U.S. National Security now questionable or likely compromised

The FBI has always been thought of as the leading foundation most reliable, credible foundation of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence in the U.S., more so than the CIA which has had episodes in foreign lands with foreign Nationals that makes the CIA vulnerable to double agents or rogue agents able to be influenced, bribed into untrustworthy actions — but now it is the case that the FBI can no longer be trusted to not be doing subterfuge mainly because of the Dept. of Justice.

Case in point: the April 15, 2013 Boston Bombing

PAWNS — Fifteen of the 19 hijackers of the 9/11 2001 WTC attack were Saudi Arabian.   The Tsarnaev brothers, the Times square bomber, the Underwear bomber are all supposed to be what Al-queda is and wrongly all it may EVER be portrayed as –just low-level thugs.   Osama Bin Laden was supposed to be the chieftain of Al-queda and did have wealthy connections but Osama and his close assistant chiefs were living in caves with little access to civilized world. Osama or some other chief that seems to always take his place or to find the next guy and their band of terrorists that carry out the attack missions and other guys running around in the desert with RPG’s is what is portrayed as what Al-queda is supposed to be. The mainstream media and government officials report and state story lines/facts so as to insure Americans to believe that Al-queda is a bunch of rag-tag desert thugs — like we see in terrorist training camp videos.   BUT the rag-tag thugs are just the Pawns when in fact “Al-queda” has individuals who are well-financed intelligent engineers, scientists, businessmen, State Officials who lend support and money and backing to “Al-queda” but stay out of being the pawns that carry out a terrorist attack.   This higher threshold ‘civilized’ level of “Al-queda” was gleened in a report in the UK of a Pakistan man who was a chemical scientist looking for ways to develop sophisticated bombs for “Al-queda”.  And recall it was just two months ago in 2013 where a new way of coating clothes in an explosive was warned about. These higher level secreted “Al-queda” backers may also participate at the Elitist establishment ’power players’ level per se like the underhanded money movers Goldman Sachs or the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) or the elusive Bilderberg meetings.

So what is an “Al-queda” threat then? In August we just had a worldwide global “Al-queda” threat. So who or rather what is “Al-queda“?   “Al-queda” portends to be the excuse for perpetual “war on terror” that will accomplish desired goals of some, such as George Soros, dragging down the U.S. into a socialist police State of government controlling your life like a ‘nanny slave’ with Founding Freedoms destroyed (such as NSA spying, firearms confiscation, PC correctness to protect radical Arab/Muslim defilers of the U.S., legislative privacy intrusions to expand govt for your false “security”) — the stated goals of Osama!!   

NOTICE — the media never truly follows the money trail of where “Al-queda“ is getting its money and support. The money trail of the WTC 9/11 2001 attack was tracked to be somewhere in Pakistan at its intelligence agency the ISI, a particular General who was known to meet with U.S. officials or Establishment/ruling class persons. So the money trail — do terrorist States get funding from the UN which is funded by American People’s tax dollars that then ends up with “Al-queda”? Likely so.   Anytime a money trail or a criminal link that breaks thru past the ceiling of being from the average People or Citizen person to a person that is somehow VIP or joined in the “family” of the Establishment ruling class power players such as those involved with the CFR and Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Reserve, Open Society, corrupt terrorist State friendly UN officials, Saudi Royal family, etc. then the colluding mainstream media that colludes with this upper class “family” cuts off and turns away from any further investigation.

Take note of the 4:00-6:00 mark of this video and the 8:10-9:38 mark of the audio video.  –State Dept. protects ‘Wahabiism’ school in VA

Any connection to a crime with the upper establishment the cover-up must occur to protect their fellow elitist ruling Insider —  Example — criminals like Jon Corzine who literally stole $1.2 billion (!!!) from the American People investing in MF Global but on July 8 ,2013 somehow the charges are being dropped. If you are Jon Corzine — a billionaire former Goldman Sachs CEO, ex-governor, and one of Obama’s biggest donors and steal $1.2 billion then this is the buddy-buddy cronyism of Wall Street and Washington. On Aug 4, 2013 – House Republicans state that Corzine may have lied when testifying before Congress about the MF Global collapse.  Bernie Madoff may be an example of an Insider that was thrown under the bus and left out in the cold. To go along with this example of exempting certain persons from crime, is that of certain Congressmen voting to exempt themselves from 0bamacare, as well certain Congressmen were found doing illegal Insider trading on the stock market a year ago.

