Establishment Neocon Republicans lacking Conservative fundamentals harming America

 This op-ed letter has been written to bring understanding, insight to clarify the ideas and principles of the Conservatives/Tea Party Republicans in regard to why the differences with the ‘moderate’ Republican Establishment is problematic. I wish this subject did not exist, that all Republicans would have pro-America stances that are abiding the Constitution, but some things have to be said for America’s well-being. Many of the moderate Republican establishment claim they are conservative, talk the conservative talk in saying they want America to do better but their actions show that they are not conservative at all, they are self-serving, or worse seek policy that declines America. These Republicans keep selling out America for the worse. There is no denying that the Federal government being too big is the main focal point today currently that generates most of the problem for America yet we still have Republicans that see no problem with the current massive government and want to continue on with doing more of the same, the same status quo that is degrading America. An authoritative,over intrusive, too big Federal government is exactly what was not intended by America’s Founders and exactly what the U.S. Constitution disallows because such a government becomes harmful to the People that denigrates a Nation into poverty where there is then only an Elite ruling class ruling over peasants. The ‘moderate’ Republican Establishment perspective is a construct of false conservatism. 

How is it that every time a Constitutional Conservative stands up for America, the Bill of Rights or our sovereignty of independence (issues of NSA 4th Amendment violations, Border Security/immigration, free trade, foreign aid waste, military intervention in foreign affairs) there is the Establishment Republicans saying, ‘NO, you can’t do that because its ….”isolationism” or “protectionism”’. So if Republicans of the ‘old guard’ establishment claim they want a better America with prosperity, strength then what is the problem with standing up for America’s well-being, seeing that America benefits with advantages in its actions, standing up for the U.S. Constitution’s founding principles, America’s Right to defend, protect and promote itself as a sovereign Nation? A Pro-America common sense Constitutional conservative stance is the stance of Conservative, the Tea Party, Independents that make up the majority of the American People. Standing up for the Constitution to deny too big government, international government, to deny frauding/bilking abusing the liberty of the American People to see that America is put FIRST is NOT isolationist or protectionist – it is wise decision of common sense Pro-America that stands up for our Nation and flag to not be harmfully exploited into decline. America DOES NOT have an obligation to the world. It is NOT America’s obligation to destroy itself, destroy it’s territorial integrity, to destroy its principles of freedom to become NOT free under socialism in giving itself away to the rest of the world. America does not have to be like France and anyone saying that America should be like some other Nation (giving up the 2nd Amendment for example) seeks harm on the U.S.

In further review of why this is a problem for the Republicans we must ask, Why is it that even when Republicans win the presidency, our country continues to suffer? The answer can be summed in one word: Neo-conservatives or Neocons. The problem with the false conservatism known as “neo-conservatism” is that the endeavor is progressive and hence ultimately socialism but in a subtle manner.

NEOCONS are a Con Job and lie — 

A perversion of the Republican party and its concept of conservative ideology was initiated in the 1950’s by one known as William F. Buckley Jr., where conservatism was falsely made more “modern” by making a progressive socialist agenda palatable or acceptable to Conservatives. The late William F. Buckley’s progressive mode of deception as the pied Piper is outlined in a book titled, ‘Pied Piper for the Establishment’. Buckley’s notions were that a new form of conservatism should be formed and followed as “neo-conservatism”. This neo-conservatism is in fact counter to conservatism because its goal is to incrementally and subtly allow perceiving that violating the U.S. Constitution is acceptable to achieve big government, global government designs. What Buckley and his cohorts envisioned in “neo-conservatism” is to get away from and discard the U.S. Constitution and this has manifested in the very results of failure we now have today. Those prescribing to Neo-conservatism are the Establishment Republicans we have today or ‘Neocons’. And as it is now clear Neo cons are a CON job on the American People. The Con job being that the Federal govt. should reign to suppress the U.S. States and the American people. Claiming they know better what’s good for the People while violating the People.

