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Caldwell Board of Education Less-than-Receptive to Concerns Over Common Core (video below)

Recently, we saw a drastic drop in the test scores of Caldwell County public school students. It has been stated by education officials that the drop is due to more rigorous standards, and that we should expect an increase in … Continue reading

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Christmas Party at AJ’s Tuesaday Dec 17

12/17 – Caldwell TEA Party CHRISTMAS PARTY! 6pm at AJ’s Steakhouse behind the fireplace.  Our quick guest speaker Bill Flynn candidate for US Senate and lots of cheer!! 🙂 We will do a White Elephant (Dirty Santa) gift exchange – $10 max value. Continue reading

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Obamacare news

“Killing” Cancer Patients”:
Obamacare: What’s the Point?
Obamacare Death Panels Mimic Hitler’s T4 Eugenics Program

Google “eugenics” if you’re not sure what it means. I’m confident you’ll it is evil.

Dec 3rd, Tuesday
7pm meeting / 8pm Dr Brannon
guest: Dr Greg Brannon candidate for US Senate. Continue reading

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