National Days of Protest against Executive Order Amnesty and illegal Border invasion

1012917_10204913238252231_4903293276029630559_n Announcing a nationwide protest against Amnesty, Executive Order Amnesty, Legalization of illegal Aliens on Friday October 24th and Saturday Oct. 25 in cities, towns and highway overpasses across America.    Locations here:  Check and circulate the list at this link and get your town on the map!

OR at this locations LINK as Numbers USA has also joined in protest :

Illegal immigration and the U.S. Border Security, Immigration enforcement is one of top issues for Americans concerns . This fact combined with the atrocious nature of the Prez’s administration’s violations of the US Constitution and existing laws passed by Congress, such as his Deferred Action DACA amnesty, the designed border surge and federal smuggling operation for illegal aliens, and now illegals in the military have the American public enraged.  The Prez promising he will violate the Constitution and numerous US laws to decree a form of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants the administration has been leaked to be requesting 34 million blank green cards and work permits for illegal aliens and new foreign workers.  With 20 million unemployed Americans clearly flooding the U.S. in cheap labor is harmful – this is deliberate negligence of oath, duty to the Nation. On top of that Hispanic, Latino, Mexican illegal Aliens from the Southern
Border need to hear that their illegal entry, stealing and pillaging is NOT welcome anywhere in America.

Nine million illegal aliens taking American jobs. Threat of contagious diseases Illegal Aliens are bringing to your community.   Thousands of Americans being killed by illegals each year due to the non-enforcement of our existing border and immigration laws.  Prez’s total disregard for the US Constitution and existing immigration laws.  NO to Executive Order Amnesty sanctuary worker ID permits!

Do you lock your door on your house?? — Border Security is the same thing as locking your house.  llegal Aliens don’t MAKE money working to then send money back home – Illegal Aliens STEAL the money by illegal intrusion, felony activity and taking a job from an American that they are not allowed to have.  Mind you – many jobs that Blacks or Legal Immigrants could get.

Some protesters will carry signs opposing Obama’s plans to allow non American Ebola patients to be brought into America while refusing to stop non essential travel from Ebola infection areas. Others plan to wear face masks and bio suits in protest increasing the visual display attracting public attention with American flags and signs!

Illegal Aliens getting U.S. State drivers licenses is a national security loophole threat and loophole for Terrorists!!   Also then such driver licenses can then be used to board planes??!! Driver licenses for illegal Aliens allows felony fraud and stealing of welfare and American resources meant for Americans and Legal immigrants! The 9/11/2001 Hijackers had 63 fraudulent U.S. state driver licenses that helped them carry out there mission.  Driver licenses for illegal Aliens makes matters worse and thereby ALL U.S. Laws worthless as a form of sanctuary state.
This nationwide alarm is to inform as many American voters as possible about the President’s abuses of power and his promise via his spokesman Josh Earnest made on Telemundo  to violate the US Constitution further by decreeing amnesty for millions!  Since the US Constitution specifically protects states from invasion and specifically mandates that our elected officials in Congress determine immigration laws, Obama’s decrees and promises are tantamount to a treasonous overthrow of the American Republic for which our flag stands!

Americans will be marching in U.S. Towns, cities and streets! Stand up for U.S. Law and our sovereign Land and the American Flag.

WE affirm: 1) The rise of illegal immigrants crossing our border is NOT acceptable and must be stopped.
2.) Our borders MUST be secured and our current laws utilized to produce deterrence and enforcement message.
3) Any form of amnesty or legalization for illegals is NOT acceptable because the Border is clearly NOT secure.
4) The Federal government should be serving America and Americans NOT illegal Alien intruder criminals – putting the stopping of illegal entry of America’s communities and National security as their priority.


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