51MYK7YGZ5L._SL500_AA300_William F. Buckley Jr. (also a CFR member) became touted as the premier Conservative in the 1950’s and years following. While Buckley sounds and can talk conservative he once wrote,— “We have got to accept Big Government for the duration – for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged, given our present government’s skills, except through the instrumentality of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores…and the attendant centralization of power in Washington – even with a Truman at the reins of it all”. Buckley launched his magazine, ‘National Review’ in 1955 and once it gained reputation as being conservative he began shifting views to the Left and internationalism. It became the case that whenever the Left needed America’s Conservatives to be disarmed, Buckley performed on cue. Buckley and his magazine had many betrayals to America – backing the United Nations (UN) on most issues, supported the giveaway of the Panama Canal, foreign aid to Russia, approved of the UN’s Kyoto Protocol on global warming that was harshest on America, defended Nixon’s move toward Keynesian economics (uncontrolled debt spending via fiat currency), supported gun-control measures, defended the government involvement of wage and price controls on the American free-market along with other betrayals.

 The redefining or doing away with Conservatives to rather act as Neocons had a notable tipping point moment at a meeting in May 1991. Notable about 1991 is that it is telling that this event followed the Reagan Presidency where such progressive Neocons disliked Ronald Reagan’s adherence to true conservative values and the U.S. Constitution and they sought the return to their agenda of Republicans being socialist neo-conservatives that they started in the 1960’s,1970’s. A cohort of Buckley Jr. was Irving Kristol. Irving Kristol chaired the 1991 Republican conference and persuaded a bait and switch of labels where the empty label of Republican could be used so that Republicans became Republicans first and Conservatives second in their principled thinking. As such issues, bills, ideas like NAFTA, government run healthcare, bigger govt intrusion, uncontrolled debt spending became acceptable to “Republicans” that which would have been rejected by any true conservative just months ago.

Notable about Irving Kristol, in his 1995 book, ‘Neoconservatism’, Kristol candidly states, “I regard myself lucky to have been a young Trotskyite and I have not one single bitter memory.” ‘Trotskyite’ regards to a Russian Marxist revolutionary named Leon Trotsky that worked alongside Joseph Stalin. Steeped in Trotsky’s theories on internationalism there are enough intellectual connections between Neoconservatives and Leon Trotsky that makes neoconservatism diametrically opposed to conservatism and Americanism. This is not to say that Neocons are exactly communist but the roots are there for them to install and practice its close brother — socialism. These roots include the view that the U.S. Constitution’s federalism (where the federal government is meant to be subservient to the States and the People) is merely an odd whimsy at best and at worst, something dangerous to be done away with at whatever price, even our freedom.

Also in Irving’s 1995 book,’Neoconservatism’ he wrote: “It describes the erosion of liberals among a small group toward a conservative point of view, conservative but different in certain respects from the conservatism of the Republican Party [1930’s]. We accepted the New Deal in principle, and had little affection for the kind of isolationism that then permeated American conservatism”. There you have it, Neocons seek unconstitutional, socialistic big government a’ la FDR while they champion meddling in the rest of the world’s affairs, even to the making of war. Most Americans will nod in agreement with ‘non-intervention’ in the affairs and wars of other Nations rather than saying they are acting ignorantly dramatic with the term “isolationist” – as if America would just wall itself in and ignore all else going on in the world.

Notice that we have not heard the term ‘Neocon’ since about 2005, after the second Bush election, and that’s because they know the Neocon label has garnered condemnation as it should. Now these Neocons sit in office as RINO establishment. According to their own leaders, Neocons want government programs to deal with most problems, meaning an ever bigger intrusive government, favor uncontrolled spending of money financed by taxation thru the Federal Reserve or by more national debt. Neocons prefer world government to independence, champion the UN and support entanglement to take orders from world bodies like the IMF and WTO. Neocons never mention the Declaration of Independence with its directives for America to be a leader as a sovereign Nation and the U.S. Constitution gets disdain as something from a bygone era that gets in their way. Some Neocon Republicans are so protective of their current harmful establishment system declining America that they will even support Democrats they know are doing bad things because it maintains the bad big government establishment system they want to enjoy — An example of this is Fox News anchor Bill O’ Reilly still giving President 0bama a pass in his actions, and praising the President saying that the big lie known as 0bamacare, IRS targeting and other numerous offensive scandals are just “mistakes”, oh because the President said they were “mistakes”. O’Reilly proceeded to cut off and literally shut up Monica Crowley who exposed his establishment ways in still giving the scandalous unconstitutional President a pass on his impeachable offenses.

