Collected Great Recent Articles

“Tea Party loosens K Street’s stranglehold on the GOP” by Tim Carney, 10/6/13:  I hope NC Speaker Thom Tillis reads this article.  Maybe next time we run into each other, he won’t make foolish comments like “the grassroots greatly overestimate their effectiveness” in response to our disagreement with his strategy to run to the middle to get moderate vote (18%).  I urged him to reconsider, citing that Romney ran to the middle and never got his base (42%), and ultimately lost the election.  Tillis dismissed my analysis to first secure the GOP base, saying he studies the best statistics.  The height of his arrogance was on display there.

If Mr. Boehner wants fiscal reform, Mr Obama should listen – by

Thomas Sowell “Who Shut Down the Government” Really.

Other articles by Thomas Sowell

Obamacare Law Is Not Settled Law

Relatives of Mariam Carey, the Black lady shot by Capitol Police in DC last week, are now speaking out.  “She wasn’t delusional,” probably just scared by having guns drawn on her.  The family is asking for an investigation about excessive use of deadly force.  I’m inclined to agree with the family. This is such an unusual case.

Is a partial (17%) shutdown really a crisis?? I think not. Let’s remember to keep everything in perspective.  Keep looking at the big picture.  GOV’T SPENDING IS OUT OF CONTROL!!  by Byron York, 10/7/13.

And urgh… the debt ceiling debate, Erick Erickson,, 10/7/13:


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