NSA spying recommendations are worthless

tea party 3       What has been attempted by the Federal govt is yet another attempt to deflect the real point of the problem by again putting on a show, making up words like ‘transparency’ telling you that you can trust them and then go right back to keep doing the exact same violations of 4th Amendment privacy.


The spoken positive faced notion of NSA spying is that it is being done to prevent terrorism.  To find and intercept a possible attack.  The conjecture comes to ask – ‘what if we could’ve stopped a terror attack with this technology’?  Pr0posed is that ‘the American People will just blame the Fed government for a terror attack that gets thru anyway and so the Fed govt will do whatever it ‘CAN’ to not have such blame’.  Are we any safer with the NSA spying??  It is the norm of history and criminal activity that criminals will find a way and what happens is that the individuals really paying for criminal activity is not the criminal but rather the law-abiding Citizen.  The Federal govt has been responsible for National defense since the birth of the Nation and before 9/11 and it remains the job that has been done without backdoor avenues that slys Citizens of their respected Rights.  What still remains a problem in Fed agencies in National defense is failure due to ‘turf wars’ where agencies won’t share information with each other.  Clearest example of this failure of safety is the Boston bombing where NSA among all its massive spying could NOT detect the Tsarnaev brothers blatant posting of terrorist jihad on youtube video and facebook – and why??!!  Because they were to busy spying on lawful American Citizens?  How come the Underwear bomber was not detected and only by sheer luck the bomb didn’t go off.  Or the Times Square bomber by sheer luck a Citizen saw the SUV and the bomb didn’t go off. And sure it can be shown that a couple other attacks were prevented by warrantless NSA spying.  So the success/failure of stopping a terrorist attack can be hit or miss just as it has been since 1776 BUT the problem with what has occurred in warrantless spying is that the outcomes of the now built technology is that future corruption by violating the People’s 4th Amendment is absolute because it is loss of the People’s freedom and integrity of proper government that will condescend America.  Once the Federal government has taken your money, your freedom, your property, privacy it almost NEVER gives it back.

The American People understand the hard work and always possible mistakes of the Federal govt in protection and security and therefore when the Fed govt is truthful and reveals what happened then there can be understanding.  What the American People get angry about and question motives with is when the Federal govt works to conceal, cover-up, gives redacted reports, has a Justice Dept. that won’t question terrorists like Tsarnaev,  acts suspicious and does not be forthcoming with timeline actions of the event.

Criticism & Point:

Former NSA Director Michael Hayden said that the latest recommendations from Washington DC on NSA spying is about making up “a message to the American People in being more comfortable” with being spied on but not really changing anything. It’s all about the messaging — (hint: telling the American People lies and misinformation).  Words like ‘transparency’ and ‘oversight’ are used to manipulate and make you think something will be done when it is all fraud.  ‘Transparency’ is a blowoff term because there is no such thing as transparency in politics.

Sorry there is no gray area, there is no little bit of spying or trying to find some moderate middle ground – just as a woman is pregnant or not preganant (there is no half pregnant) ,or an immigrant is either legally or illegally entering the Nation,  so is the case that you are either spying or you are not.  Those supporting the spying surveillance then proceed to make deflecting diverting points about what the data mining, NSA  surveillance of our computers, phones actually is in order to distort, lie, cover-up the real violation and focal point of the problem.

The problem of violating the 4th Amendment is NOT     about:

1) spying on foreign goverments (a normal govt activity) and their leaders

2)who is going to store the data and be responsible

3)how the data is going to be used

4)being nice to foreign non-U.S. Citizen communication

5)preventing terrorism

6)NOT ABOUT stated phone Metadata (because its not just the phones, its every bit of e-mail,text or communication)

The Problem of government violation of intrusion is about the collusion of political interests to use subterfuge against political opponents in a manner of threat and actual punishment to silence dissent and free speech debate against the current government and political opponents.  The problem of violation IS the obtaining and looking at, recording, taking ANY data or documents IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

The list of backtracks and excuses has been unacceptable and egregious by Michael Hayden, General Keith Alexander, James Clapper and other pro spying unconstitutional Congressmen.  These statements were all made and then later confessed to be NOT true — “we’re not collecting e-mail, texts or other private internet messages”, “we’re not misusing the personal data that we do collect”.  Then the uncovered lies had to be backtracked – “okay our collection of data on Americans has been abused accidentally, but not deliberately or wittingly”.  Then trying to act like the NSA is policing itself (which it can’t do)  with the Washington Post August 15th reporting 2776 violations of its own rules the NSA trys to act like its ALL normal acceptable and irrelevant because its only some miniscule number or explaining it only about phones.  NO, the millions and millions of wanted “authorized” intercepts of the People’s communications are ALL illegal! –except for the very very few carried out with a valid warrant.