Notice how the government rushs and hurries to come to and finalize a conclusion of explanation about ‘terror suspects’, to hurry up and isolate that just 1,2, or 3 individuals are involved in a terrorist attack. IT was ONLY 2 days after the Boston bombing and the suspects Tsarnaev brothers were STILL AT LARGE and the DHS/obama admin has Janet Napolitano in a conference with an accomplice media willing to report misinforming generalized lies to America.   The New York Times and other media were gleeful that they printed in their papers on front page that the Boston Bombing was a “lone wolf “ operation. Later it was found that Tsarnaev’s college roommates helped by throwing incriminating evidence into a landfill.   As well a strange incident also occurred in Orlando Florida where Ibragim Todashev, connected to the Tsarnaevs was being interrogated by the FBI and then killed by the FBI and the State of Florida refuses to investigate the FBI shooting –further cover-up?? ((Aug 1, 2013 – ACLU had requested state investigation into shooting during FBI interview of Chechen, Florida refuses to investigate FBI shooting of Tsarnaev friend – Salon …)) The Saudi National first reported as stated in the Glenn Beck video above is the most egregious problem of tied up loose ends.   The President said, “tough week for America” regarding the week of the Boston bombing that also included another strange incident of explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas (April 18th) that killed 15 and injured over 100 Americans.

So would the U.S. government use a threat of “Al-queda” to divert attention — the answer is yes.  We saw that happen in October 2011 when the exact day that Eric Holder was being indicted for the ‘Fast and Furious’ operation of gun running, Eric Holder was put on national mainstream news TV regarding a terrorist threat to an Ambassador on U.S. soil by Iran that was clearly used in timing because the incident actually occurred 2 WEEKS PRIOR!!– raising the scare alarm to divert attention from himself and to prop himself as being worthwhile to his job.

Which also brings into question another seemingly diversion by terror attack –the stunning incredible ignorance, promotion, accomplice like action by the Dept. of Defense regarding Major Nidal Hassan the Fort Hood Shooter. The Fort Hood Terrorist event mysteriously cover-up labeled by the government as a “workplace violence” incident had an eerie timing of the event because it was Thursday Nov 5th of 2009 and a critical vote to pass Obamacare was set for that Saturday the 7th in the House. Coincidence or diversion tactic? Also in terms of the surrounding exposures of Hassan’s blatant support for Jihad against America (but he was still promoted to Fort Hood — kinda strangely like Sara Ingram who oversaw the IRS scandal has been promoted to the Obamacare enforcement division or the strange promotion of Susan Rice of the Bengahzi fame being promoted to the State Dept.)  An extrordinarily dumb stupid deliberate level of political correctness (PC) blindness was the excuse by the Dept of defense and Pentagon for Hasan being promoted to Fort Hood and the Hasan “workplace violence” then occuring!   The FBI knew of links and 18 e-mails between Hassan and American Citizen turned ‘Al-queda terrorist’ Aw-Alaki!!!   Aw-alaki who was killed in 2011 by a drone attack (killing of an American Citizen by drone) has strange ties that go back to 9/11 2001. With Aw-alaki killed and Hassan scheduled to be killed — those loose ends are silenced.  Political Correctness (PC) to achieve some kind of social goal or some anti-U.S. motivation is deadly and proves to kill –Americans. 

