Red Alert: Amnesty, legal status threat continues –Friday 8/1– NO Legalization of ANY kind

RED ALERT: CALL YOUR Congressman tomorrow morning!  AMNESTY threat that will continue unlimited illegal invasion of U.S. and your town/city.  TELL Them — Legal Status for illegal Aliens in ANY form is a betrayal attack on the Nation, American People that will do nothing but continue the problem of illegal invasion.  NO ‘Work Permits’, NO ID cards, NO relief by allowing them to stay with laws off their back — ANY inclusion of language of legal status such as some kind of permit, “temporary guest-worker” or work permit is unacceptable to be included in bill — we would rather have NO BILL!!!  Hiring ILLEGAL Aliens is illegal by current law and it is meant to be a deterrent.  Allowing “work permits” allows illegal Aliens to stay, get entrenched in a job and then hence runoff and never leave the U.S. — IT IS AMNESTY.

We need to continue pounding the phones all day Friday.  We have managed to push them back to Act for America and not betray sellout the Nation from being flooded into a 3rd world State.  IF a bill is to be passed it can only be minimums — some money, mandate National Guard, fix 2008 law loophole, defund the illegal 2012 DACA executive order amnesty, banish Executive order action.  Rewarding ILLEGAL ALiens solves nothing, will bring more invasion. It’s time to put America, Legal Immigrants and the American People first, NOT ILLEGAL Invaders!

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