Another NSA Whistle blower rightly stood up before Edward Snowden and said NO during the Bush years : William Binney (resigned in disgust after 40 years at the NSA)

Edward Snowden and others like Binney corroborate the story and evidence that the current surveillance State is severely compromising freedom and the integrity of law and as said is only the ‘tip of the Iceberg’ that Officals just wanted to keep hidden and in the dark behind the back of the People. What it means is that Government Officials have much , much more planned that they want to get a away with in hiding so they can get it in place before the People know.

Yet, the clearest cases of severe illegal abuses stands right before our eyes– the IRS scandal used for election fraud — (seemingly, obviously deliberately the mainstream media makes no connection or correlation between NSA spying and what occurred in the IRS scandal or other acts of threat and intimidation brow beating by the administration with businesses, groups, etc.)  Conjectured by congressmen and the media is that NSA spying is all about terrorism …and ignores the blatant actions of Lois Lerner, Doug Shulmann (reporting to obama campaign about damaging the tea Party), Sarah Ingram.  As well the other acts of subterfuge…. Examples –  Romney campaign donor, Frank Vandersloot – working for other candidate – gets audited.  Dr. Ben Carson – speaks out and gets audited.  Another case was Senate candidate Christine O’ Donnell who had her privacy protected federal IRS tax records snooped thru somehow after a newspaper article mentioned a tax lien.   Looking for embarrasing infromation, somehow O’Donnell’s political opponents were illegally able to access O’Donnell’s IRS tax records!

The clearest threat of corruption is the current Administration – not only did the 0bama admin. continue Bush’s violations of warrantless surveillance –( which starts the ‘doing what the last guy did’ of future President abuse) it has yet expanded, extended such activity –even to point of direct subterfuge with use of damaging punishing destruction of opponents finances with the IRS in order to win an election!! This is about as anti- democracy and direct a correlation of what occurs in despotic Regimes as you can get.  The President’s misguiding show is to act like he is acting FOR the People with worthless cosmetic meaningless “changes” as some kind of outsider saying “we’ll get to the bottom of this spying” but is in fact the exact criminal perpetrating the violations against the People.

It’s about EAVESDROPPPING via reading collecting the data in the first place!!,  our emails, texts, phone conversations that then leads to political motivations to threaten, silence dissent from the Federal govt — what is being attempted is to say that Right of the 4th Amendment now comes from the Federal govt – because we will now allow you when and where you are not being surveillanced and threaten you for content of what you are saying.. Punishment by the government for exercising legitimate free speech is the beginning of orwellian thought police.  NSA spying of taking all communications IS an umbrella of suppression on the People designed to squelch free speech and bring threat to obey ‘whatever government wants’.

Those who don’t want to GET IT!! Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) now takes the Nation to a new low of totalitarian government by endorsing a continued new era and State of corruption where government is used to attack its own Citizens (per the IRS scandal and its attack on Constitutional principle groups)! Chuck Schumer now says that anyone trying to tell the government their free speech or to hold Federal Government accountable and abide American laws such as the U.S. Constitution should be harassed and have their lives punished.  What is extreme is Democrats or other Officials saying that supporting the U.S. Constitution and American principles is “extreme”.  Americans can understand and may welcome a ‘changing America’ that changes in culture or changes workable legislation BUT what is destructive and harmful to America and the People’s well-being is to have a U.S. Federal Government ‘change’ to be an un-American government by discarding the good, healthy beneficial foundations/principles that constitutes/makes America the greatest most successful leader Nation in the world. What those like Schumer and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo hide and can’t admit or articulate is what kind of government system they support if its not the American government system of the Bill of Rights or checks and balances by the People with informed elections.

