UPDATE ALERT: Lobbying March on DC this week regarding illegal immigration

ALIPAC and FAIR with Citizens nationwide are heading up this effort.

Please consider making phone calls this week (Nov.18-22) to your Representative and Congressmen in Washington. While ALIPAC lobbyists go from office to office in DC delivering petitions and carrying our strategic messages, we will need you to burn up the phone lines and online message channels to DC lawmakers!

ALIPAC’s list of lawmakers that need to stay corrected to stand up for America but could work with Obama and Democrats to pass amnesty
Traitor list with contact info and proof of amnesty stance

BEWARE and please stay poised during Holidays for harmful activity against Americans coming out of Washington D.C. an any issue, but more so on “immigration reform”.

John Boehner is signaling retreat from the Senate’s amnesty bill while speaking to one group, while telling illegal aliens he is working hard to get amnesty through for them over breakfast. Click here to make sure you have reviewed news of our victory against the Senate amnesty bill and the video of Boehner’s staged encounter with illegals.

We still must beware a sneak legislative move in December (See Paul Ryan). Corrupt DC politicians love moving dirty deeds (like prior actions of 0bamacare, and the NDAA indefinite detention against American Citizens) forward during the Holidays when they know most of you would prefer to not be thinking about them and their actions. That is why we plan to focus our lobbying on the ground in DC and by phone this week.

Sellout America Republicans (RINOS) that have no principles other than money, big government continue talking false doublespeak trying to give the same sham of amnesty in bogus “immigration reform”. We have to warn all American patriots that false white flags on immigration is likely a ruse.

In 24 hours our first hard copies of our Petition Against Amnesty go to print!

Please take steps to make sure everyone you can reach signs at

Though Boehner has promised that the House would only move smaller, “piece-by-piece” immigration measures, rather than “comprehensive” bills like the Senate’s awful harmful gang of eight amnesty S.747, the intention and end result of “piece by piece” immigration measures is the same — amnesty — LEGAL STATUS for illegal Aliens — whether its called, “pathway to citizenship”, “worker permits”, “probationary period”, “registered provisional immigrant status (RPI)”, “out of shadows”, “legalization”, etc. That means no small amnesties and no massive increases in immigration (“guest-worker” program to DOUBLE our legal immigration) that unfairly flood the labor market.

The bogus “immigration reform” amnesty now proposed will repeat the same betrayal done before of prior amnesty (1986, 1996), we will have another 12 million illegal Aliens in a few years and stimulate the next waves of tens of millions of illegal aliens to enter to replace Americans and effectively create a future bloc of more than 20 million illegal aliens that plans to vote as Democrats 8 to 1 according to Pew Research! This illegal alien voting bloc will assure there will be no defenses for American workers, taxpayers, and borders in the future and forevermore.

Don’t get fooled again — just like 1986, 2007- the proposed immigration reform being attempted now is the same sham of Amnesty for illegal Aliens instantly (never to be revoked) and then gut enforcement and Border security such that there is a path directed at not having a Border at all.

Illegal immigration amnesty promoting deceivers John McCain and Lindsey Graham have recently indicated that the the thing they fear most right now are the GOP primaries against their fellow RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in the US House.
Now stored at ALIPAC’s Polls and Surveys section (CLICK HERE), we know that 60% of Americans oppose Obama and the GOP leadership’s immigration reform amnesty, while only 32% support it! These numbers are almost identical to the findings in 2006 and 2007 that also show Americans oppose legalizing illegal aliens 2 to 1! We also have a new poll that shows that swing voters, which make up 51% of all American voters, oppose the current Obama and GOP fusion immigration reform plans 54% vs 32%, with those strongly opposed to amnesty making up 38% while those strongly in favor only comprise 12%!

Please consider the massive and destructive impact of doing the same mistake as 1986 amnesty and that will also simply give the 0bama Administration an excuse to do whatever it wants with helping illegal Aliens to violate America and join our effort to take citizen lobbyists to DC Nov 18-20 (Click here for details), and help us pursue the illegal alien amnesty supporting Republicans all the way to their defeat in the GOP primaries of 2014!

Sample Message (Deliver to your own member of Congress then all 24 GOP targets on our list):

“I’m calling to make sure Representative _____ is aware that a new Pew Research poll shows that 60% of Americans reject the “immigration reform” amnesty that you are trying to help Obama pass, and that only 32% support what you are doing. Furthermore, a new NBC poll shows that 38% of your swing voters strongly oppose your immigration reform amnesty solution while only 12% strongly support it! Stop trying to serve the special interests and stand with the majority of American voters who want you to oppose Obama’s immigration reform amnesty. You should be working on addressing Obama’s many misdeeds and abuses of power instead of working to help deliver amnesty for illegal aliens to him!”

Illegal alien amnesty supporters (George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, non-U.S. allegiance multi-national corporations, etc.) are trying to set the stage for a “Christmas miracle” effort to pass their nation destroying bill in the final 12 work days of Congress. Big business corporate sellouts meet with 0bama — see article here — http://www.fairus.org/legislative-updates/legislative-update-11-13-2013#4

Any amnesty or mass guest worker bill, comprehensive or piece-by-piece, is bad public policy because:
Granting any legal status to illegal aliens unfairly rewards law-breaking. Any form of legal status, including DREAM Act-style proposals, are just as much of an amnesty as a “path to citizenship,” and will do nothing but encourage more illegal immigration, just like it did after the 1986 amnesty.
Granting amnesty and increasing the number of guest workers unfairly adds millions of workers to compete for scarce jobs when over 20 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed.

Guest workers benefit employers, not the U.S. economy or out-of-work Americans. Rather, guest worker programs lower wages and increases dependence on cheap, foreign labor.
The U.S. already has the most generous immigration system in the world, admitting over 1 million legal immigrants annually, along with bringing in 800,000-900,000 guest workers each year. More than the rest of all the other Nations of the world combined. That is plenty enough. America needs jobs — not increased immigration. YET, the “guest-worker” program would flood and unnecessarily DOUBLE the legal immigration by handing out as many visas — not good for America — only good for the harmful greed of establishment execs, officials, wall streeters who care little about the USA well being as a Nation.

Congressmen MO Brooks gives true assessment about amnesty http://www.alipac.us/content/rep-mo-brooks-amnesty-would-economically-debilitate-america-domestic-workers-2412/

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put up a website giving what it calls “10 Immigration Facts Everyone Can Agree To.” The so-called facts are both falsehoods and half-truths. Here is their #10:
U.S. Chamber’s Myth: “Reforming the legal immigration system will not help secure the border.”
U.S. Chamber’s Fact: “Immigration reform is an integral part of any effective border security strategy.”
FAIR’s Fact:
A principal objective of immigration reform is deterring future illegal immigration. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce apparently believes that the only way to prevent border violation is to open the border to more legal entry by unskilled workers who otherwise would come legally. That is a formula for perpetuating the hiring of foreign workers at exploitive wages and preventing wages for those jobs to increase enough to attract U.S.-born workers. The true way to gain control of the border is to remove the job opportunity incentive and welfare handouts for big government that attracts illegal immigration.

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