Currently there is another Neocon speaking as a false mouthpiece in the media for Conservatives using the “isolationist” term, Charles Krauthammer of Fox News. Like Buckley, Krauthammer (also a CFR member) should not be trusted with his lip service as he talks conservative but is steering the U.S. to the same Neocon failure of degradation under big and international government. In 1989, Krauthammer wrote in the, ‘National Interest’, calling for ‘integration’ of Europe, Japan and the U.S. to create a ‘super-soveriegn’ entity saying,”it would require the conscious depreciation not only of American sovereignty but of the notion of sovereignty in general.” He added,”this is not as outrageous as it sounds”. Krauthammer here calls for a termination of U.S. Sovereignty to control its own affairs, just as his organization the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) produced a proposal document called ,’Building a North American Community’ by Robert Pastor that seeks to eventually create a ‘North American Union’ like the European Union by doing away with U.S. Borders and merging the U.S. with Mexico and Canada and having a NAU international government usurp, trump U.S. Laws and the U.S. Constitution. Hence terminating the United States as a Nation!

Here underlines why the U.S. Border with Mexico is not being secured so that America is pillaged and invaded by illegal Aliens from Mexico. If Neocons and Elites are so concerned about the welfare of illegal Aliens (which they are not because they are only concerned about their money profits and creating a world government under the UN) or about Mexico then they need to go pay for it instead of putting it on the backs of Americans (Middle Class) who are bearing the crime, taxation and costs to subsidize illegal business profits who don’t want their Nation illegally invaded with a foreign flag. Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution demands defense of the U.S. Nation. Here again is where establishment Republicans siding with amnesty for illegal Aliens would call Conservatives “isolationist” just because we want our U.S. Nation rightly defended and not be invaded. Helping illegal Aliens steal down and tear down your own Nation by ignoring laws could be considered traitorism.

‘Territorial Integrity’ — notice we hear the terms ‘territorial integrity’ and ‘sovereignty’ when the Elite Class rulers want to legitimize their intervention actions involving Ukraine. BUT when it comes to the U.S. And its southern Border being invaded (illegal mass intrusion that constitutes willful deliberate collective invasion) then its about “human rights” and how can the U.S. Be so un-obligated, HOW DARE the U.S. defend its laws, its Border and its territory — even to the point of the UN calling it about “human rights” and then having Secretary of State Hillary Clinton go to China and bash the U.S. As a ‘human rights defiler’!??!! Here we have immigration to the U.S. that has been traditionally beneficial for 200 years when it is restrictive, selective and limited for National interest well-being now being USED AS A WEAPON. The hope of the Elite Class establishment that includes ones like George Soros, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and John McCain is that foreign immigration would lead to the literal ‘un-making’ of America as a sovereign independent Nation. This Establishment Elite ruling Class dislikes the Nation-State for exactly the same reason it dislikes the free market (unlimited by lobbyist monopoly favors and government regulation engineering) because both are machines that run of themselves with no need for their input or intervention or hence CONTROL. For that matter such intelligent wealthy Elites should be able to find something more constructive or better to do with their time rather than trying to control other People or find ways to force the People to give them their prosperity – much like the Czars like Cass Sunstein writing 20,000 pages of healthcare regulations on the heads of the American People. The self-interest of the Establishment Elite Ruling class is a kind of exclusive VIP Party of internationalism or “trans-nationals” meeting with Bilderbergs or at the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where they can gain cooperation with other Nations Elite Rulers like the King of Saudi Arabia or the Mexican President/ruling class so that they can go over the heads of their populations of People against their will. The example of this afflicting the U.S. Is when President Bush, Obama or Hillary Clinton goes down to Mexico, has a nice State expensive dinner with Mexican Officials and tells Mexico that the U.S. Will give in to AMNESTY for its illegal Aliens, that effectively stabs in the back Americans, American workers, unemployed Americans, low-wage Americans and defiles U.S. Laws into non-existence!!  CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) President Richard Haas recently said that Americans should start learning foreign languages (and he can take that notion to the trash because immigrants need to learn English and adapt to America NOT vice versa – DON’T immigrate to the U.S. Thinking you are going to tell America what to do) and these Elites disguise their agenda in terms like: ‘Integration’, ‘harmonization’, ‘seamless boundaries’, and ‘International Community’.