Remember the President’s actions on the sequester cuts – close the White House tours, close the Airports, close Parks  rather then curtail obvious wasteful govt spending, govt pay increases – he acted to say Americans need to feel pain and disorder in order to achieve politics.  Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) remains as a sully to the U.S. Senate body incapable to do his job by acting senile toward an abusive President. The ILLEGAL improper role of the Federal govt has no place in American lives because its powers have become corrosive to not abide the functions stated in the Constitution.  State and local governments are more responsible and better closer to the People in carrying out functions that the Federal government only makes worse by its involvement.

Another Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) has recently stated that Section 215 of the Patriot Act was somehow “secretly interpreted” in a “secret” meeting that allows warrantless surveillance NSA spying –sure– to do whatever it wants.  SO, of course government officials just making up fraud to justify what the government WANTS to do – secret courts, secret closed door deals…sure.   Which goes to portray what has been a string of activity and legislations since 2001 (drones, immigration enforcement, takeovers of business,etc.) whereby the Federal Govt just goes and breaks its own laws and the Constitution by just going and doing the action AND THEN comes back and says to Congress that they must make up a law and rubber stamp it, oh because the govt is already doing it anyway and they just can’t stop what they are doing. It needs to end now!

So it was the Patriot Act that began during the George W. Bush term where violations of the Constitution occurred, as cell phones got gps tracking devices via the telecom industry that the govt glummed onto with your tax dollars,  then the decision was made by President Bush to construct the largest supercomputer for the government in Bluffdale, Utah using the People’s tax dollars to run-over the 4th Amendment —that the Bush Administration KNEW ALL ALONG WAS TO BE USED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!   Much like the current President KNEW that Americans were going to have their health insurance jerked out and terminated and private insurance companies would be destroyed.  And now the next step toward a total police State has been taken and will lead to worse actions if NSA spying is not done away with.  The Patriot Act was supposed to be “sunset” which means done away with in 2009,2011 and 2013 but somehow keeps getting extended.   The Patriot Act needs to permanently sunset in 2015 when it is due.

Sure, it is unlikely that persons in Federal Agencies, NSA are casually looking at the People’s e-mail’s, phones randomly (for a little entertainment, tipoffs on acquaintances or illegal insider trading) BUT if you are at odds with the President, or certain Officials or Congressmen on an issue or are a political opponent that is not liked then you may get a little ‘ lookie lou’  JUST BECAUSE THE NSA CAN with your surveillanced data see what you are up to and how they can rub out or counteract your dissent activity.   Edward Snowden is now being slandered and portrayed wrongly by establishment media, Officials (Congressman Peter King (R-NY), Michael McCaul (R-TX)) who know the wrongdoing of NSA spying and its connected IRS scandal.  There are those among us who don’t mind attacking freedom and the Bill of Rights because they think the People should have no freedom but rather laws to control them and that the People are nothing more than ‘workers’ and indentured serfs to an Elite Washington-Corporate establishment – this kind of government has a label and its not American.

The problem with the Federal government is that the reason for doing something on an issue is usually double faced because the opportunity exists to do ulterior motives that they know the American People don’t want, they know its bad for America and such ulterior motives are  only designed to benefit the government’s own that results in profit and corrupt power at the expense of the People.  And this is why healthy responsible government for/by the People as guided by the American foundations of the U.S. Constitution is and now has to be restored by terminating the NSA spying program along with an abused Patriot Act that the People were told would be sunset.  But this is where “Al-queda” just can’t seem to be a threat that is lived down, used to instill fear, dramatized in news media but yet National defense has many other threats that is a job for National Security that does not get reported or is assumed to be taken care of,  like criminals importing nuclear material across a wide open U.S.-Mexico Border, etc.

