can use information to apply force and hence law on you — and information that may be used to do blackmail, extortion, suppress your speaking out as a whistleblower, to suppress the 1st Amendment free speech or to stop you from donating to a political opponent — again, the mere threat of existence of this power IS THE VIOLATION and so it is here and working now.

Enter Edward Snowden. The jury may still be out on Snowden but it appears increasingly that he has done this for the right reasons -and is a whistleblower – in the name of freedom and liberty and against the creation of despotic governments. Edward Snowden has, at the very least positive, likely done a favorable service for the American People and possibly the entire World in bringing forth to reveal what the U.S. Federal government is doing to other ally governments, U.S. States and American People behind Our backs.   Our European Nation allies were certainly rankled about being eavesdropped on and ‘bugged’ and rightly scoffs at U.S. vulgarity about the spying.   What Snowden has uncovered is said to be only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and it very well could mean a totalitarian police state designs on a global scale. Therein lies the threat and depravity that the Founding Fathers warned against about too big of government that as Thomas Jefferson strongly warned “a government big enough (and promising) to give you everything is big enough to take EVERYTHING you have” (even your life).”–much like Germany in the 1930’s. This then follows to the NSA’s Supercomputer data center being built in Utah that is so massive and advanced that it is being claimed that it is recording EVERY bit of conversation you have on the phone, e-mail, etc. — NO, not just the simple basic meta data phone calls but ANYTHING you pronounce or write on any electronic communication device. Oh yes, surely they are doing it, not just looking at meta data, but everything you say — if they feel like doing it for important reasons or for retaliation. Surely the severity of violations must be deep that Edward Snowden witnessed — for why would a person take such a profound life-destroying risk, if the violation and collusion was not quite severe or catastrophic. See government feels that it has to not let freedom flourish and it has to get its hands on or get ahead of something new that it has not yet controlled like the internet because government wants to be able to tax and to grow for more and more control. What has been done and transpired is that the government has now controlled the internet via the backdoor rather than obvious straightforward legislation like CISPA. We have now all come under the umbrella of being monitored much like the ‘company culture or policy’ when you are using your private companies computers where using obscenities or viewing certain websites is watched and restricted and you can be rightly reprimanded or fired for company computer use in this manner.

It would seem, given the current pictures of the Utah data Center site, that planning and construction has been going on for awhile — that of which would portend that the initiative, planning of the supercomputer was originated under the Bush Administration (with a scheme that is global not American).  In such observance of violation and what may follow, WE the People should demand a complete halt to any further construction of the NSA facility in Bluff, Utah. WE the People demand a full divulging of what this supercomputer’s intentions are for, what it can do and WHY it was constructed. A rather at least somewhat proper manner of NSA would be to have the government get the warrant to then be taken to the companies of Google, Facebook for a data search rather than the government just building a super computer that will be able to hack into anything. This super computer has the outlook of becoming hideous monster. With intentions of a global police state (becoming increasingly used as such) this supercomputer should be dismantled and destroyed.

Using the NSA to stop “terrorism”. Sure, as long as the 4th Amendment is abided and a warrant for a search thru ‘documents’ (e-mails, etc.) is done thru proper law with the checks of oversight. The breach of the 4th Amendment came under the Bush Administration’s Patriot Act. This violation of the 4th and 1st Amendment stems from the Patriot Act that was questionably somehow well prepared ahead of time and yet unread by Congressmen and blindly passed. The Patriot Act’s violating provisions was expanded in 2008 yet was scheduled to be sunset (done away with) in 2012 — yet it was NOT sunset and remains as a stain on the Bill of Rights and the American People. Why is it a detriment to the Bill of Rights while also said to be a tool to stop terrorism because along with the stated goal of national security against terrorism it is secretly being interpreted wrong, secretly being installed and until Snowden secretly being used with the alongside agenda of government becoming the supreme controller of its Citizens. Why surely the government wouldn’t have a fringe benefit of using a crisis?! There is nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act and it better named the un-American unpatriotic Act for its warrantless wiretapping.

