Syria: Email Call Fax Your Congressman

Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11)  (202) 225-6401

Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC-10)  (202) 225.2576

Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-5)   (202) 225-2071

Senator Richard Burr  (202) 224-3154

Senator Kay Hagan  (202) 224-6342

Tell your Congressman:

Not NO, but HELL NO! No military strikes in Syria. No boots on the ground. No bombs. No “limited” or unlimited action!!

Like Senator Cruz said, “We’re not Al Qaeda’s Air Force.” We have no reason to intercede. There is no national interest in Syria. This Syrian civil war is a lose-lose situation they have been fighting for thousands of years. What are we gonna do??  There is no plan coming out of Washington. There is not even a clear objective, since regime change isn’t on the table.  So, NO!

If Obama and the democrats are so concerned about 426 dead children, let them join a pro-life group to end 1,000,000 abortions per year in America.

Sent to Senator Richard Burr yesterday:


Have you heard Obama’s latest comments?!?! We have no business being involved in Syria’s civil war. Both sides in the war are no friends of the free-world or the West. We have no human intel on the ground to know who is who (we should have done that 2 years ago). Involvement in Syria is a no-win situation for us. We’ve already made a mess in Lybia conducting a thoughtless Obama military action. No War in Syria! Stay out!

Need More Info?

Have you heard Obama’s comments Tuesday?!?!  Obama, who drew a red line in the sand last year, now won’t take responsibility for saying he said it. And then twisted himself into a pretzel during a Swedish press conference trying to shift the political blame on US Congress and the world community, as if Obama never made a “red line” threat!?  He says it’s their credibility on the line, not his. What??

Obama said he would use military force.  Then over the weekend he said he would seek Congress’ approval.  The American people are loudly saying NO!!  Congress is saying no.  What is Obama going to do if the House and Senate vote no?  Will he use military force anyway?  What is his plan, since regime change isn’t an option?

Sec. of State Kerry is the out-front liar for Obama now.  What the heck is Defense Sec Hagel talking about? Russian President Putin is calling Kerry a liar.  The French believe Obama and Kerry.  The UK votes NO action and will not re-vote. Iran is aligned with Syria and Russia, and they are all against US military action from the US.  Russia, Iran and Syria are giving Obama a verbal lashing in the world press and making retaliation threats if we involve ourselves.  Elements of Al Qaeda and Hamas are fighting within Syria with financial backing from Russia and Iran and in some way the Chinese, too.  But knowing who-is-who is indiscernible at this point.  Syria’s Assad is aligned with Iran.  Our false-friends, the Saudi’s, want us to act, but they hate the Iranians.  Hmmm? Who do you believe?  I know I can’t believe Obama… or Kerry… or Russia.


Evidence (below article) that Syria will end badly (not in our best interest), is the “military action” Obama unilaterally waged on Lybia in 2012 – a surprise to all American’s.  There wasn’t any apparent reason to take action in Lybia.


This [Lybia falls into lawlessness] is what happens when there is no plan and a bozo, amateur, poser, president conducts a “military action” without a plan, or a f’n clue!!! Everyone working at the State Department (Hillary’s peeps) and everyone at the Whitehouse (Obama and Valerie Jarrett) should be 200% ashamed of the mess in Libya a year later. The families of our dead Ambassador, the Communications expert, and the two CIA agents are mad as hell! The good people of Syria should not want our help, if this is the best Obama has to offer. Remember Benghazi!–it-has-but-into-lawlessness-and-ruin-8797041.html This story just makes my blood boil.  There was NO REASON to do what we did in Lybia. Just like there is no reason to involve ourselves in Syria now.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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