Republican Candidates lose Conservative support —

Let’s recall why Republicans and President Bush lost Conservatives and their support–

 In 2004 President Bush and Republicans barely passed, many would say by fraudulent voting procedure in the House, the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Like NAFTA, CAFTA was another free trade agreement that is not free at all because it is highly regulated skewed trade to disadvantage America that sends wealth and jobs out of the U.S. To be given to foreign nations. In 2006 there was the Jack Abramoff and the Tom Foley scandals in the House that made Republicans look bad and the Democrats took control of the House. In 2006 Bush also was trying to pass an amnesty for illegal Aliens calling it “comprehensive immigration reform” which is nearly identical to the current 2013 Obama-Rubio-Schumer Senate amnesty bill . The year prior in 2005 President Bush really lost Conservatives because – the Border/illegal Alien issue when he called the Minutemen “a bunch of vigilantes” (thousands of average Americans that went to the Border armed to protest illegal immigration and did successfully shut down Border crossings for two weeks) while he was in a meeting in front of cameras with Mexican President Vicente’ Fox. Bush continued to not stand up for America but rather help illegal Aliens. At this 2005 meeting in Waco, Texas with the Mexican President and the Canadian President, President Bush signed the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” or “SPP” that is the disguise name for the North American Union (NAU) that is meant to dissolve the U.S. As a Nation. The SPP and the NAU also included building a NAFTA superhighway all thru the U.S. But the American people have rose up to stop such betrayal that was supported by Texas Governor Rick Perry.  


ALERT: In a note of awareness, now that the NAU has been exposed as bad, a new attempt at sovereignty giveaway and depleting America in “free trade” is being crafted in the Trans-atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) (now calling it -“integration with the European Union”)  and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  This is why the President wants ‘Fast-Track’ Authority to override Congress and the People’s scrutiny and disapproval.

In 2007 it was another attempt by Bush and wayward Republicans trying to pass the same amnesty called the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill (McKennedy), that again would harm the Nation and Americans for years to come. Bush also had other involvements with international law such as the ICC court trying to trump Texas law on the death sentence for illegal Alien brutal rapist. Bush also promoted the UN to override U.S. National interests as well. Bush also went against the Constitution by expanding Executive power with signing statements and constitutional violations such as warrantless wiretapping by the NSA. In 2008 came the financial collapse with the TARP bailout for banks and the crony buddies with multiple conflicts of interest of the Bush Administration, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was on Goldman Sachs Board. Bush in 2006, 2008 seemed to do everything he could to torpedo his own Party in these elections because Bush wanted to pass amnesty with a Democrat majority! Obama dick 4

In 2012 Republicans loss of the Presidency was again from lingering doubts from Bush’s 2008 financial collapse where Republicans could not be trusted with finances. It still remains that George Bush may cost Republicans the 2016 election too. Yet Mitt Romney was picked to run who was a Wall Street type banker no less that reflected the financial collapse. Capitalism alone does NOT make a Nation or Nation identified by principled government based on Freedom. Capitalism can wrongly be taken to an extreme, like trickle-down economics…that NEVER trickles down because the Corporate owners just lock it up in a vault and then claim they need cheap illegal labor. Capitalism can be taken to an extreme that tries to push people around with money IS NOT freedom based enterprise because then it is monopoly smothering that is exactly done by money bribing lobbyists on sellout Congressmen in Washington DC. Conservatives just would not support Romney for multiple reasons but more so because moderate Establishment Republicans (Neocons) picked Romney and followed up with a worried-about-image timid play-it-safe campaign that would not speak out to stand up for America.

Standing up for what is Pro-America and good for liberty based government for Americans is not rocket science or complicated because it means following the Constitution, controlling spending, not looking to entangle the U.S. in foreign involvements that have no U.S. interests or spends money on military expeditions looking to do Nation building. Certainly more so these foreign Nations do not want America all in their business and have the sovereign right to deny America’s Nation building. A policy of saying that America must monitor the globe’s behavior, being the world’s policeman scolding Nation’s that do not involve our interest, being involved with every bit of foreign maneuvering, trying to buy friends and influence with payoffs of foreign aid or weapons IS a policy of FEAR not strength because it depletes the American Nation. Foreign Nations are going to do actions that America simply cannot control all the time. Foreign aid to say Egypt, Pakistan and dealings with foreign monetary investments that are clearly a giveaway waste should not be done. An example of this is the exorbitant excessive waste of taxpayer money that went to VP Dick Cheney’s Halliburton company installing luxury compounds complete with olympic size swimming pools in Iraq. Other pork giveaways in congress legislation is for example spending $100 million on a pottery business in Monaco!? America is the leader and should rightly act to maintain that exceptionalism that is envied worldwide, rather than exploit, use and attempt a global world government that will then work to abuse and override U.S. well-being.

