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RED ALERT: DHS scandal and SCANDAL of manufactured illegal Alien invasion needs to be covered, engaged

The Hearings and testimony in Washington DC regarding the illegal Alien children mass invasion at the U.S. Border needs coverage as an egregious scandal on the American People and America. It has been found to be the case that the … Continue reading

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RED ALERT: Amnesty betrayal while America under siege from illegal acting President

  Consider calling Reps. and Senators due to shameless disloyal Congressmen looking to sellout America and flood the U.S. in illegal unneeded 3rd world welfare needy (taxation on Americans) wage depressing unskilled labor trying to rubber stamp 0bama’s  illegal Alien mass … Continue reading


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Meeting June 17th, Tuesday

District Attorney forum!
DAVID LEARNER (accepted)
JAY GAITHER (no reply)

Meeting for Tuesday, June 17th at 7pm at the Caldwell County Library. By popular demand, before the Run-off Election is July 15th, one the District Attorney candidates wants to come talk to us. I am still hopeful they will both be there. Continue reading

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