“Un-documented” is un-welcome and makes an ‘immigrant’ ILLEGAL due to illegal entry of the U.S.

  Tea Party 61LEGAL immigration to the U.S. is welcome and understandable for immigrants seeking to live the American Dream from the exceptional freedom, liberty and prosperity that identifies the U.S. as an exceptional Nation. LEGAL immigration has long been done by millions of LEGAL ‘immigrants’ thru our history without complaint or demands that America change to their foreign ways where these immigrants then adapt, assimilate to become American and support the U.S. flag rather than their country of origin’s flag. Americans legitimately welcome newcomer immigrants that enhance, benefit America’s well-being and strength in being united to uphold America’s position as the leading beacon of freedom and light for the world. “Un-documented” is merely a euphemism (false feel good label) for ‘illegal immigrant’, ‘illegal Alien’.

U.S. soil is a real physical entity designated by its surveyed posted boundaries of U.S. States and international Borders. U.S. soil is thereby under U.S. jurisdiction and hence U.S. law with every inch of ground up to the Border. Just as Counties in a U.S. State are designated and enforced, for example Cochise county of Arizona is enforced with U.S./Arizona law because it is U.S. soil. The crossing of an international Border in violation of the immigration laws of the destined country is , by definition, ILLEGAL immigration.

Illegal Aliens are not immigrants due to their illegal act of intruding U.S. defined by their lack of legal documents that they know they are committing. When a person that is required to have legal documentation to carry out an activity such as a hunting license, drivers license or a concealed carry permit does not have such documents then they are penalized by law as lawbreakers — hence are committing an illegal act.

Since the U.S. Border designates the existence of an entity known as the Nation of the United States, it thereby exists lawful jurisdiction over U.S. soil that secures U.S. sovereignty by laws of National security such as ENTRY (immigration) laws. The U.S. Border is what makes an undocumented immigrant illegal and also an Alien because the person is a foreign National committing a crime by presence (much like loitering). The U.S. Border then becomes priority set to U.S. terms that effectively shuns unneeded unnecessary unwanted unhealthy (monetarily, societal, culturally) ILLEGAL immigration that provides common sense control and does not allow catastrophic illegal entry that amounts to a collective effort of invasion. An ILLEGAL immigrant has no legal grounds to work or live on U.S. soil because an illegal immigrant is a foreign National committing a crime of stealing existence from the U.S. Nation against all the current American Citizens and rightful legal Immigrants.

‘Law-abiding illegal immigrant’ or an innocent ‘Dreamer’ going to school is an oxymoron and thereis no such thing as a “law-abiding illegal Alien”. There are many statutes that illegal Aliens who are ’simply here to work or go to school’ are violating — False impersonation of a U.S. Citizen (18U.S.C/911) (illegal Aliens often present themselves as U.S. citizens), Fraud and False Statements (18 U.S.C./1001) (illegal Aliens make false statements to the government or on official documents), Social Security Fraud(42 U.S.C./408) (ID theft or made up false social security number). This is NOT mere legal ‘nit-picking’ to be ignored because large numbers of illegal Aliens in a community, like the Hispanic community (60% of illegal entry comes off Border) that is crying because they are ILLEGAL, know they are illegal brought on themselves, causes cost, damage and harm to America and American families thru taxation and additional crimes causing illegal immigration to be a scourge that amounts to an act of pillaging, invasion and war.

Illegal –from dictionary: prohibited by law; against
the law

Invade — from dictionary: to enter forcibly, hostilely,
to intrude upon or violate

Alien — from dictionary: a foreigner; a foreign-born person who is not

Immigrant — from dictionary: one who comes to a new country to settle

Amnesty — from dictionary: a pardon, esp. for political offenses (Pardon per dictionary: to release from further punishment — synonym – reprieve (hence a removal or reprieve from threat of law)

Since there are immigration laws with good reasoned controls that all Nations of the world have that means a person who comes to a new country forcibly or to violate is an illegal invader Alien. An act of doing something defines the activity. For example, to throw a baseball is to throw, a person who commits murder is a murderer, a person who thieves a store is a thief, a person who commits illegal Border entry is an illegal Alien.

BP - virtual nonsenseHumans choose to criminalize themselves by committing an illegal act. Mexico and other Latin American Nation know they are committing illegal offenses against the U.S. daily and the U.S. owes Mexico and others nothing other than brisk deterrents for such acts. So criminalizing human existence is done by the criminal who violates the Border with illegal entry because there are National domains of jurisdiction that states a person to be a foreign National illegal Alien. Deterring such behavior is to get at the rotten intent of an illegal Alien committing illegal entry.

