Unconstitutional/illegal amnesty, DHS funding fraud update

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,


Our two U.S. Senators from North Carolina as well as the other Senators.  They need to know you are totally against the amnesty.   This is another step, but it is important.

Contact our two U.S. Senators from North Carolina and tell them to VOTE YES on any separate bill to stop Obama’s amnesty, BUT  BUT if that bill does not pass, they must only vote for the DHS bill if it defunds the amnesty for illegals.  Their voting has to block or defund the amnesty period.  Funding the DHS’s AMNESTY processing is illegal because the court has not resolved its decision that TX Judge ruled unconstitutional.

Call other U.S. Senators and give them an earful — http://www.senate.gov/general/contac…nators_cfm.cfm

ADD THIS LATEST NEWS: (Wealthy Elites threatening Republicans with money)–

Major GOP Donors Demand Amnesty for Support in 2016

Last Tuesday, three top Republican donors sent a message to all potential Republican presidential candidates: only those who support amnesty can expect to receive money from themselves or their network of large donors. (Partnership for a New American Economy Press Release, Feb. 17, 2015; US News and World Report, Feb. 17, 2015) These three multimillionaire GOP donors, health care CEO Mike Fernandez, fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder, and private equity manager Spencer Zwick, are influential Republican fundraisers who backed Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. They issued their demand for amnesty during a conference call organized by the pro-amnesty group Partnership for a New American Economy. (Id.; Renewyoureconomy.com) Tuesday’s call was part of a teleconference series moderated by prominent Republican amnesty proponent Grover Norquist, of the group Americans for Tax Reform. (Partnership for a New American Economy Press Release, Feb. 17, 2015)

th (2) CEO Andrew Puzder

Mike_Fernandez_2 CEO Mike Fernandez

Despite these donors’ insistence that adopting their immigration position will help the Republican nominee appeal to the general electorate, the evidence shows that the voters who determine the winners of general elections do not actually share the immigration priorities of these multimillionaires. For instance, a Gallup poll last month found that only 7% of American adults want an increase in immigration levels, and nearly six times as many want a decrease. (Gallup, Jan. 29, 2015) Polling from last November’s election showed 80% of voters surveyed wanted new jobs created by the economy to go to American workers and legal immigrants already in the country rather than additional immigrants. (The Polling Company, Nov. 6, 2014) November’s elections also showed that when immigration enforcement is on the ballot, untied to either candidate or party, it wins big. In Democratic leaning Oregon last November, opposition to giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens proved more popular in than any candidate on the ballot, getting a landslide 68% of the vote. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Nov. 11, 2014)


It is truly a shame when some citizens are willing to turn on their fellow citizens in order to get cheap illegal labor……..these CEO’s don’t care that their anti-America greed harms American society, creates lawlessness/crime, with no allegiance or loyalty to the very society they operate in and get wealthy from. NO decency for laws of legal entry that is National Security defense where Legal Immigrants respect America.

It is the President who is threatening our homeland security, no serious background checks can be done on five million illegals, and Obama is taking the side of illegal aliens by giving them legal work permits over millions of citizens who need jobs.

Call:  U.S. Senator Richard Burr    (800) 685-8916 at his Winston-Salem office or (202) 224-3154 at his Washington, DC office  or email at http://www.burr.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm


Call:  U.S. Senator Thom Tillis    (704) 334-2448 at his Charlotte office or (202) 224-6342 at his Washington, DC office  or  email at  http://www.tillis.senate.gov/content/contact-thom

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