Red Alert: Call Congress on illegal Amnesty made up by Executive

10685611_10204566344100094_2064921331176270919_n(This is not immigration from our neighbor Mexico – its invasion)

Consider calling your Congressmen this week to refute the President’s unlawful decree of amnesty that the will of the People reject.  Also Call as House Members on important Committees such as Appropriations (Hal Rogers (R)) and Judiciary (Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) – Chairman).   Also… do call the Democrats — remind them that they are betraying their base and attacking the Middle Class and Poor Workers with an amnesty and that this Executive Dictator decree doesn’t make them look good.  80% of the People are on the side of wanting border protection and illegal aliens stopped and enforced against into deportation.

Hal Rogers is the chairman of the House Appropriations committee. He is supporting the omnibus spending bill which will take away the power of the purse to defund Obama’s amnesty.

The ‘power of the purse’ or limited budgeting should be retained as Congress’s tool of check on the Executive branch and more so certainly with this President– this is wisely kept as a threat — not only on the issue of immigration but for whatever issue may come up when dealing with the Liar-Fraud-in-Chief.

We need to HAMMER the Appropriations committee with calls ~ (202) 225-2771

It has always been the case that Americans, Legal Immigrants, and Citizens inherently know what is bad for them, their community, society and their Country regarding illegal immigration. This is why the WILL OF THE PEOPLE have rejected AMNESTY or Legalization every time at every single attempt. When a criminal breaks into your house to do what he wants – you know that it is bad and unwelcome. Do you lock your doors on your house….Border Security is the same thing. Since illegal Aliens show up in our towns, schools, streets ignoring laws, working at sites of illegal employment and causing criminal dysfunction (DUI deaths, homicides, ID theft, etc.) and budget costs/constraints that has gone on for years its quite clear and common sense what the problem is and that the U.S. Border with Mexico is NOT secure for our protection and the basic function of government in this respect has betrayed our families for a healthy Nation. Illegal Aliens are NOT commerce (slave trade for coercion into cheap labor) they are Invaders (particularly when the intent is made clear when our neighboring Nation mass hoards into the millions of just walking into the Nation causing public dysfunction to society with deliberate intent to steal and impose its will).

The People and ALL People in majority know that illegal Aliens, illegal entry, illegal immigration is bad and want it stopped, quite a simple concept really. The bogus cliche’ — “the immigration system is broken” by Officials, the pro-illegal Alien lobby and the President is a deliberate lie because it is the President and failure of Fed Agencies ARE THE ONES CAUSING THE “broken” and then you come back and lie to us that you have the Fix by REPEATING the same failed AMNESTY as done before with all the false promises of Border security! The system is NOT broke because its just not enforced — and the parameters of ‘limited resources’ and ‘prosecutorial discretion’ are LIES. There are NOT limited resources when we send $Billions foreign aid all over the world or send $4.6 Billion to Africa or to the Middle East — when National Security here at the U.S. Border is clearly a prime directive of where THAT MONEY can go into. WE don’t pay the DHS, ICE or the BP to ‘NOT DO THEIR JOBS’ or to be a welcoming committee to “process” illegal Aliens or to change their diapers!! WE pay them to enforce, deter, deport and secure. Illegal Aliens WILL and should ‘look over their shoulders’ when living on U.S. soil and deportation IS the deterrence. WE and Americans applaud seeing illegal Aliens deported and entire illegal Alien families being deported up off our taxes and costs.

ALL Americans fully reject globalist sentiment or wants of greed that America’s position or dynamics of economic must allow its exploitation or flooding of our Nation to satisfy demands made by “the international community” or Invaders. America IS NOT to show compassion and its not human Rights or Civil Rights that America accept abuse or invasion into being attacked into decline. America doesn’t have to stand to be declined. Illegal Invaders are NOT to tell America what to do with its immigration policy! It is hypocritical for the President or other to complain to Russia about “territorial integrity” and principle of ‘not invading other countries’ and then disregard America’s Right of self defense of ‘territorial integrity’ to NOT accept or tolerate being invaded, crimed, pillaged, diseased, welfare abused, taxed, wage depressed etc.

Illegal Aliens (particularly Hispanic, latino,mexican Nationals) complaining about Laws and Border brought the problem on themselves and if they don’t like it then they should not enter the U.S. illegally! Illegal Aliens have no grounds to be represented or have a voice in regard to making their invasion a successful. There is NOT an urgent emergency that some falsely convey — illegal Aliens are getting plenty of food stamps, welfare etc. as it IS!! And regardless of how long its been or that this problem has gone on and on that something even if its amnesty needs to be done,– because the will of the People have rightly rejected amnesty at every step– it is not now and never that Americans want another betrayal of amnesty that allows and encourages more rushing the Border of continued illegal entry. It does not matter what time it is — intruding your house is not good to appease or accept. Illegal Aliens are going to sit and sit and sit some more while America’s defenses are put in proper order. Those helping illegal Aliens are assaulting the U.S. and it is the case because the problem is so bad that it is invasion because it is not just a couple thousand, it is vast disregard and repeated ongoing offense that encourages even more offenses against America by Millions up to 30 million illegal Aliens.

There should be a plan and there is a plan that puts the American Nation and Americans First as the focus and priority of the issue and that will get us to a proper healthy relationship with Mexico.  And it does include militarizing the Border for several years that would also allow a gradual legal process of immigration that respects American Workers (not flooding the U.S. with even more unnecessary foreign guest-workers, 30 million, when we already take in over a million already)  while meeting needs of some industry sectors such as agriculture for example.

