Border Fence makes good sense (also for ISIS threat to National Security)


The will of the American People and Legal Immigrants are clearly against nullifying U.S. immigration laws that will create more lawless mass intrusion illegal Border entry on America that is bringing negative impacts to American Communities, American Workers and all Taxpayers.  These negative impacts would not have to happen if the Executive branch would do its job to deter and enforce against illegal entry.  Congress has done its job or rather the House has as it was the Senate that left town early without even negotiating — and it is mainly particular to Democrats that are complicit with careless wanting to flood the U.S. with illegal Aliens (“undocumented non-immigrants”) yielding the notion that there are no immigration laws or such thing as a U.S. Border, that is hurting Middle Class families and poor American Workers that Democrats claim they strive to help.  Median Household for American households income is declining while the Nation is violated by unwelcome members of the “international community” – Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala who should be receiving sanctions and cutting off all foreign aid. The President said that he wanted “comprehensive immigration reform” (CIR) which is the lie betrayal of amnesty because then Border security won’t ever get done which is why CIR is a failure for America just as it was in 1986 and in the 1990’s.  Congress has done its job as “comprehensive immigration reform” is the failure of amnesty attempted to be repeated and is rejected as an option because the possibility of  “immigration reform” is dependent on Border security being done according to the Federal government’s duty of National Security.

HERE WE SEE THE LIES OF “COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM” AMNESTY per the SENATE BILL S.744 and why it is rejected as failure:  WH Spokesman Josh Ernest talks misconception, deception to media and the American People.  SEE THIS VIDEO.

July 11, 2014, 4:18 PM|Instead of sending the National Guard to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the House should pass the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, which would add 20,000 Border Batrol agents.

20,000 Border Patrol Agents is an empty promise lie because the actual wording of Senate Bill S.744 “comprehensive immigration reform” in Title I- Border Security, Section 1102 (a) (additional U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers) —States:  ‘Not later than September 30, 3 2017, the Secretary shall increase the number of trained 4 U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers by 3,500,  compared to the number of such officers as of the date of the enactment of this Act. The Secretary shall make progress in increasing such number of officers during each of the fiscal years 2014 through 2017.’   SO that’s only 3,500 (NOT 20,000) AND NOT UNTIL 2017!!!…..which means it will never actually happen!!

Reporter Major Garrett actually points this fact out to Josh Ernest at the 2:25 mark of the video– that the bill calls for a gradual buildup over a LONG TIME — and as such there is no real immediate deterrent to enter the Nation illegally.  But then Ernest says– well then pass “comprehensive immigration reform”.  NO – more lies for Amnesty that does not secure the Border.

Furthermore here we have talk about “economic benefits” of amnesty (comprehensive immigration reform) from Corporate Elites being touted in the video at the 2:00 mark.  That’s right folks — trying to tell you, sell you more LIES to feel good about giving illegal Alien invaders success in their invasion and give them what they want because there are “economic benefits”.  Illegal Aliens making demands about what they want have no legal grounds or say as to what the U.S. does with its immigration laws, Border or the fact they get ANYTHING.  Here is the REAL COST of and HARM to the American economy and families by ILLEGAL ALIENS:


“WORK PERMITS” OR ID CARDS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS that gives legal status to stay and have the law of deportation being relieved off their backs IS AMNESTY whether by  EXECUTIVE ORDER or otherwise.

ILLEGAL Immigration and AMNESTY (“work permits” legal status) has NO ECONOMIC benefits — IT IS COST and TAXATION, HARM, CRIME and destructive to U.S. LAW, Sovereignty and National Security (ISIS threat). LIES BY Corporates that want illegal Aliens and no immigration law and No Border. $113 Billion annual cost and rising. The BS LIE-being put forward now – “illegal immigration is just a matter of business” giving us the cliche’ repeated nonsense LIE from the 1980’sand 1990′s — can’t secure the Border because of commerce and trade….NO — commerce and trade comes legally thru Ports of entry — not thru desolate solitude Border areas with feeble barbwire or National forest land where the illegal Alien harmful illegal cheap labor comes thru. oh we should worry about the U.S. economy being declined if illegal Aliens can’t get amnesty ‘work permits’ to take our jobs and steal welfare is illogical dumb talk and LIES trying to say illegal Aliens, illegal entry of the Border is good and/or needed. It depresses wages and takes jobs and brings decline of U.S. families by taxation. NC cost is $2 Billion to Taxpayers!! Stats from FAIR organization! NO LEGAL STATUS, NO WORK PERMITS HENCE NO AMNESTY!! BORDER SECURITY IS THE NEEDED ACTION!