Any action allowing illegal Aliens legal presence that rescinds the law off their backs and hence allows illegal Aliens to stay IS an AMNESTY action. The well-being of the United States and Americans is the subject of setting laws for U.S. existence where Americans and the U.S. are to be put first before illegal Aliens where there are currently 22 million unemployed Americans and there are U.S. Citizen and legal immigrant college graduates looking for work. Illegal Aliens should not be allowed to take limited college seats from U.S. Citizens and legal immigrants and as such in-state tuition is stealing. Any law that would change our existing laws to accommodate millions of illegal aliens and allow them to stay with no respect for the law is AMNESTY. “Immigration Reform”, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, “Guest Worker Program”. “Temporary worker Program”, all are an AMNESTY. America does not have to do “immigration reform“ when it is the same exact sell out for greed of AMNESTY with false never to be done Border security just like all other prior amnesty actions (1986 IRCA) that acts AGAINST America to cause further erosion and harm to America’s well-being and sovereign existence as an exceptional Nation based on law.

At some point you are either taking actions that uphold, put America and Americans first or you are taking actions that decline, cost and run-down America and repeats the same attempted betrayal and mistake that has been done before – AMNESTY (legal status of any form). This is not rocket science and in fact is one of the most simple basic security functions of any Nation that goes back to building a fence in the Middle Ages or in B.C. eras or to put it in a down-sized view –to secure your personal house from Intruders. Nations have relationships and a Border relation say with Canada is a positive example, the Border with Mexico is NOT proper or beneficial.

STOP trying to tell Americans that illegal immigration is good for America when clearly the majority of Americans inherently know that illegal Aliens ARE HARMFUL AND NOT GOOD!

When the wording in legislation says that ALL that is required by DHS,ICE, Border Patrol is to just submit plans to secure the Border (that someday they will get around to it in the future — which is what is actually in the Senate bill –only 3500 new Border Patrol Agents — but not until 2017!!! — but illegal Aliens get AMNESTY right away) then IT IS the same lying sham fool job as the 1986 and 2007 AMNESTIES. We have had “PLANS” to secure and enforce the Border all along and it has been 30 years of seeing these “promised security PLANS” (lies) blocked, defunded, delayed, lawsuited, the Border States sued by Federal govt., legislated into Open Border conditions by bogus “environemntal concerns” or designed to fail in any effort!! NOPE. ILLEGAL Aliens are NOT to have it their way when it is America that needs to stand up for its laws and insure that its going to be pro-America and for America first and America’s existence for proper legal immigration is rightly fortified. America has the prime directive of discriminating who is allowed in and who is not. The U.S., American Citizens and Legal Immigrants are NOT to be disadvantaged, run-over, taxed or penalized in any form (which includes making Americans then have to come under a biometric National ID Card in order to work –Sec 3101 of the awful Senate bill S.744) just because ILLEGAL Intruders enter, commit crimes and cause a nuisance upon our society.

Following video:  Here is the sham betrayal of the 1986 amnesty being debated back then.  See some of the recognizable miserable faces like Chuck Schumer (Mr. sob story) still betraying his oath and Nation to help illegal Aliens put America in an even worse condition today.  NOTICE the exact same bogus general cliches used then — that are still used today!!  Trying to do the same sham.  Such as, “out of the shadows”, “comprehensive immigration reform”, “migrant workers”, “path to citizenship”. 

Big business’s empty and unnecessary call for mass foreign workers in an amnesty and guest-worker program is the attempt to do away with the Border, throw the U.S. Nation under the bus, to eventually get to a point down the road where there is no definition of a Nation — for what — all for a temporary “sugar high” of destructive greed backed by Wall Street. The back-door go-around to stopping illegal entry at the Border is to then simply create an unlimited visa program of “guest-workers” (that will then end up NOT being guests as that law is violated with illegal staying) that essentially creates an open-non Border where there is then no U.S. Nation but rather a so-called ‘North American Union’ — much like the European Union, to downgrade America.

NO AMNESTY (ANY form of legal status)
NO “guest-worker” program
NO “immigration reform” that is the same lying sham to aid illegal Aliens at the expense of America and American families and will be used wrongly against America for destructive greed and government overreach.    Go here to sign petition that will be delivered next week and take action —


Tea Party 40

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