by Sharon Sellers
Oct. 14, 2013

And what isn’t the tea party. The tea party is not a political party, it is not a thing at all.

The original tea party movement is made up mostly of small business owners who started forming groups all over the country during the Bush administration and coming out in protest against this borrow, tax and spend government. The government that is taxing and regulating them out of business and giving their tax $$ away to bail out banks and big corporations. That is it, that is what it was to begin with, concerned citizens, job creators, forming local groups to figure out what to do and to work together to get people in office that would stop the madness.

The movement exploded all over the country so, of course, it must be controlled and guided, so it was co-opted. Packaged. Tea party thinking people are the silent majority, they are fiscal conservatives.

They work hard to build a business and they spend their money wisely and they expect government to spend their tax $$ wisely too. They don’t expect government to impose so much taxation on them that they can not survive, let alone grow and prosper and employ more people.  That is what the tea party is really all about.

It is ridiculous that so much is blamed on the tea party when so few even really know what it is/was because it has been made into a leviathan of epic proportion by the media.

Tea party thinking people are realists, they crunch numbers, they make things happen, they are the backbone of America. They don’t want to be bothered with a bunch of political crap, red tape, and fighting crushing regulations, they have work to do. Think about that the next time you hear someone trash the tea party, they are trashing a purely fictional character.

All responsible capable people that don’t want government running their lives are the tea party.

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  1. It’s TEA party, Taxed Enough Already party. People seem to have forgotten this simple concept.

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