The Fox Is In The Hen House

The United Nations Agenda 21 is well intrenched in Raleigh.  Please take the time and learn what this all means.  Here is a link about the United Nations Agenda 21.  Look what they have in store for you and this is no joke.  Please google “United Nations Agenda 21” and look over some of the videos explaining what it is.

The American, political Left pretends Agenda 21 as a solid myth, but if you look on the United Nations website you’ll find it there, as plain as day.  “Sustainability” is another word for Agenda 21.  All “sustainability” is bad for America and our long held freedoms, rights and liberties.

In the Raleigh Office of Sustainability budget, the FY14 operating budget for Sustainability is $569,351. In the FY14 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Council appropriated an additional $1.5 Million for a sustainability revolving fund. The Sustainability Office is currently designing the program to use those funds.

Sustainability has 5 employees. Their titles and current salary amounts are listed below:

Sustainability Manager, $92,036
Asst Sustainability Manager, $81,817
Sustainability Analyst, $60,500
Staff Analyst, $53,299
Public Information Manager, $62,892

A 3-minute video of a Raleigh City Council meeting and some statements about “sustainability”.

This link is a video explaining more on United Nations Agenda 21.  It is long but it is more up to date.

THE FOX IS IN THE HEN HOUSE!  We are the hen, and out-of-control government is the fox.

ICLEI is the top dog in Agenda 21 implementation.  Here’s a little about them from their website.  “What does ICLEI do?  In the United States, ICLEI USA works to help local governments achieve deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and tangible improvements in local sustainability.”

Ooh, it sounds like more Chinese-made, high-priced, mercury-filled, low-light output light bulbs.  Sorry, I don’t want any more of that.  Right?  They told us those stupid lightbulbs would save us money and nearly last forever.  BULL!


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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