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NC’s Speaker Thom Tillis Responds to Enviro-Collusion Controversy (Sort of)

A new documentary on NC’s commercial fishing industry has freaked out the North Carolina faux-environmentalists who are trying to run our commercial fishermen out of business for their admitted personal profit. Documentary in question: Here is a synopsis that was … Continue reading

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Gregg Brannon’s Senate Campaign Might Be In Trouble

Can Brannon’s campaign survive a guilty verdict? Will the voters care about the details of the case, or just the outcome? Here is a collection of links about the case, as well as the interview from the same day on Glenn Beck’s radio show. Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh thinks the GOP wants the IRS to harass TEA Party groups

The Tea Party represents an “outside threat to their power hold,” he explained.

Limbaugh went even further, theorizing that the GOP might even be willing to lose elections in order to get rid of the Tea Party. Continue reading

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Meeting tonight, Tues 7pm

2/18 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting 7pm at Caldwell County Public Library. Common Core is again on the agenda. There is a Common Core meeting on Thursday in in Raleigh. ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME.

2/20 – Education Committee is having a hearing on Common Core in Raleigh at the Capitol.

2/22 – Trauma First Aid intro and Land Navigation classes at 1:00pm at the Caldwell County Library.
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Common Core meeting notes and links

Common Core is a one-size-fits-all federal education curriculum that just isn’t working around the country. Here’s loads of information about the disaster. Continue reading

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Meeting TUESDAY 2/4 7pm, Common Core

2/4 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Discuss Common Core and the urgent need to communicate with Raleigh about the limited pro’s and numerous con’s (questions) pertaining to Common Core. It is urgent we contact The Education Committee asap. There is a deadline coming in April, but committee meetings need to be scheduled. 7pm at the library. Continue reading

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