Those and the White House that contend that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is what can be done or should be done is full of empty promises and betrayal as they mince words into saying this is the action and the only action and for Congress and is exactly why Congress and the will of the People reject “comprehensive immigration reform” because won’t pass an the same EXACT HRAMFUL AMNESTY BETRAYAL as done before and tried in 1986 and 1990’s.    You can promise and say that the Senate Bill has unlimited Border Security enforcements, is the strongest Border Security legislation ever — but as when or as soon as the illegal Aliens get legal status called RPI (registered provisional immigrant status– work permit, etc.) hence amnesty WHICH COMES BEFORE ANY REAL BORDER SECURITY IS ACTUALLY DONE OR IMPLEMENTED per the wording of S.744 because S.744 requires ‘the DHS to just come up with a PLAN to secure the Border’ — THEN the enforcement of S.744 bill gets gutted, never funded and Border Security is NEVER DONE just like the past 30 years.  The BETRAYAL AND LIE OF FALSE PROMISE OF Border security in S.744 AMNESTY is in the timing  — because legalization, legal status amnesty occurs BEFORE ANY Border security is enacted.  ILLEGAL Aliens and their invader ilk are not going to invade and violate and then get things in their terms — “immigration reform/Border security is to be FOR THE U.S. in U.S. terms that puts America and Americans First — we tried “comprehensive immigration reform” amnesty in 1986 and its a failure — now its our turn to be put first — ACT FOR AMERICA NOT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS!! You can have a million Border Patrol agents (as WH Josh Ernest contends the most ever)  on the Border but if they are not doing there job or are not allowed to do there job to deter AT THE BORDER, apprehend, detain and deport then they are a waste and just picking up a paycheck as a government worker.   SO S.744 “comprehensive immigration reform” as being proposed by Democrats, Chamber of Commerce, or by the likes of Jeb Bush or Congressman Paul Ryan is the exact same AMNESTY, LEGAL STATUS betrayal against America as the prior “comprehensive immigration reform” as 1986.


Since Border is not secure and Security needs to be done, for multiple good reasons (National Security, U.S. Sovereignty, terrorism, stopping disease, illegal contraband/drugs, integrity of territory, defining States and U.S. Law jurisdiction) and has to be done verifiably in order to get to resolve the problem then the first place to start is with a sound robust resilient Border wall. There can be no discussion of “immigration reform” unless it starts with a Border fence being maximized ALL along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Why a Border Wall? The true adage, “Fences make good neighbors” is especially true when you can’t trust the neighbor. Unlike Canada, Mexico has a problem and deserves the fence. The fence and wall in Israel for example reduced violations 90%. The double layer Border fence near San Diego has reduced crime and violation by Mexico illegal Aliens 80 %.

What we have is a unique scenario to our non-ally despot Mexico. Illegal Aliens from China, Middle East, Germany, Ireland, etc. have to cross an ocean to get to the U.S. But with Mexico they can simply walk across the Border. And for continued consistent ignorant violations of stealing for 40 years an assistant tool of putting as many obstacles as possible in front of illegal Aliens from Mexico should be done to maximize difficulty and hardship that is SIMPLE deterrence.

A Border fence along with other new laws is a simple non-violent action much like putting an honesty lock on your house to make the message clear and illegal Aliens understand the problem. Keeping Mexico honest and on a leash is what will have to occur. The Border fence isn’t mean-spirited, it is merely a precautionary truth or reality of what is occurring. As you know, Mexico could help prevent illegal entry if they don’t want a “stupid” wall.

The Border wall is simply an inanimate object of obstruction and hence deterrence. An illegal Alien will now come to know that they are going to have to go thru the motions and all the obstacles where they may die or be arrested . If they have to get a ladder or going to have to dig a tunnel then they will have to go thru getting a taller ladder or digging the tunnel. If an illegal has to go thru getting a fake ID then they will have to do that and risk felony charges. If they break their legs from falling from the wall then too bad, they can learn that and tell their buddies that its not such a good idea to illegally enter the U.S. Live and learn.

Deterrence means fixing the attitude of an illegal Alien so they would prefer not to do illegal entry of the U.S. Illegal Aliens are to have their rotten intent halted of thinking no big deal of simply walking into the U.S. Like they are on vacation. Mexico should be boycotted economically on all fronts – NO vacations in Mexico, NO buying Mexico products, NO buying tequila or drinks that use tequila, NO eating at Mexican restaurants in the U.S., etc.

“Comprehensive immigration reform” that is a lieing sham amnesty betrayal of false promises of failed policy from the 80’s and 90’s. The Prez is of course doing bad things and is selectively picking laws he wants to use. SO the Prez proceeds to ignore all the enforcement laws – AND the same thing will occur with any new legislation that is created! Therefore any new law made by Congress will just be abused or ignored or not enforced anyway. NOPE – the Prez has all the current laws already at his disposal that he needs to enforce,deter and secure. Gov. Rick Perry is correct — the President can act, and act easily and quickly with his pen to activate the National Guard and as well simply apply the enforcement laws on the books that he likes to ignore. Rick Perry is correct that a mere presence of ‘boots on the ground’ and PHYSICAL ACTION (not false hack attempts with paper legislation) is what WILL send a message to illegals. NO to $3.7 Billion! This is too much money and most of it is just a boondoggle payoff party bonus to Federal workers helping illegal Aliens, immigration Lawyers and crony waste while only $400 million to enforcement.

The Border fence/wall is where any resolution of this problem must start. The only viable discussion is the manner of securing the Border, details to the American People of how and what is going to be secured — the Border wall/fence – how high is it to be, 100 ft maximized in more spots across the Border, is to be made of steel or concrete, add barbwire?? How about concrete embedded with sharp glass nodules facing Mexico side. How many new Border Patrol and ICE Agents are to be hired. How many and where are the National Guard to be stationed and MANDATED TO actually apprehend illegal Aliens. There needs to earth-moving equipment brought to the Border to begin construction.

Here are the 9 sectors of the U.S.- Border protection Zones–

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