If Neocon Establishment Republicans support an empowered UN then they also support a UN that works against America, supports terrorist States against America, that issues international laws counter to American founding and bill of rights. UN actions and stances speak against America’s 1st Amendment freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, the 2nd Amendment of gun ownership, 4th Amendment right to privacy and hence education control. The UN seeks to subjugate the U.S. into totalitarian government with its environmental extremism known as Agenda 21 where Citizens will have there food, health, mobility and living conditions controlled by bureaucrats as if intelligent free people were dumb animals. The UN seeks to have the government state takeaway children from their families and control the children of Americans via its UNESCO program and then brainwash socialist indoctrination called ‘Common Core’ to have children that are “citizens of the world” rather than Citizens of the U.S. The UN trys to get the U.S. entangled in self-defeating anti-America Treaties such as the ‘Law of the Sea Treaty’, ‘Small Arms Trade Treaty’, ‘Disability/Mental health Treaty’, etc. only so that foreign nations of the world can commit “lawfare” (warfare by laws) on the U.S. designed to muzzle and decline the U.S.  The United States does NOT NEED the UN’s permission or approval to do anything!!

President George HW Bush (1989-1993) was first to expose the false agenda of Neocons and coined the term “new world order” meaning that the vision for the world is an empowered and relevant UN that is a supra-international global world government. Why is it that the superpower U.S. has not won a war with victory since WWII? This is because the real objective of such war conflicts since WWII has been to make the UN relevant and empowered with its “resolutions” while making America’s military might look foolish. Wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea have been done in such a way as to make America look inept, stupid and ineffective to be on equality with other foreign Nations or in equal blundering with its military force and as well such are the ‘rules of engagement’ in combat, FOR AMERICAN TROOPS ONLY, designed to disadvantage America into failure. What this would seem to portend is that War is now supposed to be ‘fair’ (such as the U.S. Supplying weapons, guns, ammunition to Syrian Rebels) where there is some kind of equal losses in a “good fight”.

The global Elitists and wealthy ruling corporate class wants the classic wish of all of man’s history – “to rule the World” that cares not for the notion of Nations, cares not for free-market competition (because it wants total monopolies), cares not for separate sovereign entities. Separate sovereign Nations is healthy competition and the People of these Nations want their National identity that involves culture, heritage and traditions. Saying there is no Borders or Country that there is one combined piece of land tries to dehumanize the People into faceless workers all working for the global Elite class profits such as the EU. The European Union started out as just a trade agreement between the Nations called the Common Market and then was invoked into a treaty called the European Union. The People in these Nations rejected the EU treaty and are now suffering from bureaucrats in Brussels, Belgium. And as we see, the EU is a failure with bankruptcy stealing down the People’s wealth in Cypress, Greece, Spain, Ireland, France. The same has been the case of NAFTA – having little to do with Trade it to has been a failure of job destruction, bankrupting the peso currency in 1995 and was meant as the pretext for the North American Union just like the People of Europe were told about the Common Market.

EU flag 3

 The problem with even bigger government is that you get even bigger corruption and tyranny (where even killing people and genocide becomes acceptable…”for the better good” of the Elite) The UN is a corrupt organization and an example of that was the Iraq ‘oil-for-food’ program that bilked U.S. Taxpayers of money only to buy weapons for Saddam Hussein’s Iraq that of course led us to another war. War is a tool of corruption used by those wanting changes for their own ends and as such is why military intervention and internationalism is being used to ‘bleed’ down America’s resources and financially. The military-industrial complex can be used to make weapons unending only to have expensive bullets, missiles plowed into the dirt for purposes of waste for the industry to make more of such weapons. The inherent design of a “new world order” concludes that America must be declined.

The false conservative construct known as neo-conservatism and the ‘old guard Republicans’ tries to induce the socialist world government by saying that America should be used and exploited and drained out all over the globe (claiming its good as a kind of benign Empire) – NOT for America’s ends but rather for the Elite cabal’s ends. The false neo-conservatism is wrapped then in false patriotism that tries to use internationalism and use of U.S. Military as a kind of flag-waving hurrah show to deceive true Constitutional Conservatives into thinking that its beneficial for America. And as we can see now, being in near collapsing bankruptcy of debt, America is stretched thin that also makes us inflexible to the real dangers facing America. Stretched thin is the desired outcome to induce yet more socialism.

