Illegal Immigration/amnesty update

Immigration debate — pro-illegal Alien Groups, sellout anti-America greedy Corporate Globalists will now make the false straw arguments and same cliche’ remarks to make you think nothing can be done but doing amnesty — when in fact Border Protection, National Security and making legal entry by enforcing laws is possible and NECESSARY for the good of America’s well-being and health!!

Falsehoods, myth, statements on immigration :

“can’t deport 1-11 million illegal Aliens” — process of enforcing laws, making illegal entry a felony will DETER to make illegal Aliens self-deport/leave.  Positive results occur as they did in Alabama under new State Laws prohibiting illegal Aliens in schools, with driver licenses, or in rental contracts.  Border Patrol doing their job and police in normal course of duty doing their job.

“immigration system is broken” — No, its just not enforced and if it were it works for America and LEGAL Immigrants like it has done so for millions of LEGAL Immigrants without complaint or problem thru our U.S. history — and without demands made by foreign Nations of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, etc.

“Immigrant Rights” — Immigrants don’t have Rights, they can apply for legal entry…ILLEGAL Aliens are NOT Immigrants and have NO Rights to anything in the U.S. certainly when they just walk-in to then steal.

“President’s Border crossing numbers are down” — because can’t record numbers of illegal Aliens you don’t see and catch hence its because Border Patrol and ICE are NOT doing their job as 1000’s just walk-in undetected– cooked made-up numbers.

“contributes to economy” “out of shadows” — illegal immigration is a NET NEGATIVE IMPACT to all of society — illegal Aliens and their Enablers (like Immigration Lawyers, illegal cheap labor sellout Corporates who could care less about an American Nation for their greed) committed crimes to make themselves ‘in the shadows’

— Others to follow

Press Release from ALIPAC (

Americans Call on Congress to Shut Down DHS

American activists are calling Congress today to demand lawmakers shut down the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) because DHS has failed to stop illegal immigrants and terrorists from entering America while at the same time violating the US Constitution, existing US immigration laws, and the Rule of Law by implementing Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal amnesty decrees!

Recent revelations also indicate that the Obama administration has secretly given out millions of work visas using shadowy government tactics that were not authorized by Congress or current laws and now has plans to do the same with 4 million illegal aliens that are prohibited by current laws from being encouraged or employed in America. Congress passed a funding bill for DHS that contains provisions to defund Obama’s most recent amnesty decree and his DACA (Deferred Action Amnesty) from two years ago but that bill has hit a stalemate in the Senate where Democrat Senators are protecting illegal aliens and Obama’s violations of the laws and Constitution.

Since the year 2000, there have been 2 legal and illegal immigrants (18 million) entering America for every job created and most of the new job creation has gone to foreign born workers instead of beleaguered US workers!

“It would be better to shut down DHS than to have federal employees engaging in unlawful and unconstitutional actions that harm American lives and put us all at risk for increased illegal immigration and terrorism,” said President of ALIPAC. “We plan to put Congress on a deadline soon to stop Obama and shut down the parts of DHS engaging in the unlawful actions or We The People will be forced to take nonviolent but aggressive actions on our own!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is asking Americans from coast to coast to use this contact information link (click here) to get on the phones to tell Congress to “Shut Down DHS! Shut Down Obama’s Unconstitutional Actions!”

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to know what Obama is doing by using our tax monies to encourage, aid, and abet the deadly illegal immigration invasion of America is unconstitutional and harmful!” said founder of Overpasses for America. “Americans have spoken out at protests, in the elections, and by stopping the amnesty bill S. 744 in Congress, yet the same nation destroying agenda is proceeding in Obama’s hands. Congress must act or American citizens will have to do their job for them!”

Obama is taking actions designed to mimic legislation that Congress and the American public have defeated several times. ALIPAC and Overpasses for America contend that if Obama can do that, then peaceful and nonviolent American citizens can take actions to enforce the laws that did pass Congress!

Congress still has time to do their jobs and Americans are encouraged to call and make it clear that it would be better to shut down DHS than to have it operate as a heavily armed privacy invading wing of the government that is not operating under the Rule of Law!

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