MEETING Tues, 7pm

NC Rep. Edgar Starnes will be our guest.  He will give a State of the State, and hopefully… he’ll talk about his campaign.  I’ve heard Steve Stone is searching for a challenger.

Tuesday’s meeting is a Canned Food Drive drop-off location for canned foods, dry beans, and rice.  Nicole had the great idea to do a food drive for Yokefellows food bank in Lenoir.  Show Govt We Can Care For Our Own Neighbors!  Why?  We can help our neighbors in need.  WIC (Women, Infants, Children) program is not being funded by the federal government during the gov’t shutdown.  WIC is federally funded, but today the state stepped in today and will fund WIC through the end of the month.  We are going to hold a food drive and give it to Yokefellow to support their mission, because demand will probably be much greater than before.  Even if you don’t come to the meeting, drop off some food at the library.  Yokefellows foodbank is running low – aren’t we all.

Two big events this weekend on Oct 19th:

  • Nullify Now! — At the Raleigh Convention Center, on Oct. 19 from 9am – 5:45pm.
  • Voter Integrity ProjectAt AB-Tech in Asheville, this very important Training.  Calendar and details link. Event link to pay.  Oct. 19  from  9am – 5pm.
    • Voter Integrity Project — In Asheville at AB-Tech.

I want to give an update about a call I received from Dr. Greg Brannon’s new campaign manager, Nick Dyer.  He came from Senator Ted Cruz’s staff.  I’d like to update you all about a meeting with Thom Tillis as well.  And maybe someone knows something about Rev. Mark Harris (campaigned being managed by NCGOP Robin Hayes).  I’m betting Mr. Hayes wishes he had played nicer with the TEA Party now.


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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  1. We do need to replace Rep. Starnes, but we need to be careful who we replace him with. His twenty years in the State House is enough, and it seems to have done little to prompt him to support freedom. We need someone who has a real grasp on liberty and the Constitution, someone who respects free choice and speech on the election ballot instead of opposing it and who will try to make a difference for life even when it doesn’t seem possible.

    Don’t get me wrong, Rep. Starnes stands up for life and many conservative principles, but he does not value or respect the individual’s right to be represented, he would prefer to limit voter choice to a few candidates in the hopes of ensuring either a Republican or Democratic victory as he even said from the House floor. This is wholly inconsistent with our Republican form of government where free elections decide who represents the people and thereby gauntness the people their right to self-government. Without such, there is no self-government. And before anyone says otherwise, I’m not talking about Voter ID, I support Voter ID, I’m talking about NC’s ballot access laws which rank as some of the most restrictive in the nation.

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