This PC is clearly shown in the President’s blatant unwillingness to declare Fort Hood, the Boston bombing or the Benghazi attack as an act of radical Islamic Jihad Terrorist attacks — somehow deliberately calling them “tragedies” as if done by accident — that portends government fumbling or just ‘mistakes’ somehow so that Arab/Muslim Jihadists are not responsible for what they have done — anti-America war killing.  What can be then suggested is that the ‘Terrost’ label is meant to be pinned on America as being the ‘Terrorist’ in the blame America campaign of the un-American anti-freedom Left/Socialists and the effort to declare domestic terrorism as the only real terrorists, hence Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and certain  media sources calling patriotic American flag waving Constitution defending America upholding Tea Partiers as the terrorists.  That is why the mislabeling is done.

SO ALL THIS backlog of behavior of underhanded manuevering in severe deadly and destructive attacks on the U.S. BUT then the government explains, ‘we are only trying to protect you’ from “Al-queda” and so we have to violate the Constitution’s 1st, 2nd,4th , 6th (NDAA violation of indefinite detention),9th and 10th Amendments.

And so let’s see The President is readily willing to enforce international law BUT will NOT enforce U.S. laws!? Laws of the Bill of Rights and particularly here is U.S. immigration laws about illegal entry that is also directly related to Saudi ’s and other foreign Nationals coming on U.S. soil such as the 9/11 hijackers. And so let’s see, America is supposed to enforce and uphold the UN’s international laws to manifest the UN as relevant and beneficial meanwhile the same UN also seeks to undermine and do away with America’s Constitutional 2nd Amendment, confiscate guns via the Small Arms Trade Treaty, the UN that tolerates accommodating terrorist States, the UN that also sends U.S. Taxpayer money to waste in anti-U.S. endeavors, the UN that trys to impose on U.S. policy involving anti-America socialist education of our children, monitoring our voting and the false global warming agenda 21 . Also recall that even so, was a UN official that said about the Boston bombing, “Boston deserved to be bombed”!!!

So in the end what we now have transpiring is a degrade of America via deadly attack and scare threats via a seedy rotten false friend Saudi Arabia relationship with colluding Elite ruling class officials in the U.S. where raw cash for oil and oil for cash buys power and influence where Saudi Arabia flush with oil money then washes that money back onto American Officials, Congressmen and Corporate Elites who have their hands in the ‘oil business’ to protect Saudi Arabia while then if a political situation requires an “Al-queda” threat or attack to distract, divert scare or shift American views on an issue (like NSA/drone violating 4th Amendment, or 2nd Amendment to seize guns) then Saudi Arabia can just dial up a terrorist event on U.S. soil.  As a government may know of a coming or pending terror attack, it can then decide whether to let the attack go thru (and then proceed to tie-up, cover-up loose ends — just like the DOJ intruded on FBI Officials in the hospital questioning Dhjokar Tsarnaev and reading him his Miranda Rights so as to stop the questioning) or to stop it.

Outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller was just made outgoing in August, this following the Boston bombing. Robert Mueller started as the FBI Director back in 2001 under Bush, literally one week before 9/11/2001.   This has been a long 12 year term for an FBI Director for any government official that lasts in a position that even went thru an Administration change with a new President and Mueller likely knows a great deal of questionable subterfuge information.  The FBI has been known to stage events for practice drills such as hijackings, terrorism or mass shootings but what then if the FBI covers up a ‘staged event’ that was made betrayingly deadly real?

This relevant quote was found but I do not know Michael Rivero — ‎”Once a government resorts to terror against its own population to get what it wants, it must keep using terror against its own population to get what it wants. A government that terrorizes its own people can never stop. If such a government ever lets the fear subside and rational thought return to the populace, that government is finished.”
–Michael Rivero

Setting precedents is what is occurring in most of these incidents because the government is finding what it can get away with and once done government tyranny feels it can keep doing it again and again. Just as many Officials and Congressmen support ‘Syrian Rebels’ or ‘Iranian People’ to rise up and overthrow a criminal, corrupt government — at what point does a government become criminal that it should be abolished?? — crime after crime after crime after crime after crime after crime after crime after crime against the People and against freedom.

It’s NOT conspiracy folks, it’s confirmed in behaviors and actions over the past few years by government officials, the media and ruling class corporate heads colluding together, the crimes against the People. And it is evident with what has transpired.

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