The progressive agenda of moving America and the world to a global world government via the UN and its plotting degenerate Corporate Elites is to essentially have government by bureaucrats and socialist dictate such that in fact the U.S. Congress making laws for the United States is made irrelevant (and if Congress is not needed then they should all be fired and go home so they are not paid with our money), which is why we are seeing the attempt by the 0bama Administration to go around Congress, usurping the Constitution so as to lay groundwork for a future global socialist dictate. As such this is done to destroy a Republic or representative government that listens to and is by the People – hence destroying the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. And this notion was spoken by the Progressive Caucus Nancy Pelosi in 2012 when she said, “congressmen should not have to go thru elections”. The attempt here then becomes to make mute the voice of the People which is exactly wanted by socialist or total government. Unfortunately, the exact reasons why government has to be held accountable – unethical corruption and success of doing the job right, is the same reason why Employers do an annual job review on its Employees. And like everybody, no one enjoys going thru their job reviews of being critiqued, and as such elections of Congress and the President are the job reviews by the People to either hire or fire.

House Republicans justified in government shutdown—

House Republicans led by Constitutional Conservatives and Tea Party Republicans were practicing rightful responsible government when the government was shut down in Fall 2013.  When the Executive branch, hence the President, becomes so unruly and violates the Constitution, lawful integrity and the will of the People so severely, it is THE DUTY of either the Congress or the Supreme Court to act as a check on the Executive branch to disallow such egregious offenses. As such the House reserves the Right and power of funding (the ‘purse’) as a check on the Executive branch to insure that the Nation and the People are not violated with unlawful dictates or unequal application of laws. Sometimes in our history, the issue of a law such as 0bamacare is so vastly important, severe or burdensome and the President’s actions so distorted against the Constitution that it is the duty for Congress to respond and stand up to be a check. As such, with the initial implementation of 0bamacare, the President has intentionally created a case of lawlessness by changing the law that Congress made essentially jerking the American people and businesses around on a near weekly basis such that uncertainty about what is to be done becomes a tool of harmful disparagement where the President gets to pick winners and losers, favoring his political buddies while ruining others lives and ruining all of America with government takeover of an industry. And as such we saw 6 million Americans get their health insurance shutdown, their lives thrown into chaos – based on the Big Lie used to pass the legislation –”you can keep your health insurance and doctor if you like them”. As such the House rightly should deny funding 0bamacare and the government shutdown is the President’s fault due to his lawlessness and the House’s actions is exactly how the U.S. Government should work. Regardless of fallout costs, it is imperative to an American Republic or Democracy that the checks and balances of U.S. Government be utilized in severe cases like this.

Establishment Neocon Republicans however do not want to stand up for America and act by the Constitution to use the proper power to defend the People. Instead Neocon Republicans wanted to continue their Caucus of surrender based on their “strategy” of self-serving for elections. Neocon Republicans even went to supporting the President by denigrating Tea Party Conservatives calling the shutdown their fault because they have become so normal to violating the Constitution anyway and want to protect their harmful establishment set-up. The do-nothing let Americans get slammed with pain ‘strategy’ is causing real pain for the Nation and the American families. Neocons like John McCain (R-AZ), Peter King (R-NY) do not want to acknowledge, recognize the U.S. Constitution House’s ‘power of the purse’ because they don’t want to abide by the Constitution either. Establishment Republicans may say that Conservative/Tea Party Republicans are not thinking strategy but then why is it that Establishment Republicans always find that their strategy of timid, worried image for not taking a stand gets them losses imploding at election time. For that matter, Mitch McConnell’s strategy was quite poor and stupid when he stood in the Senate in 2009 and publicly revealed his intentions saying, ”we will work to remove President 0bama from office”.


We still have some Republicans still wanting to fund 0bamacare, saying that the law just needs to be changed or tweaked and it is these Republicans that don’t mind 0bamacare so much because it is the same big government control. In truth, Neocon/CFR anti-U.S. Republicans DO NOT mind so much the Dodd-Frank bill taking over the financial industry into a consolidated banking monopoly, don t mind so much 0bamacare, don t mind so much IRS targeting Conservatives, don’t mind when 0bama took over the Auto companies, and did not mind so much doing too big to fail TARP bailouts to their buddies at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and the European Central Bank. Neocon Republicans go along with sweeping the 4th Amendment under the rug in NSA spying, go along with squelching free speech, go along with NDAA indefinite detention. This is so because they seek to enjoy this new big government abuse to continue the same socialist agenda and suppress freedom and the People. In this manner what is occurring is that you have the Democrat and Republican establishment helping and piggy-backing each other so that their self-serving system that gets them money and power stays exactly the same while the U.S. Nation and the American people get ripped off, violated and damned. What has been seen thru history is that Republicans never reverse or find the will to get around to reversing bad policies of the Democrats – this has been true since the Republican controlled 83rd Congress of 1953-1955 under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower where FDR’s worst New Deal socialist policies could have been repealed and proper Constitutional government restored. This has caused the despicable condition of what our Nation is in now.