Rejected as un-American, anti-America, destructive, counter-productive and national security betrayal is the proposition that America NOT have Borders or Laws of Legal entry — to the chagrin of greedy Elite ruling class uncaring global exploiters, slave-masters that view lowly humans as labor to be used and exploited for their ends of ultimate wealth and power over the globe.  Greed-stricken wealthy Elites such as the CFR can be happy with the $$billions and $$millions they already have because they don’t need a few more dollars by destroying People and Nations.

Part 2:

NO SUCH THING as ‘EXECUTIVE ACTION’ – no such wording in the Constitution — it is the attempt of having Exec. Branch to do Dictator DECREE and their is no such authority. President is unable to Nullify (immigration) Laws as they will still be on the books and illegal Aliens will remain deportable and illegal Aliens should have to ‘look over their shoulders’ without sanctuary so that there is deterrence and they can tell their buddies that they are not welcome.  “EXECUTIVE ACTION” is contrived and made-up fraud with no legal grounds and is impeachable.  Finding money and resources FOR AMERICA should not be that hard given that WE bend over backwards to get money to foreigners, foreign aid, the corrupt anti-America UN and sending wealth and jobs all over the world.

“Prosecutorial discretion” to NOT apply/enforce U.S. Immigration Laws (try to mechanically nullify Laws) is a phrase that really means Fed Govt DHS, ICE, Border Patrol NOT DOING THEIR JOB WE PAY THEM FOR!!! “Prosecutorial discretion” due to “limited resources” is B.S. fraud lie — when it comes to spending money, time and effort for National Security for America and the American People’s safety, how come we can’t find the money but when it involves welfare to foreigners aid programs we bend over backward to give the money — even deficit spending!!!! DON’T GIVE US THE PLAY DUMB ACT!!! Misapplying funds, misapplying duties (having DHS being a welcoming diaper changing agency), waste all part of the LIE OF “Limited resources for prosecutorial discretion”. Building a Border fence will get us to place that is workable to a solution with Mexico.   NO AMNESTY! SECURE THE BORDER NOW!!!

Executive AMNESTY thru “prosecutorial discretion” due to limited resources is FRAUD LIE because illegal Aliens are getting plenty of welfare thru SNAP food stamps by the USDA, social security payments, Taxpayer paid healthcare, in-State tuition, etc. where such resources being used on ILLEGAL foreign National invaders, even deficit spending is necessary and urgent for America’s National security.  Where’s all those jobs from NAFTA??

Mexican, hispanic, latino illegal Aliens from the southern Border crying, complaining, demanding amnesty IS NOT a matter of URGENT need for food, shelter, humane treatment BECAUSE they get plenty loads of WELFARE NOW they steal from U.S. Taxpayers. NO OTHER Immigrant group comes to America making such hostile problems and demands — AND IT IS THEIR FAULT of the LAW they brought on themselves!! DON’T want to have problems, complain about the Law and ‘looking over your shoulders’ — THEN DON’T ENTER THE U.S. ILLEGALLY!!!

Border Security false promises and betrayal stabbing Americans in the back!! U.S. officials (State, DHS, FBI) go visit with Mexico to help stab Americans in the back (with job loss, taxation burdens harming U.S families) by letting illegal Aliens invade with hoards of adult children. America and then promise Mexico an amnesty!! Mexico has a lot of answering and behavior changing to do if there is any discussion about the Border and having a proper healthy relationship with Mexico. Mexico MUST be held accountable! Especially after abusing our Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi for 8 months!

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi after spending 214 days in a Mexican prison!! ILLEGAL ALIENS cross into the USA everyday and they are welcome with open arms by lawless govt. Officials. Our marine Sgt. Tahmooressi took a wrong turn and he ended up in Mexico prison, beaten, abused, tortured and even tried to commit suicide because the conditions were horrific. SEE Greta Van Susterns report. Mexico NOT an ally or friendly neighbor regardless of monetary business.

The United States has the Right to and does not have to accept or tolerate being crimed, pillaged, stolen down or invaded by ANY invading foreign populous. Illegal Aliens have no Rights to anything in the U.S.!! Enforcement of immigration laws against illegal Aliens is a basic Right of self-defense in protecting the Citizens from undue harm, damage to property and crimes. Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution states, “The United States…shall protect each of them against invasion”. City, County and State Officials and Legislators have a direct duty to protect and defend its Citizens and legal Residents against fraud, crime, abuse, community intrusion, and excessive taxation and thereby have the Right to make laws that uphold the sanctity of U.S. communities.

Part 3:

NO on just taking up the  the Senate bill S.744 “comprehensive immigration reform” and passing it — this is what Prez is trying to cajole into doing– it is the same betrayal and repeat failure of false promises as the 1986 and later amnesty – the same sham that continues failure and does not secure America — the bill is also worded as bad as obamacare that will then just let the Prez do whatever he wants in lawless fashion and not enforce anything where the depts. of DHS, ICE and BP won’t do their job (“prosecutorial discretion”) — detain, enforce, deter, deport.

Senate Bill S.744 also contains imposing a National ID card on Americans via biometric technology that will easily lead to invasion of privacy that is not the purview of the Federal govt to have a registry database of the citizens or that WE be tracked. Americans are not to be penalized under new law constraints on our freedom due to the cause of illegal Aliens bringing crime on us — underhanded betrayal is the notion to then make laws in here that penalizes Americans when the whole focus of this issue is the Illegal Aliens and the Border

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