The statement of, “you should not worry about NSA spying if you have nothing to hide” is false statement trying to remove the violation and it deliberately misses the point of the 4th Amendment. The point of the 4th Amendment is that the government has no Right or legal grounds to search thru private Citizens ’documents’, possessions AT ALL IN THE FIRST PLACE without a warrant for reasonable cause. The other unfounded bogus statement, “safety trumps privacy” again ignores the point of the violations of the Amendments and is a call of more police state government or laws that then do no good but injure law-abiding Americans, just as 2nd Amendment violations with gun control laws. “Safety trumps privacy” is a policy of fear and government dictate. In all of Peter King’s (R-NY) talk of national security and terrorism is not one word about the 4th Amendment or the Constitution. As such the NSA spying becomes propaganda where even if we do not actually do the warrantless spying we have to say we are doing the program so that terrorists think we are doing the spying… and that is a bogus excuse to go ahead and continue doing it. NO, the CIA, FBI, etc. have always been in business to thwart criminals and terrorists since even before 9/11,2001 and they abided the 4th Amendment — the ability of a super computer should not change that one bit. Private property allows for freedom and exactly why it runs counter to communism.   Here is what goverment looks like “all in your business” — Tea party 57

Was it not the reason and plan of 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden’s notion to destroy America’s freedom, liberty and principles via America’s own doing??  How convenient for some who have a likened agenda.   Apparently some agree with Osama Bin Laden because Osama has been largely successful in HIS agenda. So are we any safer? Maybe, but now we see at an enormous cost, even if you say you blindly trust the government. But not really safer because the criminals always adjust to find new ways BUT the People remain with OUR RIGHTS BEING VIOLATED!!! Which goes to say that Ben Franklin’s statement about sacrificing liberty for security rings amazingly TRUE!   However NO, with all the surveillance the Boston bombing Tsarnaev Brothers were even interviewed by the FBI, missed by DHS immigration and were wildly posting radical terrorist (oh that’s right Obama calls it “tragedy“, kinda like oops accidental) videos on you tube but oddly, strangely somehow all that was missed but heck if you’re a Republican, Independent, or Libertarian or American you bet your being tracked.

Obamacare connections

Politicizing the IRS agency, politicizing any institution, business, company always comes when the government seeks control and involvement. Politicizing the IRS was already indicted in 0bamacare, 0bamacare will politicize everything in the Nation and politicize your very life so that you will not have control of your own decisions, Life or future. Sure, as the Nation grows, population grows, so too government must grow for planning its limited functions but that does not mean enacting violations of the Constitution for a grand Centralized force of control on the Citizens. Government has a role in the People’s lives and it is to remain a LIMITED role with FEW functions per federalism and wisely so!!. The Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights is for the States and rightly so because the States should not blindly just do whatever the Federal Govt. entity wants them to do when the actions are clearly harmful.  Twenty-six States sued Obamacare and are refusing implementation!

What the IRS scandal pertained to was not only a stealth underground “operation” to win an election BUT is also for the coming enforcement agenda pertaining to 0bamacare to inflict real threat and damage on Americans. Data-mining on Americans is trying to track agitate, impose and trying psychological behaviors to do “social engineering”. THIS IS the reason the IRS can no longer legitimately function under politicization when it is to be impartial and only focused on monetary matters involving taxation. Seeing that the IRS has now targeted and gained information on persons and groups that they deliberately hunted down with word searches of “patriot, Tea Party, conservative, Liberty”, etc. — the IRS now becoming the politicized enforcement arm of 0bamacare will now use the ILLEGALLY gathered data to impugn harm, damage, and killing in what the Left calls its “social justice”. How is that connected? —- well the IRS is set to be the enforcement arm of Obamacare with 16,000 agents and…..well what do you know, Sarah Ingram who oversaw the IRS scandal unfair illegal targeting got PROMOTED by the President to head the IRS healthcare enforcement — how convenient and unintentional is that move….talk about conflict of interest — so she has all the President’s enemies list and info and is ready to apply “social justice”. How about we have every person go before a Federal judge to be questioned (like an inquisition) to determine if they can fit or are worth for what government likes and if not then they get put before a death panel for termination — well that has been done by governments in the past. The Jews in Germany were promised…safety, security…that…they….‘would be taken care of’