 We have seen Establishment Republicans make pledges to the U.S. Constitution in1998 and a pledge to America in 2012 yet shortly after these statements get ignored and they go right back to big government by money and the good ol’ boys network of cronyism, secret backroom dealing with Democrats to plot against the American People. Know that the depth of Neocon Republicans principles is as shallow and empty as money for that is what they are concerned about and how they can structure policy not for the good of the Nation under the Constitution but for the good of themselves and their global corporate buddies.

 Neocons are using the Republican party as a falsified ploy of saying they are the “OTHER” Party in opposition to Democrats when in fact they believe and act the same as the Democrats in the end product of a declined America under world government. Why is it that the New York Times endorsed Neocon John McCain (CFR member) for President or why does Governor Chris Christie get praise for being a moderate in a liberal State? Then McCain and Christie find they only got used and abused and left for dead by the Left to promote the socialist agenda! The labels of Democrat and Republican are simply generalized fictitious branding labels that allows both parties to put on a federal govt show of theatre to lie to the American People whereby the actual Congressmen in those Parties can act/speak anywhere in the political spectrum from liberal to conservative which then includes taking actions that betrays America, the people and the Constitution. The Republican Party as Neocons is an empty Party and only continues to stand because it is simply The Other Party as an entity of opposition. As Rand Paul said at CPAC, elections do not have to be and should not be a choice for the lesser of two evils.

Constitutional Conservatives and the Tea Party propose pro-America actions and defense of America from exploitation as being the leader to engage the world with trade, foreign policy relations, economic prosperity just as it has been done before Neocon Republicans since the birth of the Nation in 1776. Of course America should be engaged, support allies, continue foreign espionage, have U.S. Embassies and have a presence in the world that is fully aware of foreign actions. But these engagements should be tempered with ‘non-intervention’ and wise constraint and when it expends, undermines, gives away U.S. Integrity and well-being or is done at the disadvantage to our Nation the U.S. Should stand for itself. The Constitution should be upheld in declarations of war and George Washington advised not to “entangle our peace and prosperity”, Thomas Jefferson urged avoiding “entangling alliances”, and John D. Adams declared that “America goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy”. Non-intervention in the affairs and wars of other Nations is the common sense wise term.

Reagan_Wallpaper_JxHy07c67b57b77b2ac0899ab19ed917c1d8President Ronald Reagan was a great President that was truer constitutional Conservative and he showed it in his actions being a much better President 1000 times better than either of the Bush presidencies who sought out the Con job agenda of neoconservatism. True Conservatives have long been thought of as the abused step-child of the Establishment Republican Neocons because Neocons always think that their RINO candidate will be elected because Conservatives will not have a choice because the only other choice is a Democrat. Or Neocons think that as long as they speak conservative talk then when they are elected they will just go about ignoring Conservatives and stabbing them in the back. Conservatives don’t have to show up to vote just like they did not with Mitt Romney. The American People, the Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives will not stand to be taken for granted or be taken advantage of any longer because we are not going to take it when Washington DC only brings un-American decline and pain upon our Nation and families.

 It’s HIRE AND FIRE time and primary and general election day should be known as anti-incumbent day! Neocon Republicans are a con job of false conservatism. We are calling on all Independents, Libertarians to overwhelm Party affiliated voters and to purge these Parties of Incumbents that act to decline America with keeping the system of the same big government actions. WE ARE CALLING ON ALL DISSATISFIED Democrats and Republicans to disengage and reject their Parties to become Independents, Libertarians to vote out incumbents who are Washington Elites who are not pro-America, try to decline America by expending, exploiting the U.S. In giveaways to foreigners and have self-serving agendas.

Republican Primaries:

Nancy Mace for U.S. Senate in South Carolina to remove Neocon Lindsay Graham. Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate in Kentucky to remove establishment Republican Mitch McConnell who soldout the American people on 0bamacare in the government shutdown and took a deal-making bribe from incompetent Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid that was a pork project in his district.

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