RED ALERT: Amnesty betrayal while America under siege from illegal acting President


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Consider calling Reps. and Senators due to shameless disloyal Congressmen looking to sellout America and flood the U.S. in illegal unneeded 3rd world welfare needy (taxation on Americans) wage depressing unskilled labor trying to rubber stamp 0bama’s  illegal Alien mass child intrusion illegal human trafficking at the Border!!

Reports from the growing crisis on our Southern Border. Because of the Obama Administration’s virtual invitation for minors to come illegally via DACA and its unwillingness to enforce immigration laws, thousands of illegal aliens, especially unaccompanied minors, are pouring across the border, overwhelming the men and women of the Border Patrol and leaving large chunks of our border essentially unprotected jeopardizing National Security while helping illegal Aliens pillage Americans.

Finally, someone in Congress is taking action to address the problem! The House is considering the Department of Defense spending bill, and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) is offering an amendment that would increase funding for the National Guard, so governors in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California can call in troops to assist Border Patrol agents.  In Addition CALL the Governors of AZ, TX, NM and CA.

Rep. Gohmert is expected to offer his amendment on Wednesday (6/18) with a vote coming either later in the day or on Thursday (6/19). Please call your House Rep. TODAY and urge him/her to support Rep. Gohmert’s amendment.

Multiple news sources, including the Washington Post, are reporting that the recent influx of illegal border crossers is a direct result of the Obama Administration’s willingness to allow anyone who comes to the U.S. illegally stay in the country. Further, word is being spread that the U.S. will feed and house anyone willing to make the dangerous trek.

The Administration is providing taxpayer-funded lawyers to greet unaccompanied minors as they enter the country who immediately file petitions for both asylum visas and special immigration juvenile visas (green cards) on their behalf in case one request gets denied. Attorney General Eric Holder has even said the service is “to help those young illegal immigrants fight deportation.”

*************House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) wants to “move now” on amnesty legislation.  — see here —

Tea Party 71

Rush Limbaugh is right… Amnesty for illegal aliens is NOT DEAD… If you believe that Republican elites are scared to advance Amnesty because of Eric Cantor’s primary defeat and the recent headlines that hordes of illegal alien children are pouring into the country… think again. As Rush put it: “I don’t think they’re scared. I think they’re mad.”

As a matter of fact, sources are claiming that GOP elites are not only mad… they’re secretly whipping votes at this very minute and, they’re planning a surprise blitz to shove Amnesty down your throat any day now… because they believe that if they can do it NOW, you’ll forget the betrayal in November.

We’re not about to let them get away with it. You have the power to stop this Amnesty blitz… but in order for that to happen, those GOP elites need to hear from you, right here and right now.

 Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) directly addressed the issue with DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and he pulled no punches: “Little boys and little girls that their parents are handing over, not to some noble social workers who are trying to help them, they’re handing over to international global criminal cartels. They put these kids, among other places, on top of fast moving freight trains. These are criminals who sexually assault and physically assault and who sometime[s] murder these children. These are little girls who are sometimes being sold into prostitution and sex slavery.

Senator Cruz is not alone. Frontpage Magazine says that Obama’s manufactured “border crisis” is “facilitating child trafficking.” And Senator John Cornyn called this Obama Amnesty putsch a “painful example of the law of unintended consequences.”

Investor’s Business Daily writes that “these children are likely to succumb to desert heat, be snatched by vicious human traffickers, forced into prostitution, slavery or the drug trade, or simply murdered as has already happened to thousands, as the white crosses at the border can attest.”

What is happening as a result of our own government’s quest to push Amnesty is shameful. In light of these atrocities… in light of the fact that the shining city on the hill that is the United States is now shrouded in vile darkness… why would any self-respecting politician seriously consider coming to any deal with Barack Obama and his administration on Amnesty?

 Before we move on, an observation needs to be made.

When you consider that massive atrocities are occurring as a result of the push by politicians to force Amnesty on the American people, does it make you sick that these same politicians have the unmitigated gall to call you a bigot for opposing their sick and bigoted Amnesty schemes?

And if their gall makes you sick, do not forget that, as Rush Limbaugh said; “I don’t think they’re scared. I think they’re mad.”

Any self-respecting person would hang his or her head in shame… but not these pro-Amnesty politicians… they’re angry… they’re angry that the voters of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District gave them what should have been a wake-up call.

They’re angry that news stories about atrocities are being reported in the media and they’ve steeled their resolve to ram Amnesty down our throats.

Please listen to Ann, mainly starting at 24:00 and on…points made well.


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