Rush Limbaugh thinks the GOP wants the IRS to harass TEA Party groups

It is any surprise to us that King Obama’s administration would abuse it’s power in this way? Not really.  It is a surprise the GOP would roll-over and go along with it? YES!  Rush explains why this might be.

“When you have 71% who want an investigation, 64% who believe it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats, the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Party,” Limbaugh said.

The Tea Party represents an “outside threat to their power hold,” he explained.

Limbaugh went even further, theorizing that the GOP might even be willing to lose elections in order to get rid of the Tea Party.

Nixon resigned before he was impeached over allegations of IRS use. But Nixon was alleged to have tried to get info about enemies from the IRS, he didn’t instruct a full divison of IRS agents to go after the enemies.  Those are very different things.  The Clinton’s got away with having 900 FBI files in the residence.  “Oh, where did these files come from???” Now Obama has used the entire non-profit division of the IRS to harass conservative grassroots groups, thereby foiling political efforts of the grassroots, blocking larger sums of money from being donated.  I’m sure nothing with come of it, if the GOP won’t even act offended about such an impeachable abuse of executive power.  We have a shameful bunch in Washington running the show.

The link below from had an embedded audio explanation.  Is this not the feeling we get from our local GOP?


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1 Response to Rush Limbaugh thinks the GOP wants the IRS to harass TEA Party groups

  1. snaketread says:

    Recall when Mitch McConnell and John Boehner said the Tea Party and Conservatives deserve a punch in the nose and then McConnell committed an act of betrayal of inside deal-making with Harry Reid to also get a pork-spending project in his district and to give into ending the govt. shutdown. Then also Boehner gives Dems a free pass on debt ceiling raise. The Nation may look a VERY LITTLE better off with GOP moderates (‘old guard’ progressive RINOS) BUT their take is still the same status quo of big government, debt spending, aiding illegal Aliens for money and corporate cronyism that DOES the same harmful action of declining America as the Democrats but at just a slower pace. THAT is the problem with the Republican establishment that is not a Pro-America stance — because it is unprincipled that wants to ignore the Constitution and concerns itself not with bettering the Nation but about their own position of money and power. Establishment moderate Republicans remain unacceptable as long as their view is simply Democrat/liberal/socialist – lite.

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