What is also becoming increasingly clear is that 0bamcare is really just meant for a certain segment of Americans to follow the law. As the President’s Administration decides what parts of what 0bamacare laws will apply to a select few People, as the law gets tooled, re-tooled and formed down to focus on hurting/controlling desired targets of Americans by exempting Unions, certain Employers, Congress itself, IRS employees and other persons who like/favorable to the President and just don’t want to deal with 0bamacare penalties it becomes ever clearer that it is a law of discrimination against Middle Class Americans. The Middle Class will suffer the most under desired wealth redistribution in the name of “social justice” (because justice means something is owed for a ’crime’).

The so-called ‘redistribution’ agenda for a “social justice” theory of government where “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is not about redistribution to cover the uninsured at all, because its about invasive CONTROL of Humans in order to do the excuse of redistribution. This is a type of government where there is NO private property, NO personal ownership — even of your own communications, money and life. What is quite clear is that the President’s Administration always has two sides to every issue and two action plans — the propaganda sound good fake message and then the attack, subterfuge real impacts side. The attacks and subterfuge activity would not have to be done IF what was being done, the agenda and policy, was truly good for you — please consider that.

The President recently stated, “well I just don’t know why Republicans would want to repeal 0bamacare”,…he knows exactly why. We don’t know why the President doesn’t GET IT, that WE reject the false message, false convincing. The People don’t want it! Obamacare only being applied to ‘certain groups’ is now clearly a heinous UNFAIR Act of Discrimination!

The disclosure of the Utah supercomputer now prompts the DEMAND for ANSWERS and it should now be taken a step ahead further to another suspicious technology and a FULL DISCLOSURE and DEBATE on RFID microchips — NOW!!!    That’s right, putting government microchips in People to monitor and control them even for the suggested nice excuse of benefiting your healthcare. Putting microchips in babies or in peoples skin is a form of control that is about equal to putting shock collars on dogs in cages. IT is about as hideous and sinister a subject as human cloning. Is it not the case, that when you want your dog to be most safe and control its presence you put it in its own dog cage? Some clearly view freedom as a cost and defiant to their narcissist wants and power control but in comparison if you want People to maximize their security then some may suggest a police state where you would put people in cages and allow People to come out just to do labor – like a jail cell. Another example of detrimental corporate-government collusion is seen here in this GE commercial, promoting and trying to start making you think government tracking chips on your body is “an agent of good” and positive. And here is GE, whose CEO is Jeffrey Immelt who gets “green energy” subsidies from 0bama Administration and was once the propaganda President’s “Jobs Czar” and here is the commercial where the government wants you to live by there ‘cradle to grave’ slave matrix of reality with a tracking chip—-

The U.S. Citizens are to have private property per the 4th Amendment and the 1st Amendment insures integrity in freedom based government with free speech and a free press. The 2nd Amendment insures that protection lies with the People and that government oppression won’t occur. The NSA spying, the IRS scandal enforcement threat that now has information on Citizens comes into a perfect storm of intrusion and violation with 0bamacare. The triangulation of these three violations against our BILL OF RIGHTS IS NOT TO BE TOLERATED!!  Government-run healthcare per 0bamacare already is said to have a 61 page application. Not 4 or 5 pages…but 61!  What kind of policing and intrusive detailed questions are to be asked on this application and why?? WE demand BACK OFF legislation! The government needs to STEP BACK OFF the Bill of Rights NOW!! Clearly 0bamacare and information gathering on Citizens is an act of discrimination focused on threat and force of harm against any American daring to have a proper American government by the People, and for the People.

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