The bigger picture says NO to warrantless surveillance/spying on ALL forms of Citizen communication, because the destruction of the 4th Amendment is by far more harmful, due to the incrementalism of government in turning the U.S. into a police state of non-freedom – the outlying future of the U.S. COULD under any future Administration be bleak where a constant exposure of deprived privacy enslaves Citizens to no longer have say about elected officials (be a representative govt. -Republic) .   What was not possible then (such as Gestapo-like future) because of the proper Bill of Rights firewall between the govt and the People is now possible to happen in America’s future.  And due to scandals and Edward Snowden being a courageous whistleblower it has been shown that we already have taken the first incremental steps down the path of total police state.  The following disturbing pictures was not possible before but is now possible for a future America :

Tea party 57Obama - shit 2


Government Officials, Czars, Corporate Elites, Bureaucrats have plans for you and they are going to be so good for you to “help” you that they can’t even tell you about it, much like 0bamacare is so good for you BUT it’s even better for the Officials making the plans for you.   Just reported as acted on Mon. Jan 25th, 2014 is that the Justice Dept. (see here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/27/us-usa-security-data-idUSBREA0Q1OF20140127?feedType=RSS  ) now concluded that when doing its NSA spying the private companies being used as sellout contractors Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and soon other server internet networks can now disclose how many times they were used in a National Security investigation. This action is supposed to now be approved by a Federal FISA court – what do you think that decision will be? – rubber stamp as a false fix that means nothing but continued spying.  Holder’s Justice Dept. is like having Al-queda guard the U.S. embassy.  YOU DON’T GET IT!!  GOING THRU ALL THE PEOPLE’S PRIVATE DOCUMENTS AND COMMUNICATIONS is NOT A National Security Investigation!! The ACT of Spying, recording the People’s data NEEDS TO BE ENDED!   Google, Verizon, Facebook, are the example of govt collusion gone bad to worse in having no regard for its customers. If the govt can do it (with the help of crony companies being paid off with your tax dollars ) should they do it?? – NO!!     Just because we can clone humans – should we do it?? -NO!! RFID chip

Incrementalism is unacceptable and a path to travesty that is the future conceived use of microchips and surveillance on everything everywhere.  This why the American People are saying that there cannot be one inch of increment further!  Here is more of what the “iceberg” looks like under the water – Government officials will try to tell you that it is good for you – such as putting ID chips in your flesh to control your medical treatment.  Putting surveillance chips on your kids to control their mental thought so they comply with the State and they are told that their Rights are given to them by the government.   Putting microchips in new born babies at government run hospital to control them.  Possibly using flying drones the size of a hummingbird to sit outside your window and eavesdrop your conversation.  Future plans for you…  Yet further to be condoned is the use of drones on Americans for spying, putting gps tracking devices in cars, tax meters in cars(tax every mile you drive) or surveillance in Americans cars to watch and eavesdrop on your car conversation.  ANY possible govt. collusion that is occurring with Auto-maker companies should be scrutinized and halted NOW.   Any so-called “private-public” partnership should be considered a govt bribe and hence a govt takeover designed to pick winners and losers in the economy FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES.   The internet may come under further threat and surveillance where the govt will enact curfews such as what  China does in limiting its People to 5 hours a day, or go about censoring what the People are allowed to  view or use.

SOME DON’T GET IT??!!  Harming the 4th Amendment firewall where govt does not belong means that you will have a Nation ravaged by threat fulfilling Osama Bin Laden’s wishes.   YOU KNOW IT IS WRONG AND WE TOLD YOU IT IS WRONG AND NOW LOOK AT THE SCANDAL!! Well you know, we should all just have a more moderate stance and use words like oversight, courts and transparency and that will make what the government has violated on the People OK.   NOPE, it will remain unacceptable to have Courts try to act as arbiters or to make the Courts seem like its OK because they are overseeing the spying or to say that the FISA court or ANY Federal Court or the U.S. Supreme Court (now corrupt and political after 0bamacare ruling) be acting for the People because they are stacked against the People and/or soldout to crony establishment will.  Taken in sum, the roster of snooping programs (PRISM, Xkeyscore, etc.) the Courts, Congress and the president have formed an unholy union bent on making the Nation where every Citizen is SUSPECT and is perpetually under a never-blinking eye of the government.

The standard is NOT whether or not the Spies (NSA or any other Fed Agency) or their Bosses think the violations are Okay.  The standard is the Constitution – for every issue, on every occasion with no exceptions.   The supercomputer in Bluffdale Utah is NOT the government’s computer, it is the People’s computer.

There is to be NO data collection/surveillance of American’s documents, personal possesions, tracking phone calls, etc.  The NSA and other privacy violating federal agencies need to get out and stay out of the People’s 4th Amendment protected personal communications and possessions unless you have a legitimate warrant of reasonable cause!!

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