Red Alert: Call Senators on Executive Order amnesty

Please consider calling the Senators today and thru the August recess and tell them you are against nullifying U.S. immigration laws that will create more lawless mass intrusion illegal Border entry on America that is bringing negative impacts to American Communities, American Workers and all Taxpayers.  These negative impacts would not have to happen if the Executive branch would do its job to deter and enforce against illegal entry.  Congress has done its job or rather the House has as it was the Senate that left town early WITHOUT EVEN NEGOTIATING — and it is mainly particular to Democrats that are complicit with careless wanting to flood the U.S. with illegal Aliens (“undocumented non-immigrants”) yielding the notion that there are no immigration laws or such thing as a U.S. Border, that is hurting Middle Class families and poor American Workers that Democrats claim they strive to help.  The President said that he wanted “comprehensive immigration reform” (CIR) which is the lie betrayal of amnesty because then Border security won’t ever get done which is why CIR is a failure for America just as it was in 1986 and in the 1990’s.  Congress has done its job as “comprehensive immigration reform” is the failure of amnesty attempted to be repeated and is rejected as an option because the possibility of  “immigration reform” is dependent on Border security being done according to the Federal government’s duty of National Security.

We asked you to support Sen. Jeff Sessions’ (R-Ala.) call to action, and you responded in a big way! But our work is far from done and we need more phone calls.

A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed H.R.5272, Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) bill that would defund Pres. Obama’s DACA amnesty and an expanded amnesty for illegal aliens. Where does your Senator stand?

1) Call your Senators: Call both your Senators in their D.C. offices and demand that they issue a public statement either in support or in opposition to an expansion of Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty. Also tell them to urge Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the Blackburn bill to the Senate floor for a vote. . We must keep the phones ringing in every Senator’s office.

The House took aggressive action to stop the ongoing, illegal-alien border surge and to prevent Pres. Obama from granting work permits to millions of illegal aliens. But the Senate has done nothing to address the surge and the president’s threat to expand his executive amnesties.


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is calling on all Americans to pressure their Senators to take a stand on Pres. Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to another 5-6 million illegal aliens. Will you answer Sen. Sessions’ call to action?

“It is true that Majority Leader Reid is blocking it from a vote. But Reid acts only with the blessing of his members in the Democrat conference so the American people have the power to force it to a vote through their elected senators.”

— Sen. Sessions, Aug. 12, 2014

To every member of the public, red state or blue state or purple state, call your Senator and ask them where they stand. Ask them if they support the House bill to block executive amnesty and if they will demand it receive a vote. You are a citizen of this country and you are entitled to a clear answer to this question.

— Sen. Sessions

Call your two U.S. Senators and demand: 1) that they take a public position on Pres. Obama’s plans to expand his executive amnesty to 5-6 million illegal aliens and 2) urge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get Senators on the record by bringing the Blackburn bill to the floor for a vote.

MORE INFO on SEVERITY of an Executive Order Amnesty:

Beyond the Real Problem of 5-6 Million Illegal Intruders Will Be Granted Amnesty…

The real problem will also BE the tens-of-millions who will immediately follow… who will simply walk across our unsecure border or overstay their VISAS… with a firm knowledge that once they are here, Obama will never send them home.

It’s no exaggeration. Echoing Sessions call, Senator Rand Paul says: “Unless the programs President Obama expanded via executive fiat are shut down, it will be impossible to secure our border and put a stop to this crisis.”

And there’s another problem. It should go without saying… but if Barack Obama is allowed to issue such a dictatorial degree, without resistance… then, what is next?

The short answer is: TYRANNY. Sessions again: “Surely we know that the President cannot make law. … This we learn in grade school. … Allowing any president to nullify law is a threat to the future of our Republic and the power of the people.”

Senator Rand Paul: “[Barack] Obama can’t wipe immigration laws off the books just because he claims he has a pen and a phone and wants to act.”

And make no mistake, Barack Obama created this crisis: Rand Paul, yet again: “You see, it was [Barack] Obama’s reckless executive orders that created the conditions for tens of thousands of men, women, teenagers – and even children – to flood across our Southern border.”

Even The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard – no “Tea Party radical” by any stretch of the imagination – said Obama’s dictatorial decree would be “a nuclear bomb” and bring about a “constitutional crisis.”

Make no mistake. We are experiencing a constitutional crisis, right here and right now. We are about to watch Barack Obama attempt to implement a clear and present threat to the future of our Republic… and we must not be silent.

We owe it to those who came before us and bled for this country and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to fight.

      Senator Sessions again: “[S]urely it’s not a matter of debate, among Democrat or Republican, that the President cannot make law or nullify law. He just cannot. Thus, we must in unity call on President Obama not to go through with his stated desire to eviscerate long and duly established American immigration law. What law might the next president ignore, bend, or nullify?”

Session goes on to say: “My remarks are not in the nature of negotiation or compromise. To yield on important principles in order to avoid a threatened unlawful action can never be honorable. To do so is to capitulate to intimidation. So Mr. President, we, the peoples’ representatives, will not be intimidated. We cannot yield. Our duty is clear. To defend the duly established and moral immigration laws of this country, while at the same time defending the constitutional order of this nation.”

We are often amazed by the emails and phone calls that we receive from people who ask if their faxes and calls to our elected officials have any effect. We are often – far too often – asked: “Why should I bother faxing or calling elected officials… they aren’t listening anyway?

And yet, such a defeatist attitude is contradicted by the facts:

Your faxes and phone calls just stopped our elected officials from giving Barack Obama 3.7 billion dollars to implement his illegal alien invasion.

Your faxes and phone calls forced our elected officials to form a Select Committee on Benghazi-Gate.

And it was your faxes and phone calls which stopped our elected officials from sweeping IRS abuses under the rug.


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