NC’s Speaker Thom Tillis Responds to Enviro-Collusion Controversy (Sort of)

A new documentary on NC’s commercial fishing industry has freaked out the North Carolina faux-environmentalists who are trying to run our commercial fishermen out of business for their admitted personal profit. Documentary in question:

Here is a synopsis that was written by a North Carolina conservative commentary publication – the article’s “comments” section has now been overrun with environmental extremists who are in uproar over the documentary:

NC’s Current House Speaker, Thom Tillis, now running for Kay Hagan’s US Senate seat, was implicated in CCA-NC’s own newsletter as having aided them in having their legislation sponsored & heard before the house. Here, he finally responds (sort of) to questions over his involvement:

The documentary-review/blog author states in another article that the firestorm over this issue was unexpected, and the documentary-review article will soon be the highest-commented post ever written on their blog: “We had no idea how hot emotions were running on the issue of fisheries policy until we posted about a new documentary from citizen-journalist Nicole Revels.  That post is soon to become one of the most-commented-upon items in the history of this  blog.  Critics of commercial fishing have responded  to Revels’ film with their own video.”  Here is the link to the article in which that statement was made:

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